Some say that 2020 2.0 and another summer of love will begin in a few hours, perhaps. And if so, whose fault is it? All of it is ‘a stupidity designed for those that cannot read or write’. All of it. What comes next, what is happening, we deserve it. And frankly, it does not matter and never mattered who or what was pulling all the strings of power. George Carlin stated it plainly enough for the slowest of us to understand. The people that wail and moan and perhaps much worse because killing unborn babies becomes less convenient are part of it, but they are not the cause of the bigger story.


Look around. No, not just at people with purple hair and the thigh bone of a rhinoceros through their nose, look at your people. Think back, maybe over decades how they knew politicians lied to them, but they still played along. It was always better to keep a guy like Lindsey, for the vote you know, than to walk away and say no. He is an obvious example, there are and have been so many more. What has the GOP ever done, even when they were in complete power (which was more often than not) to truly be conservative? When have they ever done anything but come along behind progressive ideas and say, “a little less of that and some more of this and we are good”?


Have they ever even attempted to roll back and eliminate policies from the Great Society that literally eviscerated black families? The GOP was supposed to be the party of family values, and we all live here, black families matter too.  It is not as if these politicians never had an authoritative voice to educate them. Thomas Sowell wrote extensively about the effects of those programs. All the GOP ever gave us was talk of reforming a bad idea, sometimes reform is not possible and you have to throw it all out.


Fifty years of those programs and what do we have? Entire swaths of major urban areas might as well be located in some distant and poor country. People grow up fatherless, poor, and surrounded by crime. I never excuse personal choices, but my gosh, is this what conservatism was? Just look at how broken we are. A large portion of the population might as well not be citizens. And since they could not muster the enormous strength required to escape their circumstances many have poor education, perhaps a criminal record, and by the time they are young adults they are virtually unemployable. The system did not “do that to them” they had a choice, but it was a much harder choice than it had to be. Government programs, flawed from conception and made progressively worse by attempts to patch them up made it so much worse.


If politics were ever the key to solving our problems, and the GOP held majorities most of the time since those programs were put in place – why was it all never torn down and replaced with a more humane and conservative solution?  Why did we continue to vote for people that did not do conservative work?


We have a lot of problems, but that one, abject poverty coupled with racialists and racist that have enflamed the passions of anger and hate will be at the center of all of our problems as we accelerate into decline. There is no escaping it, there is no fixing it now. The problem is too big and too endemic. Evil men, seeking power and using others have done too much damage. There is no solution at this point for the manufactured (and that is the only proper word) anguish, hatred and despair that riddles a not insignificant proportion of the population.


Why did we allow that to be when it never had to be this way. It was not this way before those programs in the 1960s, the trendlines were headed in a positive direction. American exceptionalism and the culture were not perfect, but it was working, little by little.


But it gets worse…


How did we sleep through people literally taking Saul Alinsky's book and using it over and over, summoning the same coalition for fight after fight for fifty years, and not realize what was going on? The methodology was written and published in a book, and people were using it, and it ought to have been obvious. Those that thought of themselves as conservatives were single-issue objectors at best, never seeing that all the fights mattered to the alien worldview that slowly but surely was progressing across the battlefield. By the time many even realized that a culture war was occurring sometime in the 2000s it was too late. Traditionalism was already encircled, and the war was over.


Do you want to know why there are fat men in lingerie giving lap dances to kids? It is because the people that were supposed to be on guard in the 60s, 70s, and 80s could not really see what was happening. Alumni that enjoy going to see football on Saturdays and were happy to be boosters of their schools never bothered to check what the old college had become. Few ever said a word as weird ideas and weirder people moved into positions to influence minds. We never balked at anything really, not more than some lip service. We watched the movies and television they provided us, instead of saying ‘no' earlier. We shipped our kids off to school, and then to college – giving them and their minds to people that hate all we believe.


Yes, some of us may be shocked at the multitudes that clamor to send weapons to Ukraine. We know it is immoral to prolong suffering and we see the hypocrisy. But ought we be surprised?  Every US president in my lifetime (with the exception of Ford and Carter) has invaded at least one country and probably ordered the death of numerous individual ‘threats’.  If we find it repulsive and terrifying that so many progressives are now warmongers have we asked what we did during most of the other occasions when the US became geopolitically bellicose? If you were still driving around in 2003 rocking to Tobey Kieth’s Boot in your ass you have some self-reflection to do. These people now are warmongers because we have collectively been warmongers.


No, I am not a liberal. If what I wrote above sounded liberal to you, then I suggest you never really understood what conservatism was supposed to be. That is a large part of the problem. It was supposed to be about sustaining and protecting the permanent things that make us who we are. Families, principles, and values based upon ultimate truth. At some point, we turned it into patriotism and economics that benefited us.


Well, that patriotism will become meaningless to you soon. The concept of a nation was never as valuable as the idea of a country. That state is heartless and cold and could not and never will love you. What we empowered it to do will come back to us. All the doors we kicked in overseas and at home. Loving the police (as opposed to policemen) and never asking about all the SWAT gear and raids because, well those happened to ‘those’ people. That is going to bite a lot of former flag wavers in the ass.  Never let the government do to somebody else something you do not want to be done to you. And never give the government power you are afraid your enemies will use. We are on the edge of the phase where we learn the practical meaning of that.


We were pretty stupid. Few ever listened to those few voices yelling from the shore to turn back. Most of those men are dead or aged now. What replaced them? Grifters with memes or movies and books they want to sell you, sometimes tee-shirts too. It has all become a stupid game for stupid people living in a late-stage decline of something that could have been great. People like shiny objects, not truth-tellers.


How do you fix the great sicknesses of our soul, short of some Divine change? How do you solve the problem of the evil that motivates people to shoot children? Take away the tool and the evil remains. How do you explain 30-40 heavily armed men standing in a hallway as someone was just a few doors down murdering children?  How do you even frame the right question about that complete failure of the basic tenets of manliness? How could we expect a representative democracy to function with perhaps half the population no longer believing any objective truth? That is a significant problem, two languages, two cultures; irreconcilable.


This is just reality. If you do not agree then tell me how it gets fixed. Over half the population is wholly or mostly infected with an alien ideology. Their worldview is incompatible with what was. They were educated in our schools and universities. You cannot undo that. It would take twenty years to undo that even if we could somehow capture education. And we cannot. Fighting queer studies or CRT now is late war stuff. Where would you even find enough teachers and professors to rightly train up a new generation – not just pockets here and there but enough to change culture? It cannot be done, not unless we began right now reverse engineering Alinsky's methods. In fifty to sixty years, we too could once again control the institutions…if.


That is if the ascendant ideology is as kind and tolerant of us as we were of them. I do not sense that will be the case. They seem to be the sorts that might want to burn it down and erase us, figuratively if not literally.


There could be a solution, fifty to sixty years out but there are a lot of caveats involved. We would have to stop being deluded and start today. And hope the ascendant culture is as kind to us as we were to them starting out.  We would have to renounce all of the stupid things we have done for the last fifty years as this train wreck developed. We would have to get off social media and find people close to us and do real things. Most of us would need to learn to shut up more often and listen quietly for good ideas, as opposed to shiny ones; to pick better heroes and leaders. We would have to work hard, with the long view to preserve, replicate, pass along, build and reconquer. We would have to pray hard and hope that God smiled on our work. If we could do that, we could turn this ship right around(ish)….all the other stuff is smoke and mirrors. If we do not do that, then we are the pusillanimous people John Crowe Ramson and his coauthors described and we deserve to be erased from history. These are the times that try men's souls.