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Things we told you but you did not believe

July 21, 2021

Many of the links, proofs, are to things I wrote but do not get this twisted. I am not Nostradamus, I do not want to say I told you so - many people told you so. The evidence of these warnings has been there all along, since before I was an adult. One merely had to read, observe and reflect. The truth of the claims below is fairly self-evident now. If you disagree, if you do not see it, I would suggest you need to take time to evaluate your discernment, and how you synthesized knowledge, ask how it is that you believe you know what you know. Ask how profound an impact your emotions, desires, feelings, and presumptions are on your ability to parse truth and see reality. 

If you cannot see that something pretty dark is occurring at this point, you are part of the problem as some elements in society say. The links below are for context, I ask only that you read and consider the 23 points. They are true.

  1. Everything in 2020/21 (and much before) was/is related, there were no coincidences in the major events; it was/is something more. (1, 2, 3)
  2. There is an ancient plot to do many of the things that are occurring around us; it was written in the Bible, you do not need to chase all the conspiracy theories to see this – it is coming into full view now (sometimes, when conspiracy theories are proven they add weight to the predictions). (4)
  3. Preaching racialism (racism really) will/has gotten people killed.
  4. The media lies to you, you did not believe it was ubiquitous in January of 2020, you saw even your favorite outlets do it by the end of the year, about everything, even things that you could see plainly with your eyes to be lies; if you would but look.
  5. 'Fact-checker' is an oxymoron; truth suppressor is more accurate. The mental gymnastics and wordplay utilized by "fact-checkers" ought to give any rational person pause. “Explainer” articles are and best insults and at worst lies – all of it is deception and it is getting bolder.
  6. The economy is going to get bad, very bad, things will get expensive and there will be shortages.
  7. Donald Trump was not the hero you were looking for, never was.
  8. They are eventually going to try and make everyone get a COVID vaccine, just to go to work or to have a social life.
  9. There is much more to the entire COVID story than the media and government will tell you or in many cases even allow you to find for yourself.
  10. All institutions have been compromised (academia, media, churches, and government).
  11. Many if not all influential voices are compromised, either by a poor worldview, grift, or outright usurpation and active assistance to evil.
  12. MAGA populism was going to come to no good end, it lacked a foundation of principled ideas. (5)
  13. Progressivism and all those neat feel-good ideas were always going to end in authoritarianism. (6)
  14. They were never going to stop with gay marriage, they want your kids to sit on the lap of a bearded man in a dress and for you to be pleased by that.
  15. Popular evangelical Christianity has lost its way – profoundly. (7, 8)
  16. There is a subtle war on authentic Christianity, and it will get much worse, much worse.
  17. None of this is ‘just a moment’, they will not give back the freedoms they have taken, they will never “let” us return to normal unless we submit to more control. Soft tyranny is our future.
  18. Objective truth exists, we can know of it in various ways; however, feelings are not one such way. No man can know their own heart, emotions, and feelings do not reveal truth.
  19. “The crowd” is swept up in believing the deceptions they are presented, and in seeking to understand truth through their emotions. There is no “being on the right side of history”, following a lost crowd.
  20. We may not be at the edge of the eschaton, but all that has happened has moved us much closer, and put systems in place that testify to the accuracy of those prophecies.
  21. Understanding history is important, nothing happening just appeared out of the blue. Also, there are innumerable groups that seek to revise history to excuse the items they support now. The deceptive narrative has built over years.
  22. Tradition, conventional wisdom of people formed over generations into habits is important. The collective intelligence of multiple generations, each learning and subtly improving on the past knowledge is always superior to new ideas untethered in such wisdom.
  23. Worldview matters. Labels mean nothing unless you understand a person's philosophical and metaphysical worldview and how they discern objective truth. A flawed worldview enabled all of the above. (9)

Arguments for the Above Claims

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