There is much we cannot know about reality on the ground in Ukraine, we do not have video of massive engagements, nor embedded reporters (beyond that early on CNN VDV comedic performance with the little old lady driving through what CNN said was just an intense firefight). We have the word of those that get a voice, those that get to present their information operation narrative.


But we can begin to suspect something of what is really going on – the objective and who benefits – the “why” behind the West’s refusal to talk and hardline stance that threw Ukraine under the bus. Consider the following from Col.(Ret) Patrick Lang.

He suggests if Ukraine can just hold out, even a sliver in the far west, that the US could, under existing law create a private Army to fight Russia with zero consequences, and as he says “the money would be good” and he means it. It would be good for a lot of people – most of whom would never enter the fray or be in harm’s way.


He cites the example of the Flying Tigers in WWII, which, considering the Neutrality Act was illegal. But anyone that knows, is well aware that you can get a government lawyer to sign off on anything. They are not there for ‘legal sufficiency’, they are there to twist words. It was wrong to use US planes and active duty aviators to conduct a war against Japan. (they temporary released them with the promise to bring them back with credit for time served, so were they really “released”) Declare war or don’t, follow the law, as intended or don’t, act honorably, rationally and morally or don’t - these are the choices.


Lang argues, we have all these 4th generation fighters just waiting to go to the boneyard, “let’s use them”.  If only the Ukrainians can just hold out.


How is it moral or reasonable to suggest the Ukrainians just hold out, just a sliver of land so that we can use them to fight a proxy war, with US equipment and probably US aviators? How is such a sacrifice better for Ukraine and Ukrainians than say, facing the consequences of what is happening now and then working to rebuild and to unshackle from Russian occupation. How would this proxy war actually make the present or the future of any Ukrainian better? How would it reduce suffering, death, and destruction? It would not – but to men like Lang, it does not matter. The Ukrainians are just pieces on a chessboard. These creatures, men like Lang, do not “stand with Ukraine” they stand for profit, plunder, and perhaps darker things.


“Oh, but if Ukraine falls so will Europe, it will be a domino effect, we have to support democracy at all costs.” Kiev has been in many hands since the formation of the Kievan Rus (see, The origin of Russia) Ukrainians will weather all of this just fine, they will be much better off not being used as pawns in someone else’s game. They will be better off without men like Lang trying to “help”.


But men like Lang have been “helping”. Blackwater has been in Ukraine since at least February of 2020. [Documents Reveal Erik Prince's $10 Billion Plan to Make Weapons and Create a Private Army in Ukraine] it is claimed Blackwater was working with the Azov battalion, an organization considered to consist of war-criminals and neo-nazis by many. [Blackwater is in Donbas with the Azov Battalion] I personally suspect the synchronized Information Operation campaign we can detect consisting of Washington and Kiev is contracted out on the Ukrainian side to a preferred partner of US agencies, Blackwater fits the bill. Prince would love to get the contract to run this private air force, funded perhaps by money Ukraine would borrow from the US in order to pay for the contract, using surplus US gear and US military aviators on loan…


He would not be the only guy getting a piece of that pie. The Federal Reserve would benefit, the US would borrow the money that it lent to Ukraine. The usual big defense contractors would get a slice, Raytheon, Lockheed, et al., there would be contracts to refit, ready, and maintain this private air force. Logistics companies would get involved, even Amazon would get a slice, we can be certain of that. There would be more, a lot more, too much to list. The Military, Industrial, Intelligence Complex (MIIC) would love such a deal – no worries of complaints back home, people would not even understand the real cost, after all, Ukraine is paying for it, right? The money trust would benefit from it, and through them, all the politicians and thought leaders that those folks routinely buy to get what they want would also benefit.


It would be a cornucopia of bounty, for some and a plethora of suffering for many. It is immoral, and yet, it represents who we are, what the West has become. That a man like Lang could serve in the same profession as I and have such an immoral (and greedy) proposal, disturbs me, but then I recall, he is the norm, I was an exception.


It is perhaps unlikely that Lang’s proposal will become the “solution” the West offers to Ukraine – but Lang did not make this up from whole-cloth. This sort of talk is not new. The MIIC and the powers-that-be would love to have such a force with that capability, one that could even be ‘rented’ out to the UN from time to time to accomplish things the MIIC want done. The fact someone could suggest such a thing, out loud and unironically is disturbing and telling.


The West wanted this, and is perfectly happy to see it continue… if Ukraine can but hold out there is a lot of money to be made, and if not Cold War v2 will be pretty profitable to some anyway. I am not positive Russia intends to play the game by the script, at some point, the reality on the ground and what Russia intends to do next will come into conflict with the narrative the synchronized information operation has presented us.