Is abortion “the thing” or just another thing? I am not specifically speaking of the metaphysical ramifications of the act nor of what accepting or rejecting it has to do with permanent things of a culture. In the broad picture abortion is an issue that very closely represents “the big thing” as it has everything to do with the concept of truth and defines whether one believes truth informs morality and even if real truth exists. As I ponder the original question above, I am not speaking of the deep philosophical, moral, and religious questions that abortion forces a person to answer one way or the other. On a small scale, I wonder if conflict surrounding abortion will bring about the consolidating event, an event to consolidate power and complete all the other events that led to this point.


I have often written about consolidation, and as it has come so slowly, in fits and starts, mostly surrounded by what appears to be incompetence and ineptitude. It is not impossible for one to question if the claims about state capture methodology that I and others made were correct at all. I am not writing today to defend those claims, nor to make predictions. This either will be the thing that creates enough drama and chaos to cement consolidation or it will not be.


But we can know it is already shaping up to be one of the most significant events in American history. Governments retain legitimacy only through the legitimacy of component and subsidiary institutions. First among equals of the institutions that must remain unpolluted, uncorrupted, and steadfast is the Law, and all the subsidiary functions of the law. Long before some individual within our highest court leaked documents rhetoricians sewed seeds of dissension with claims that if courts applied the law instead of majoritarian sentiment, then the courts could not be legitimate, and must be made more compliant to emotion and desire and less to law. This sort of talk certainly scores political points, it engenders an emotional response, but it is ultimately seditious and treasonous. Those are hard words, often overused as of late, but in our republic, we have first and foremost The Law, our law developed over centuries in the old country through our culture and traditions and codified in a constitution here. The rule of law may be cold, arbitrary, and capricious at times, but it is the best we have, it has proven more sufficient and less cold, arbitrary, and capricious than any system that relies on more imminent means. Without the rule of law, we cease to be what we are. I do not today deny that the rule of law has been under assault for some time, human nature is true and humans in power act poorly. I suggest only that we are witnessing something more.


The leak itself is significant. Americans of all political persuasions ought to be up in arms, calling for a complete investigation resulting in the identification and prosecution of all involved. Some of our institutions must be treated with a degree of reverence. The Supreme Court is certainly in that group. No matter how people feel about the issue at hand, the ramifications of this leak are profound. Profound and devastating if we do not come together enough to state clearly it is wrong and will be punished.


That there is no unified outcry, but rather, cheering of ‘heroic” action by some is our first indication that this is significant in a transcendent way. It could mean that we will see in the coming months the consolidation event. It could mean nothing more than we have moved a bit further down the slippery slope, a continuation of our journey from a mostly decent form of government, based upon the rule of law and real legitimacy toward a majoritarian mess of continuing recrimination, emotionalism, and strife. Either way, anyone of good intention and honesty ought to be mortified that this leak occurred and terrified that so many rejoice that it happened.


If I were inclined to make an argument that this has to be part of a consolidating event, I would suggest that the leak was not happenstance. This in a year when the economy is in tatters and only the most dishonest or dense among us fail to see how hypocritical and dangerous our foreign policy is. On the heels of so many political failures and the inability to pass any of the programs and bills that so many conspiracy-minded folks were certain would pass early on to consolidate the permanent transformation of the republic. I might argue that consolidation was not possible because the numbers were just not there.


The big distractions leading into the election of 2020, Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, may or may not work in 2022. Black Lives Matter, as an organization is mired in various scandals related to 'where the money went', and a lot of poor black folks that marched in the street actually know where it all went. Decent folks will not be fooled twice. ANTIFA, late in the summer of 2020 demonstrated the limits of its operational reach. When it began to operate in cities without a local cadre it failed and looked silly. I suspect a lot of effort has been spent correcting that problem – people that predicted a “hot gulag summer” in 2021 failed to notice what ANTIFA needed to fix.


No, unless someone, somewhere, can find a drugged up black man and thrust him into a confrontation with a very white cop who might be having a bad day, decent black folks are not going to take to the streets in 2022 to protest anything – specifically not the ability of white doctors to kill more unborn black babies.


What of inflation, shortages, and an increasingly failed economy? These things will raise the temperature and increase the anger level and make people more prone to violence, but the people that organized the blocks of protestors in 2020 are not going to rally the masses on those issues, not this year.


But abortion – this could be it, if Roe v. Wade is overturned in the coming weeks, this could be the thing that lights up the summer, and creates the chaos and violence to lead into an election. ANTIFA may have corrected all of the deficiencies that were observable in 2020, expanded the cadre to other geographic regions, and fixed logistical as well as other issues.


From the highest office, we hear the words spoken, radicalized words, words that will engender anger and hate as well as violence. Kamala Harris recently used such words.


“At its core, this is about our future as a nation, about whether we live in a country where the government can interfere in personal decisions, this is about our future.”

“The right to privacy that forms the basis of Roe is the same right to privacy that protects the right to use contraception and the right to marry the person you love, including a person of the same sex,” Overturning Roe opens the door to restricting those rights.”


If a person believes what Harris said to be true, then those are fighting words. Politicians that hold contrary views become not merely the opposition, but a reincarnation of King George come back from the dead to reclaim the colonies and reimpose the tea tax – perhaps slavery too.


I cannot see how a full summer of violence, with cities burning helps the cause, how it would help get rid of politicians that have proven to be roadblocks to consolidation (Manchin, etc.). That sort of violence would not benefit the party in control; unless they could blame it all on “white supremacist and hateful republicans” that began the violence to protest Roe being overturned….!? We might laugh at how preposterous that notion is, but I would not be surprised if the New York Times does not already have the articles written in draft form…


But mass violence, still makes little sense, although it is hard to control opportunists in major urban areas that enjoy the opportunity to loot and burn when given a chance. I would anticipate a more focused, insurgent-like effort, more kinetic but scaled. Car bombs, assassinations, and focused violence – and of course some mass violence events that will appear inorganic if we look hard. I would expect to see violence focused as a political tool of intimidation and elimination, much as we would see in any nation that begins to abandon the rule of law in favor of majoritarian/factional sentiment.


By definition, violence geared to achieve or influence a political result is terrorism. We are well aware violence that supports some political objectives is openly supported, enabled, and protected. Some terrorists get bailed out by prominent politicians while the opposition is buried under the rubble of a prison. Sam Francis really knew what he was talking about when he defined anarcho-tyranny.  Never mind definitions, we will be told who the terrorists are and who they are not!


2022 is the year that will prove the theories related to Color Revolution, or not (I suspect it will be undeniable soon after a new Congress is seated in 2023)... Consolidation was simply impossible before, real consolidation, not the administrative things that have occurred on the margins. Roe v. Wade just may be the catalyst.


I have said often of late, that it is a bit cringe (to use the words of those younger than I), to continue to harp on what is. I would suggest only this. If violence occurs this summer, if people take to the streets and or perform violent actions over “abortion” we ought to consider what that means. Organic anger has historically flared up when people cannot afford food, have little employment and their government acts foolishly on the international stage. If people take to the streets, not for those issues, but because of political slogans, we can know it is not organic but organized by those in power. That has meaning, and it ought to signal to you what the end result will be.


I would close with the same warnings I have uttered so many times. If things heat up over this or another it is wise to guard one's mind and eyes. Currently, in the pre-event conflict, we can already see that neither "side" is sending their best and brightest, much of this is performative, having morons from either side doing and saying idiotic, hateful, or scary things is important. Those become memes to motivate later echelons. Remember too that social media is filled with people of nefarious intent, many that purport to be on your side. Don't play into the fanning of the flames by boosting nonsense that was engineered to elicit emotional responses. Some of those responses will be violent and they would love nothing more than for the first volley to come from those that oppose absurdity and decadence.


I wrote the above several hours ago and a thought occurred to me, I did not mention black swan events. Just like you, I have watched over the last few days the slow-rolling story of monkeypox. I, perhaps like many of you, thought "nah, how silly, this would not happen again, that whole 'stop the engine of the world for a virus' thing was already overdone". And yet - who the hell knows....perhaps this is an additional vector of approach to watch. I for one am a bit over it all. We get it, we understand - some of these people read Aldous Huxley and confused it as a utopian plan of action.