An accurate hypothesis must be capable of predicting the future. That is to say that one must be able to see the principles of the theory materialize in time in the conditions predicted. Clearly, a wild-arse guess (WAG) can, sometimes also be correct, but a correct hypothesis must always be correct and never wrong for it to be of use. We all know this, it is the scientific method. We know the principles, the caveats, and the nuances of what I just said.


I have never moved from my hypothesis that the events of 2020 incorporated color revolution methodology and that an implication of that methodology is certain things must be true in the period between January of 2021 and November (or so) of 2022. That hypothesis was not merely my WAG, it developed over several months of observation by people smarter than me.[1] We first discussed it in December 2019 and by April of 2020 were convinced there was merit to the theory.


When a certain ‘journalist’ and his odd group of popular social media hacks pushed forward one of their own to “explain” color revolutions to the right and that particular little man described it in such a way that most listening came away thinking it was something just a bit larger than a Madison Avenue campaign something became partially clear. Intentionally telling a bit of the truth and using the correct terms incorrectly when done by people promoted to positions of influence for the purpose of deception – that tells us something of it.


Nothing has disproved the color revolution hypothesis (the real one), every item that the methodology demands must occur has occurred or is slowly materializing. Consolidation must be complete by the end of this year. Consolidation means that those that ran the color revolution (whoever that is) must have secured the seats of power and neutered all potential resistance.


I asked on 20 May “Will Roe v. Wade enable the Consolidation Phase” [2] acknowledging that, “I have often written about consolidation, and as it has come so slowly, in fits and starts, mostly surrounded by what appears to be incompetence and ineptitude. It is not impossible for one to question if the claims about state capture methodology that I and others made were correct at all.”


And observed that, “the big distractions leading into the election of 2020, Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, may or may not work in 2022. Black Lives Matter, as an organization is mired in various scandals related to 'where the money went', and a lot of poor black folks that marched in the street actually know where it all went. Decent folks will not be fooled twice.”


Nothing in the methodology suggests that mass violence of the sort observed in 2020 is required. Not in and of itself. And while we have to remember that the footsoldiers of various protest movements have free will and individual agency, they do not have real reach without the logistical apparatus of their various clubs. They can get individually angry but cannot act out in a rogue way at scale. So some may go off-script, but there is no reason to believe that mass violence will occur or that it would necessarily benefit consolidation. (it could be necessary, but my sense of that topic is that all the conditions have been met to allow the dismantling of those protests groups, or at least defanging them)


In fact, the methodology suggests that those organizations and the foot soldiers have already served their purpose and are now seen as a threat to the consolidators, the SA to Hitler in 1934 as it were. History, the methodology, and logic tell us, that the coalition that took to the streets in 2020 was never going to be allowed to last, and never to wield power or influence. Over this weekend, I witnessed numerous videos of black men standing in front of abortion supporters telling them it is murder. I am not positive that seemingly random optic is really random. We can already see that the rainbow and unicorn coalition is cracking, and sometimes we attribute that to common sense, but it also could be intentional. We may see them later (and I say may because they might still have a role), but the powers that be have already neutered some of the more militant groups that it used in 2020.


Speaking of what came next in consolidation, next as in 2021-22, I wrote; “the FBI has long known the names and addresses of every leader in that group. The night of the long knives mentioned above could be exactly that, one night of mass arrests. These radical groups will have long since served their purpose, and once the 80 million are neutered, Biden will be free to give them the SA treatment.”[3] The long-knives analogy could be figurative or literal, it could be a simple as cutting off logistics and scaring leaders to sit down.


We notice that to this point, Janes Revenge seems to be a myth and ANTifa is operating effectively in just a couple of places and the level of violent acts does not even register compared to 2020. Maybe they are following orders, maybe they are tired, or maybe the groups have been neutered, their leaders intimidated and their logistics cut. It simply does not seem that consolidation efforts need or would benefit from mass violence – and if we do not see mass violence, my concern level would increase. Such would have meaning, it would indicate what those that want to see consolidation complete believe they have succeeded at already and what they know that I cannot know.


WAGs are fun, privately. I participate in them all the time with a handful of pals. But WAGs do not really help people generally. I stand by the hypothesis, one that I first began to consider in November of 2019, and to seriously look at in December of that year, the signs were there.[4][5] I tried to be as rational in the presentation of it as possible by April of 2020. [6] By June of 2020 I had given my last damn, and against the advice of my buddies, began to write it down. I used words in the common parlance, such as “Marxist”, because it is too complex to describe the power elite using the tenets of that to garner support and ultimately end up with something that is centralist and corporatist. You can see here, beyond the parts where I got out over my skis in predicting things that the methodology does not demand that in essence, it is true. The most likely outcomes became our future and even 2022 has developed as the pivotal moment when consolidation will take hold or fail.[7]


Can the Powers that be neuter the radical army they built, can they control it in order to have one last go at an election? An election that once successful will complete consolidation. Or “No Later Than 2022: Impatience and angst over the failure of the government to meet the expectations of the revolution. Monuments have not come down fast enough, ‘hateful’ books are not repressed enough, too many ‘hateful’ people still find a way to have a voice, too much inequity in property still exists, 'dangerous racists still have guns.'”. We see both at play currently. We ought to make sure we do not do anything to help.


I like a WAG here and there, they are fun, but I ignore entire sections of social media because despite the fact they have access to solid theories they would rather spend their time looking at bits of information that were probably placed there for them to lead them into rabbit holes and a mouse trap. I stand by the hypothesis until it is proven wrong or in need of correction. The entire thing works this year, (full consolidation) or not. It will be over because of, or just after the election, and if that fails whoever ran this whole thing will have to go back to the drawing board. If it all succeeds, you will know it when you see it, or you should.


If the hypothesis was right, and I stand beside it, the midterms are key. What we cannot know is if other efforts that have occurred on the margins and behind the curtain make the election a foregone conclusion. We celebrate the destruction of Roe, but know how easily it could be reversed and in that reversal, we could get a court that would change the essential nature of our system – we sense that is a distinct possibility, the outcome of successful consolidation in 2022 and solidification in 2023. We know that the January 6 legal circus is both absurd and dangerous, it heralds the legal justification of our own version of the enabling acts. [8][9]


We will know, sometime in early 2023 it will be clear. When we see the nature of the new Senate and Congress, not just the D v R ratio but the true nature of it then we will know. If we truly get to vote in a way that matters and if there are truly enough that can see maybe it is stopped. After all, if simply running a color revolution was all that was required, no consolidation necessary, well most of the lies and drama since would also be unnecessary.