This afternoon I searched, in vain, for someone to articulate the argument I am about to lay out and could find nobody. The nearest thing I could find was people claiming that SCOTUS ruled on Roe right now because it is a plan. Conspiracies happen, history is mostly defined by conspiracies, but not in the fantasy novel scope some believe. It is much easier to explain Roe occurring right now as a reactionary occurrence, the end result of appointing judges that interpret law in a traditional way. Going in for the idea that it was a plan, and that Thomas et al. must be controlled smacks a bit of ‘stabbed in the back’ conspiracies. After all, the German Army really could have won the First World War, if only the politicians and bankers had not betrayed it, right? Believing this happened, just now, is part of a similar conspiracy that implies “we really could win, except they are rigging it all”. If there were no truth in that, nobody would buy it. Is there enough truth to make it essentially true?


That Roe was overturned is a tremendously decent thing. The premises and presuppositions underlying the decision are reactionary only in that they return to a way of interpretation that was once at the center of jurisprudence for four centuries on this continent and several more in Brittania. Why it happened is as simple as that. [1] It proves that politics has value, politics is power. It also very likely disproves any theories that some central cabal controls everything unless, of course, a person now (or in the near future) wants to adopt the stabbed in the back theory. The foundational danger of today’s decision is that many will take from it that politics matters, and only that. It would be folly to come away from this believing traditionalism can have its way and can win through court cases and some political office wins. That will be the slogans of many I fear.


Politics are downstream from culture, the popular consent part of politics. I suspect those that seek and hold power care very little, for the most part, about most of the minutia that inflames the passions of the masses. They just need a coalition. What drives the passions of the masses?  What motivates a person on one side of a street to carry a sign saying abortion is murder and a person across the way to hold one stating it is a fundamental human right?


There is a pro-life argument that goes something like this. If person A believes abortion is murder and person B that it is privacy, there is no possible argument about a right until the issue of murder or not murder is settled. A pro-life person would say person A is arguing about natural law and received common law and that person B is arguing for a created right. That argument sounds logical, and in a traditional sense it is, but it misses something. The argument assumes that the pro-abortion person is not calling on anything deeper than an idea or a preference. The argument is flawed because while person A is summoning natural law, which is just a suggestion of our conscience, person B is really appealing to the nature of humans, to the base parts of our nature that rebel against conscience and natural law. We know the argument is flawed because we know that time and time again, the base parts of human nature often murder the little voice of conscience.


Most people, not all because a lot of people on each side are there for the team and not for a principle, but most approach it as either person A (natural and revealed law) or B (human nature in rebellion to natural and revealed law). We have two broadly defined worldviews that align with A or B. Those worldviews define the two cultures that now struggle for control.


There are now, two separate and opposed cultures in the West/US, matter and antimatter. It is impossible for the old to live beside the new once the new is dominant. One or the other must dominate and kill the other, and only one (the one born in the 1950s) is capable or willing.[2]


Those world views define what we perceive as politics, the arguments, struggles, and yelling.[3] Those divides are used by politicians and when one side is dominant, politicians mimic the talking points. But the divide is not politics, it is the tool. Centralization was always the goal and authoritarianism was always the endstate. [4][5]


So what does all this winning look like that so many are now celebrating? The majority of the population holds a worldview much closer in alignment to person B above than to person A, those celebrating recent SCOTUS victories are in the minority. What comes next?


Well if we are honest, we know traditionalism long ago lost all the institutions and we know it is a minority in the culture. I am reminded of a John Kerry interview I once saw, him talking about environmental programs. He was asked, "what if a future administration just reverses the policy" he laughed and said that was impossible, the corporations had bought on. They have joined all the institutions in supporting the prevailing worldview in totality. They will join the counter-fight (and use the money we give them to do it).


We can believe, without fear of being proven wrong, that this is the issue going into the midterms and the election of 2024. Logically we know that in a nation this large election cheating goes on, but we also know that nobody is capable of manufacturing victory from thin air, it has to have some popular support. Failed foreign policies, inflation, bumbling, mumbling – none of that matters now, that was yesterday's news. One side, just used the power of politics to shape law through worldview that is diametrically opposed to the worldview of the majority. And yes, it is the majority, many that vote GOP are overtaken by that self-centered, rebellious existential worldview even if they vote for a team for other reasons.


If there is violence and days of rage, that was predictable in 2020, and some did predict that it would be 2024 when we saw the return of 2020.[6] But even the violence is not the thing. The thing in all focus, all effort is now on fixing an illegitimate system. When people see the government as illegitimate they will push for and support much that was once impossible.[7] Court-packing will be a central talking point in the midterms, and a reality in 2023. The red wave that many predicted just a week ago, will not happen, a blue tsunami probably. I wrote just a while back that Roe v. Wade would be the trigger to enable all of the consolidation tasks thus far uncompleted.[8] I think it will be. Other events like the January 6th circus are merely the enabling acts.[9]


Some might read the above and proclaim “see, this was planned, SCOTUS is in on it”. I would retort, it does not matter. It does not matter if you believe it was part of a grand plan or just the natural result of reactionary efforts. The practical effects are the same and in the end those effects will empower something that did look like a real conspiracy in 2020 to succeed and complete full consolidation.[10] This is a short-term tactical victory at best. The culture that opposes everything of the traditional will muster every ounce of strength it has and overwhelm us with numbers now.


Their victory will not stop at packing the court to reset Roe. Such a court will eviscerate every last vestige of who we once were from the land. I wrote early this morning, roughly and angrily, that politics has never served us, all of our voting and support has never slowed or stopped the long march of progressivism, and that is true. If we want to reverse it we have to begin our own long march.[11] But so few of us are ready to accept that reality. I hope and pray that politics might serve us, just once, if only to delay a tsunami of revolutionary jurisprudence. We cannot stop what is coming, because it is here and it won, but we might be able to slow it down just enough for people to break free of false hopes and distractions and do the real work of future victory.