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Book- The Philosophy of Commonsense: A Cultural War Primer

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The Philosophy of Commonsense: A Cultural War Primer

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Abstract: A presentation of an assertion that common-sense exists because first principles, natural moral law, and universal truths exist. Common-sense has served as a guide and a protection from ill-considered ideas and inflamed passions throughout history. It can guide us now through our current cultural war.

Through an examination of the Strauss-Howe generational theory and the outcomes of past periods of history similar to our own era this book contends that common-sense and the lessons our ancestors can teach us will be key in the solutions our children someday craft to resolve current issues.

This book is important for parents (Generation X) to remind us of the knowledge we received from our parents and grandparents that we should pass along to our children. It is important for our children (Generation Z “Zoomers”) to help them understand that truth does exist and not everything from the past should be discarded willy-nilly.

Our children will have to be the ones to fix the mistakes of the three generations before them – we must equip them.

Clark, B. L. (2019). The Philosophy of Commonsense: A Cultural War Primer. The Calhoun Institute, Abbeville, SC.

TitleThe Philosophy of Commonsense: A Cultural War Primer
AuthorBarry L. Clark
PublisherThe Calhoun Institute, 2019
Length194 pages
SubjectsPhilosophy › Ethics & Moral Philosophy
History / Essays
Philosophy / Ethics & Moral Philosophy

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DOI: 10.17613/p0ar-ww27, ISBN-13: 978-1709222160