You may not want to believe it, you may not want to see it, you may dismiss it because you disagree with the positions or worldview of the groups that are angry but something is happening in the world.

If we were to put MAGA, ANTIFA, Bernie supporters, BLM, Anti-lock down protestors and others in a big room and keep them there until they could agree on one statement this is what they would eventually all agree on -"Something is wrong with the System"

A significant moment in history when such disparate and diverse groups could agree on such a simple statement was in the 1790s in France. All the various groups then and there that felt that way about their system did not like each other, in fact, they ended up killing each other after they tore down the old system. However, based upon raw emotion and that simple point of agreement they were able to come together to take down a system and kill a king (and priest and landowners and then each other).

Over the last month my previous articles related to color revolutions and what a color revolution is has exploded, the largest traffic I have ever received. People are waking up and realizing that we were massively deceived about a lot of things in 2020 - and people are getting angry about it. It was really fifth-generation warfare (5GW)

People are waking up, you may not agree, you may not want to see it and it all could fizzle out - but it may not. If enough people come to the conclusion that it is all illegitimate and want to tear it down it will happen. If they do this without a binding worldview that inserts morality and order into the change then chaos and death will follow from the change.

Don't just ignore this - this is a real potential threat.

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