Absolute Sabotage Timeline

Absolute Sabotage Series Summary

Incomplete as 15 September 2021

2010 or 2011 Mary Fanning begins calling Sharon Rondeau, the reporter that eventually covers in detail the Dennis Montgomery activities in Maricopa County Arizona. (The Post & Email)

19 Nov 2011 Mary Fanning Kirchhoefer’s  domain registration of absoluteproof.mobi (Whoxy) (Archive)

19 NOV 2011-11 Aug 2016 domain’s registered to Mary Kirchhoefer’s AOL email. (Whoxy) (Archive)

18 October 2012 a Mary Fanning Kirchhoefer wrote a guest piece titled "Proof of Cheating" in Canada Free Press (CFP) (Archive)

August 2013 Montgomery representative Tim Blixseth contacts the Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) relating Dennis Montgomery’s claims of a government super-computer, “The Hammer” allegedly used to spy on Americans and illegally harvest data (Phoenix New Times) (Archive)

September 2013 Montgomery contacts the MCSO and meets with investigator Mike Zullo and Det. Brian Mackiewicz at his home in Washington State, describing mass surveillance of Americans by “The Hammer” and purporting to possess evidence that approximately 153,000 Maricopa County residents were victims of government instigated bank-account breaches. Montgomery also speaks directly with Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio: (The Post & Email) (Archive)

7 September 2013 Radio host Carl Gallups suggests a new line of investigation by the Cold Case Posse: (YouTube) (Archive)

22 November 2013: In sworn testimony in a case in which he is a defendant, Montgomery states he went to work for Opspring, launched by Michael Sandoval, on April 6, 2006, three months after leaving eTreppid, with a “multimillion dollar employment contract.” He admits to establishing websites to allegedly expose “fraudulent and misleading (SCRIB Docs)

Early 2014: Arpaio hires Montgomery as a confidential informant to provide the evidence he claims to have on residents’ bank-account intrusions.

3 November 2014: As documented in court documents the following year, emails between Mackiewicz and Montgomery demonstrate Montgomery had not produced the claimed evidence despite having been paid to do so and that Mackieiwicz believed Montgomery had “lied” to the MCSO. (SCRIB Doc)

7 November 2014: At Arpaio’s request, former NSA program developers J. Kirk Wiebe, William Binney and Thomas Drake examine 47 hard drives Montgomery provided to the MCSO purported to contain evidence of government surveillance. An email from Mackiewicz to Montgomery’s attorney, Larry Klayman, copied to Zullo, Montgomery and one other party states, “After reviewing all the hard drives our experts concluded that Dennis Montgomery deliberately complied [sic] massive amounts of data on to these drives for the purpose of obfuscating the fact the data itself contained no evidence to support Dennis Montgomery’s claims.” (SCRIBD Doc)

14 November 2014: As Mackiewicz reported, Drake and Wiebe sign a report to Arpaio claiming the drives contain no useful data and further, label the data Montgomery provided "evidence of an outright and fraudulent con perpetrated on the government for personal gain and cover." (SCRIBD Doc)

16 December 2014: In an email chain, Zullo chastises Montgomery, who was using the screen name “David Webb,” for turning over “worthless” information on hard drives to the MCSO as adjudged by former NSA program developers J. Kirk Wiebe and Thomas Drake. (SCRIBD Doc)

17 July 2014: An email from then-Fox News reporter Carl Cameron to Dennis Montgomery (aka David Webb) reveal Montgomery did not provide the evidence he promised to Cameron to support his claims. Cameron blames Montgomery for Fox News’s declination to run the story: (The Post & Email)

24 February 2015: Represented by Atty. Larry Klayman, Montgomery sues former New York Times author James Risen for defamation as a result of his book, “Pay Any Price” which contains a chapter (Chapter 2) about Montgomery’s work as a government contractor. In the chapter, Risen indicates he contacted Montgomery for comment before going to press and that Montgomery had never produced evidence that his software worked. (Amazon) Montgomery fails to produce a copy of the software or source code, defying a court order.

27 FEB 2015 Mary Kirchhoefer’s domain registration theamericanreport.org (Whoxy)(Archive)

8 March 2015: Coalition of Concerned Citizens, founded by Mary Fanning, published The Betrayal Papers Part I.  The final release, Part VI, was published on 22 April 2015. (Dr Rich Swier) (Archive)  (About)

17 March 2015: Sharon Rondeau, The Post & Email site search “Mary Fanning” mentions. (The Post & Email)

9 April 2015: Zullo states that Montgomery violated the terms of his “free talk” with the Arizona Attorney General’s office (p. 25) (SCRIBD Doc)

20 April 2015: Responding to an email from Montgomery’s then attorney Larry Klayman, Mike Zullo writes that “Mr. Montgomery’s behavior and lack of performance flies in the face of his numerous promises pledging to complete the work..” (p. 23) (SCRIBD Doc)

15 May 2015: Panel Discussion re The Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration of Our Government Under Obama: The Betrayal Papers | Show Hosted by Andrea Shea King | WOBC Radio on BlogTalkRadio (plus additional commentary) (CDRKerchner) (Archive)

Week of 2 November 2015: Zullo’s recordings of MCSO interviews with Montgomery are leaked to the Phoenix New Times and published. (The Post & Email)

12 and 13 November 2015: In Melendres v. Arpaio, Zullo testifies in federal court as to Montgomery’s role as a confidential informant to the MCSO in 2014. (The Post & Email, 1,2, 3) (SCRIBD Doc 1, 2)

16 November 2015: Stephen Lemons of the Phoenix New Times publishes article containing the leaked recordings. (Phoenix News Times)

30 May 2016: Federal Judge G. Murray Snow writes in an opinion that Montgomery committed “fraud” against the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office when he worked as a confidential informant: (ABC 15) (The Post & Email)

15 July 2016: In Montgomery v. Risen, U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras rules in favor of Risen. (Case text)

14 March 2017: Mary Fanning and Allen Jones have a conversation with Zullo in which Zullo states he will be breaking a story on Montgomery’s allegations in the near future. Zullo asks Fanning and Jones not to divulge the contents of the conversation until after he has released the information. (The Post & Email)

***17 March 2017: Rather than honoring Zullo’s request, Fanning and Jones issue their first article on “The Hammer.” (The Post & Email) (American Report)

19 and 20 March 2017, early afternoon: Zullo and Dr. Jerome Corsi are guests on Alex Jones’s “Infowars” to discuss data Montgomery initially provided after contacting the MCSO about alleged government instigated bank-account breaches and identity theft: (The Post & Email 1, 2)

19 March 2017, evening: Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney (Ret) reads article on “The Hammer” published at The American Report on Dave Janda’s “Operation Freedom” radio program “for the first time on radio or TV,” according to Janda. (Janda)

17 November 2017: A three-judge appellate panel upholds Contreras’s ruling in Risen, stating: (Case text)

January 2018: The Betrayal Papers Summary  (USATransnationalReport.org) (Archive)

28 April 2018: FBI text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page acknowledge Dennis Montgomery spying allegations   (The Post & Email) (Archive)

6 August 2018: An example of some of the absurdities spread by the ‘club” (Janda) (Archive)

26 September 2018: Absurdities pushed by the “Club” (CSP) (Archive)

20 October 2020: Former Sheriff Joseph Arpaio releases a memoir, "Sheriff Joseph Arpaio: And American Legend" in which he writes extensively about Montgomery's work for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office as a confidential informant: (The Post & Email)

2020: Montgomery establishes the website “Blxware.org,” accusing Edra Blixseth of having engaged "in illegal FBI/CIA/NSA domestic surveillance programs." Montgomery uses the site to purportedly raise money to “Expose the truth about Hammer and Scorecard,” a campaign which has reportedly garnered $67,022 of a $100,000 goal as of January 18, 2021. (GiveSendGo) (The Post & Email)

31 October 2020: Fanning and Jones write that Hammer and Scorecard will be used in the 2020 election in six days. (The American Report) (Archive)

4 November 2020: Worldview Weekend TV; SCORECARD is now being activated to steal the vote on behalf of Joe Biden once again. Biden utilized THE HAMMER and SCORECARD while running for Vice President in 2012. Votes are again being stolen on Joe Biden’s behalf as he runs for President of the United States in 2020. (Worldview Weekend TV) (Archive)

10 November 2020: As Fanning and Jones frequently assert on their website, Janda states on his program, “The Hammer…is the key to the coup,” also connecting it to the criminal prosecution of Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn (Ret), Trump’s first national-security adviser. (The Daily Coin)

9 November 2020:  McInerney and Fanning: The HAMMER is the Key to the Coup (Worldview Weekend TV) (Archive)

13 November 2020: McInerney interviews with OANN on “Hammer and Scorecard” (Janda)

31 March 2021: WVW-TV and Mike Lindell present "Scientific Proof" (Worldview Weekend TV) (Archive)

15 April 2021: Claims vote Fraud Proof Keeps Emerging (The New American) (Archive)

06 July 2021: Sharon Rondeau, The Post & Email., asks, “Did Mary Fanning and Dennis Montgomery set up Mike Lindell for a Hard Fall?’  Rondeau write on Mike Lindell’s 30 June 2021 announcement on OANN that he would hold a “Cyber Symposium” in August, where he planned to release details of the “packet” information which would prove the November 2020 election was stolen. Lindell then appeared on Brannon Howse’s Worldview Weekend TV on Steve Bannon’s War Room shows. (The Post & Email) (Archive)

01 September 2021: Salon reports that Lindell sold a $2.5M private plane to fund his defense in the Dominion lawsuit. Salon’s source was Joshua Merritt, former Lindell “cyber team member.”  (Salon) (Archive)

3 September 2021:  Salon reports that Lindell bought a $1.5mil house in Naples, FL for Dennis Montgomery through a financial trust, Gray Horse on 12 July 2021.  Another $1.5mil was said to have been paid to a group of “cyber experts,” according to former Lindell “cyber team member” Joshua Merritt.  Report also states that Montgomery registered his company, Blxware LLC, with the Florida Department of State on 23 August 2021.  (Salon) (Archive)

31 October 2020: Biden Using SCORECARD and HAMMER to Steal another U.S. Presidential Election – Just Like Obama and Biden Did in 2012 (The American Report) (Archive)

23 November 2020: HAMMER AND SCORECARD: U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney (Ret.), Mary Fanning, And Alan Jones Discuss Cyberwarfare Attack Against 2020 Election on Worldview Weekend Radio With Brannon Howse (Wayback Machine – The American Report)

12 December 2020: Mike Lindell Promises “Great News” at Trump March in DC (The Post Email) (Archive)

13 December 2020: Flynn: Conclusive Evidence of Foreign Interference in our Elections” Publicly Available, DNI to Issue Report Friday (The Post Email) (Archive)

3 January 2021: Proof Positive: Coordinated Cyberwarfare Attack Against US By China, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan To Steal Election From Trump (The American Report) (Archive)

9 January 2021: Brannon Howse: January 18, 2021 (WVW-TV) (Archive) Brannon and Mary start out the broadcast discussing how Mary called Brannon on January 9, 2021 and notified him that after working for weeks and weeks of the source recording in real time the cyberwar and stolen election of 2021, they had no one they knew who could get the computer forensics data to President Trump. Apparently, many prior sources around President Trump had been shut out by deep state actors. Brannon told Mary that the only person he knew that he believed could get the data to President Trump was Mike Lindell. Brannon called Mike on his cell phone and conferenced in Mary. For the next 21 minutes, they briefed Mike on what the source had compiled in real time on numerous hard-drives. Mike had been doing his own research and what he was being told was consistent with what he knew to be true. After numerous calls and being shown data reports, Mike flew to Washington D.C. and presented the evidence to President Trump in the Oval Office. Mary, Alan, and Brannon discuss this topic in detail.

11 January 2021: Proof China Russia Hacked 2020 Election (The American Report) (Archive)

25 January 2021: Those Endorsing “Hammer” Narrative Should First Investigate the Source (The Post Email) (Archive)

1 February 2021: Authors, Contributors to “The Hammer” Narrative Attempt to Destroy Former Obama Birth-Certificate Investigator.  (“In a complete reversal of his earlier stance, in 2019 Wiebe emerged as one of Montgomery’s strongest proponents, although admittedly without having seen any evidence to support Montgomery’s claims.”) (The Post Email) (Archive)

6 February 2021: Whatever Happened to “Hammer” and “Scorecard? (The Post Email) (Archive)

15 February 2021: The Montgomery Disinformation Campaign Ramps Up (The Post Email) (Archive)

11 February 2021: “Hammer” Hoaxer Infiltrates Lindell’s “Absolute Proof” (Wayback Machine – Post and Email) “On October 31, 2020, Fanning and Jones shocked the world when they reported that Montgomery had determined that an alleged government supercomputer dubbed “The Hammer” was switching votes en masse from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. Their article, issued three days before Election Day, claimed that “The Hammer,” along with software Montgomery called “Scorecard” which he said he invented, targeted eight states in a vote-switching scheme aimed at stealing the election for Biden.”

11 February 2021: “Hammer” Hoaxer Infiltrated Lindell’s “Absolute Proof.” Part 2 (Wayback Machine – Post and Email) Note: this article was removed from Post and Email.

15 February 2021: The Montgomery Disinformation Campaign Ramps Up (Post and Email) (Archive)

22 February 2021: We Tried Beginning on page 35, the (Dominion vs Lindell) suit focuses on “Mary Fanning” and “Alan Jones,” who, as The Post & Email has reported, have claimed on their website, The American Report, that a government mega-computer called “The Hammer” and “Scorecard” software were used in eight states to alter the outcome of the election from Trump to Biden. (Post and Email) (Archive)

1 March 2021: “Hammer” Hoaxer Infiltrates Lindell’s “Absolute Proof,” Part 1 (Post and Email) (Archive)

1 March 2021: “Hammer” Hoaxer Infiltrates Lindell’s “Absolute Proof,” Part 2 (Post and Email) (Archive)

18 March 2021: Government Reports Contradict Fanning/Montgomery Election Interference Narrative (Navarro did not allege foreign interference as having contributed to that altered result.  (Post and Email) (Archive)

5 April 2021: Election “Fraud” Accounted for Differently in Lindell’s “Scientific Proof” PHYSICIST (Dr Douglas Frank) IDENTIFIES "ALGORITHM" AS INFLATING NUMBERS OF VOTERS”   (Post and Email) (Archive)

6 April 2021: Flynn: Election Interference Came from China, Other Countries "THAT'S GOING TO BE PROVEN OUT IN THE DAYS AND WEEKS AHEAD" (Post and Email) (Archive)

30 April 2021: Lead Stories publishes "Attention Mike Lindell: What You May Want To Know About The 'Data' Used In Your Stolen Election Claims". Summary: Mike Lindell's video series allegedly proving fraud in the November 2020 elections relies heavily on digital evidence in the form of files and animations that Lindell claims show attacks on the U.S. election infrastructure coming from China and other places. Lindell has never acknowledged where these files and animations came from. Lead Stories traced them back to a website apparently run by Dennis L. Montgomery, a man with a long history of being closely connected to cases involving fraudulently manufactured evidence. We are making these files available in this article so anyone can examine them for themselves. (Lead Stories)

17 May 2021: National Security Info Provided to FBI Was Sold to Enemies by Traitors (The American Report) (Archive) Montgomery allegedly informed the FBI in 2015 of “critical infrastructure cyber vulnerabilities” which have manifested themselves in recent news events

24 May 2021: Are Montgomery’s Continuing Claims Nothing More than Fuel for Conspiracy Theories? A “MAZE OF DECEPTION” (Post and Email) (Archive) Montgomery blames Colonial Pipeline and Solar Winds on HAMMER and SCORECARD

12 June 2021: The Quo Warranto Avenue – Lindell claims “that sometime during the month of July, 2021, a case based on a “writ of quo warranto” will be brought directly in the U.S. Supreme Court (“USSC”) which will result in a 9-0 (i.e., unanimous) decision overturning the 2020 general election and reinstalling President Trump into office.”  (Post and Email) (Archive)

30 June 2021: MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell announces details of upcoming cyber symposium (OAN – Rumble) (Archive)

6 July 2021: Did Mary Fanning and Dennis Montgomery set up Mike Lindell for a Hard Fall? (Post and Email) (Archive) “Lindell told OAN he possesses “all the packet captures” from the election demonstrating where “hacks” took place and when, and that he will release that information for public consumption at the event, which will be held August 10-12” and “The lawsuit Lindell has been promising to be filed directly with the U.S. Supreme Court will be submitted immediately after the symposium concludes, he said, while expressing confidence that the results of the election “will be pulled down” in a unanimous 9-0 vote.”

22 July 2021:  Absolute Sabotage: The Rise and Coming Fall of a False Narrative – JR Nyquist (Post and Email) (Archive) “a computer technician named Dennis Montgomery”

22 July 2021: Claim: FBI Labels Lindell “the Most Dangerous Guy in America” (Post and Email) (Archive)

27 July 2021: Is Mary Fanning a Real Operative? (Post and Email) (Archive) “Fanning claims the credential of “national security” investigative journalist but has no track record in the field, let alone “journalism,” prior to the launch of the website in 2015. A similar observation was made by Dominion Voting Systems in a lawsuit filed in February of this year against MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell”

4 August 2021: Will Lindell’s Claims Hold Up?  (Post and Email) (Archive) MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell plans to host a “cyber symposium” to reveal what he alleges was “hacking” by China which changed the outcome of the November 3, 2020 presidential election.

10 August 2021: Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium Started: We're Looking For These Answers About His Promised Election Fraud Evidence (Lead Stories) (Archive)

11 August 2021: Absolute Proof or Absolute Fiasco JR Nyquist with Tom Trento (Post and Email) (Archive)

16 August 2021: The Big Reveal That Wasn’t - Mike Lindell promised evidence that would reinstate Donald Trump as president. Instead, attendees at his cyber symposium got three days of smoke and mirrors. (Salon) (Archive)

1 September 2021: Mike Lindell's meltdown begins: He recently sold a MyPillow plane to fund Dominion lawsuit (Salon) (Archive)

9 September 2021: What Will Discovery Reveal? (Post and Email) (Archive)

10 September 2021: False Narratives, False Heroes: The Pillow Fight, Part III JR Nyquist (Post and Email) (Archive)


The Post & Email and specifically Sharon Rondeau - Without her hard work piecing together, events from 2010 thru 2017 much of this story would be unknown and it would be impossible to display the big picture narrative.

Lead Stories, specifically Maarten Schenk - Their 30 April 2021 piece is well researched and sourced. (Lead Stories)

Clare Locke LLP - The attorneys for Dominion included information in their complaint that is extraneous and bizarre to some and dismissed by others. The Dominion suit will not address the big picture narrative or tackle the full scope of what has occurred, but it is worth watching to see what the intent behind some of the disclosures may be. (complaint)

J.R. Nyquist - Both writers here have taken exception with elements of Mr. Nyquist's coverage but we also acknowledge he took personal financial risk and loss by doing his work on this topic. A fair assessment of his effort would say that he wrote the story in a way that people could grasp, making the additional connections via what we assess to be clear and obvious facts would not have changed anything. To be clear, we disagreed with Nyquist and thought he did not go far enough and avoided the hottest topics - our questions were meant to spark a further investigation. Nothing we said was intended to disparage his character. (the phrase "Absolute Sabotage" is Nyquist's creation)

"Frances Madsen" and other anonymous online entities - You are all seen and appreciated, telling truth as you can and seeking truth.