"Tomorrow [this was is the beginning of a new line of effort in the consolidation phase. Things will pick up a bit now. Listen to the lies, the exaggerations, the hypocrisy. Hear those, but consider what they are saying. The theme will be one of ‘us versus them’; terror versus rights; good versus evil. Tomorrow will set the stage for a dramatic reduction of free speech, and we will hear finally, in its full voice who the evil people are. These words, these serious words spoken about our 'sacred temples and institutions' are just the preface, the narrative, and myth-building required to enact laws, the teeth of the thing to come. There will be a religious overtone to the whole thing, neo-Platonists know the importance of a central religion, they just do not want one with God actually involved." [1]


It was slower but no less pronounced than expected as if it was all ripped from various historical events and re-crafted for a modern audience and for contemporary purposes. At the center of everything occurring resides consolidation, consolidation of uniparty control, and the establishment of the ways and means by which the problem of any real opposition is forever removed. It may all look absurd to you, this so crafted, combined with the hypocritical and hyperbolic nature of it. It may look that way to a person that still believes in normalcy, a person that still believes all the facts matter; or someone that perhaps believes politics still matter. It may look that way and you might be inclined to actually laugh at it all - who could not see through this, where do these people believe this will lead and what can they possibly gain other than a few bullet points for campaigns? It is all more dangerous than such a person understands, and it means the hour is much later than many want to acknowledge.


Much, everything - that is what it really means. It is a forlorn and hopeless endeavor to continually state a plain fact; the ascendant ideology that has captured not just some, but the majority of our fellow citizens is nothing like the worldview of a person that sees this for what it is. At the base, the philosophies behind those ideologies were created to be non-rational. [2] The entire presupposition of reality is different. These presuppositions matter, that is a fact we that see this as absurd so often dismiss.


This will work, this ridiculous television show and its associated effort. it will move the ball along, and it will succeed. It will build toward further consolidation, the sort that is to be expected after the methodologies used in 2020/21 (and before) succeeded. I wrote, too much about those methodologies back when perhaps it mattered [3], perhaps when knowing might have made a difference. I wrote about the events to expect in the consolidation phase soon after the culminating event, this thing that the committee now fawns over. This circus, this carnival that entertains and inspires some and shocks others, is just the legal and verbal justifications for what comes next. [3, it has all developed slowly, but has materialized precisely as expected]


There is a 'solution' to this, insofar as it is solvable, because not all problems, even those caused by man have an immediate human solution. But talk of that solution is as unpopular as I was in early 2020 telling people that Qanon was a government deception operation and Trump was not your hero; him either duped or in on it all. Those were very 'popular' words back in the 'eat popcorn and create stupid Twitter trains days'. But something of a solution exists, but I see it nowhere spoken of. Even some of our best minds, gifted writers, and people I am convinced could tell the story simply and concisely seem to be sucked into the void of the circuses; useless to us in our greatest time of need


But the solution is not to be found in false hope, in the false premise that if we just expose enough facts people will wake up, and not in the 'by God come and find out crowd". The poison is in the air and in the water, those that will see already see, and unfortunately, many of those are entranced with delusions. But there is a solution.