January 6th Lies and the Way Ahead

Merrick Garland addressed the DOJ and various federal law enforcement agencies today, and he lied. He included all the knee-jerk phraseology – civil rights, white supremacy, voting rights, terror. His lies were primarily of the omission and wordplay sort. He included audits into a list of items used for voter suppression – an audit is an audit, if done right it is just about facts and data. He said five police officers have died since January 6th. The circumstances of all of those deaths are not clear-cut at all.  He lied, he paved the way for more lies, he set the tone and the foundation of what we will see on January 6th proper.

I began writing a piece earlier in the week, a long, ponderous piece that covered all of the deceptions that led to the events of January 6th. I doubt I will ever finish it. Sometimes one wonders, what is the point. But to summarize all of that, January 6th, 2021, was not possible without activities going back to 2017, if we are honest, 2011 or so at least. If we are honest just a bit more, we might admit that all of those activities had the hallmarks of state actor involvement. Lastly, we would admit, if we thought it through, that it was impossible, based upon the scale and scope, for that state actor to be foreign. That is a lot to take in, it involved individuals from both parties, and Donald Trump himself does not get a pass.

The events in the US, beginning in December of 2019, all through 2020 played a key role in 1/6.  You do not get to the point of mass mail-in voting where the system had not prepared for it without the riots and burnings, the fear, the lockdowns. Make of that what you will. Beginning with all the civil war talk in the mainstream media in December 2019, the impeachment on weak charges, and then the turn – the very bizarre turn in February. The Democrats had declared Trump the most dangerous man they could imagine, and then they let him take steps to lock down the economy, the likes of which have been unseen since Lincoln. Why would they sit by while such a ‘dangerous man’ wielded such power and go along? The media as well. The answer to that ought to be fleshed out, that was my intent with the other piece, but the discerning reader likely already knows why.

The point is, you cannot get to January 2021, without December 2019 and forward into 2020. The psyop of Qannon is much less successful without the fear generated by the psyops of BLM and ANTIFA. You cannot turn the thing that happened in January of 2021 into ‘insurrection’ unless you began writing about it a year and a month beforehand. (I touch on that at the time here).

“Thousands of protesters rushed to the … Capitol Wednesday night, forcing their way through doors, crawling through windows, and jamming corridors.” That was from 2011, in Wisconsin when union activists occupied the state Capitol to stop a vote. Nancy Pelosi tweeted praise as an “impressive show of democracy in action”.  This is not the first or only time where progressives have trespassed and clashed with the police to protest. How do you get from that reality to what we will hear and see tomorrow?  How was America burning night after night in 2020 not a problem? It is a lie, obviously, it is hypocrisy, it is evil. Is that all that it is?

I suspect not, that has been my theme for some time. All the coincidences, events, oddities, and unprecedented activates all build toward the same apparent outcome. People can, and so many do, dismiss that, but it is inarguable. At this point, people sense that the walls are closing in, or they do not. Those that remain most confused are the ‘middlings’ amongst us, those so blinded by their worldview biases, and subtle hatred for ordinary Americans, that they cannot see.

January 6th was a terrible mistake. It was pressed on by people involved in a cultish psychological operation. It was undoubtedly aided by federal provocateurs, this is a truth that becomes clearer. But in terms of achieving the objective of those there, it was a mistake. That event helped only one group -the same group that began writing of civil war a year earlier, those that wanted ‘free; money payments, lockdowns, and control --- dare I say the same people that want a great reset and had the nerve to name a bill Build Back Better. The Uniparty, do not think of it as a GOP vs. DEM thing.

It walks, talks and smells like a conspiracy, to any honest reasonable person looking then... – yet event that word was turned years ago.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new line of effort in the consolidation phase. Things will pick up a bit now. Listen to the lies, the exaggerations, the hypocrisy. Hear those, but consider what they are saying. The theme will be one of ‘us versus them’; terror versus rights; good versus evil. Tomorrow will set the stage for a dramatic reduction of free speech, and we will hear finally, in its full voice who the evil people are. These words, these serious words spoken about our 'sacred temples and institutions' are just the preface, the narrative, and myth-building required to enact laws, the teeth of the thing to come. There will be a religious overtone to the whole thing, neo-Platonists know the importance of a central religion, they just do not want one with God actually involved.

Almighty God forgive us for our trespasses, see fit to free us from this if it is your will.