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Book – The Annotated Secessionist Papers, 2nd Edition

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The Annotated Secessionist Papers, Second Edition

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A collection of essays, articles, and papers, in the tradition of the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers, that discuss secession from a legal, constitutional and historical perspective.

TitleThe Annotated Secessionist Papers: Second Edition
AuthorsBarry Lee Clark, Brian McCandliss, Michael Peirce, Walter E. Block, Thomas E. Woods Jr., Kevin L. Clauson, Kirkpatrick Sale, Forrest McDonald, Gene H. Kizer Jr., Thomas J. Dilorenzo, Donald W. Livingston
EditorBarry L Clark
PublisherThe Calhoun Institute, 2018
ISBN1721780637, 9781721780631
Length254 pages
SubjectsPolitical Science › Political Process › Political Advocacy
Political Science / Constitutions
Political Science / History & Theory
Political Science / Political Process / Political Advocacy

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ISBN-13: 978-1721780631