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Book- Retrenchment: Christian Defense of Permanent Things

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Abstract: Christianity is a Permanent Thing; this work is about how Christians should defend Christianity and other Permanent Things in an increasingly hostile civilization. It is a continuation of the dialogue of Schaeffer, MacIntyre, Moore, and Dreher and owes much to Eliot, Yeats, and Kirk for inspiration.

Things fall apart, the center cannot hold

Old strategies no longer work, Christians no longer comprise a silent moral majority, our ideas are alien and our understanding of truth is difficult for the world to comprehend; something must change.  Increasingly the general culture, the zeitgeist of the age, is hostile to our ideas. Ancient institutions based upon the Christian concept of truth have fallen; more will fall.  Old assumptions about the nature and extent of our liberty and religious freedom seem to be proven false as we watch.  Allies, once beacons of principle, have crumbled under the pressure of radicals; more will fall.  Strange and false doctrines have replaced Christian teachings; entire denominations that once held to orthodox Christianity have succumbed.  No church is immune, alien ideas, philosophies and theological doctrines have crept in everywhere. 

TitleRetrenchment: Christian Defense of Permanent Things
AuthorBarry L. Clark
PublisherThe Calhoun Institute, 2019
ISBN1674580916, 9781674580913
Length144 pages
SubjectsReligion › Christianity › General
Religion / Religion, Politics & State
Social Science / Popular Culture

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