Most of us are aware of the premise of queer theory as it essentially seeks to assault all normative aspects of a culture in order to invalidate and change those norms. Most assume that we know the true target of such assaults, but is that really the normal that queer theory seeks to change?


Put another way consider this. Are wine wives and dudes in polos, short pants, and flip-flops breathing out of their mouths, telling each other shallow jokes and waiting on the grill to warm up really a threat to anything? Are that image and those people really normal, are hobbits really the people that made all the great and nice things we enjoy? Or would it be more accurate to say that what most have taken as normal middle-class lifestyle is itself a product of decades of assault and mutation by change agents? There is not a lot there there, relatively speaking considering historical examples to be found in backyards across the US in suburbia. Hobbits (wine wives and dufuses in flip flops) are cute, but they are not truly representative of the greatness that was Western Christendom. They are a pale shadow of some of it, just parts and incomplete parts at that.


Oh, that is an opinion of a curmudgeon you say. It is true, we all have opinions on most things. I wonder how many of us believe we can parse opinion from knowledge. I wonder how many of us possess the insights and wisdom required to separate signal from noise. Yes, I stated an opinion in the last paragraph. I also stated truth derived from knowledge. A book could be written to explain what I meant but there is no need. A person grasps the accuracy of it or not.


Do not take the "wine wife/flip flop" analogy too far it is a true analogy but it represents a shallowness that pervades everything about most people (hobbits) that believe themselves normal.


I continue to watch, day by day, as opinions continue to separate the mundane from each other. Midwittery, dumbassery, ignorant certitude and stubborn deafness rule public dialogue. The topic is ancillary, it could be Christian nationalism, UFOs or biscuit recipes at this point. With each wave opinion leaders set the table with ideas and terms and “normal” people with opinions line up to take a side. That does not seem very normal to me at all, it seems rather abnormal. If humans had acted so rashly and foolishly through history I scarce think we would have made it half this far.  I am just speaking of all the people on my own team, I bet you thought I was talking about the “I have an icon for all the current things” progressive numbskulls. Nope, not speaking of them, they have their own set of issues. I am speaking of people in my own tribe who think they are normal but are historically abnormal.


We are far past politics and color revolutions here at home. Geopolitics, so long as it does not cause us to end in a big fire, is not the main concern. All the rest, from shots to inflation pale in comparison to the real problem(s) right now. Our real problem is we have entirely too many people that fool themselves into believing they are normal and that their opinions of things they have insufficient knowledge of matter. That category includes experts in many cases, some of them have much less expertise than they believe and others it seems can only be explained as agents of chaos. It does not matter the topic, too many people will talk, the wrong people are trusted (in most cases) and people divide up into ever smaller camps. If you observe it long enough you will see it. People so divided and confused are powerless.


There is a lot I could write about big things that are happening below our feet (literally in some cases). Writing such things matter little in a world where most cannot separate opinion from insight and cannot recognize knowledge from gum-bumping. We are poised to fall prey for some significant deceptions and are powerless to resist because more “normal” people with “opinions” abdicated true normal a long time ago. Oh, I could write about what is really going on, things that a normal person of the true Western Christian tradition would immediately recognize as insights from knowledge. But I will not, not today.