Absolute Sabotage Series

It was absolute sabotage! One thing is undeniably true - the activities of a handful of individuals had a significant impact on our election process, our Republic, our future, and ultimately - Truth. Whether you are inclined to believe this was merely a "boomer conspiracy" gone wild - many of the protagonists in the story are over seventy (fabulous stories of super-secret artificial intelligence systems used for nefarious purposes are just the sort of thing we have seen many in that age bracket fall for over the last several years). Or, perhaps you see a series of unlikely coincidences and detect a pattern and see all of this as a long-running plan and conspiracy by a few (a minor part of something larger). Either way, one thing is true - this conspiracy peddling club caused all efforts seeking election integrity after the 2020 election to look like a circus.

Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium was the climax, a symposium to evaluate data, where no data existed - and the smell of known fraudsters and proven purveyors of lies and absurdities surrounded the entire drama, poisoning it, you almost could not have planned it all any better and perhaps that is the biggest indicator of all.

There are a couple of questions that remain - we will address those in time - but all the relevant pieces of information are out there for any rational person to deduce plausible conclusions. In the big picture, the activities of the fools, liars, charlatans, and conspirators (yes I am convinced), are one minor footnote in the totality of what has and is happened. Their efforts likely mean and ensure we will never have free- and fair elections again because even questioning processes and outcomes look insane now - they all may be minor and insignificant but they had an impact.

Contrary to what many that may write about this subject and argue that it was all one thing - just focus on one thing they will say and never speak of a long line of unlikely coincidences - more than enough "coincidences" in the LEO world to draft a warrant or in my former profession to add someone to a catch and interrogate target list - anyone diminishing the full nature of this simply ought not to be listened to.  People, either just ignorant or absolutely nefarious, have voices that influence many others, they used those voices to poison a narrative related to one of our most important processes - that is a fact whether you believe they conspired or stumbled into it, they had a tremendously negative impact either way.  If we cannot collectively use discernment, reason, and common sense to see the trees in the forest and figure out those that ought to be cut down, well nothing else really matters. This story, more than anything is one concerning our collective lack of critical thinking and our weakness to the words of sophist and snake oil salesmen.

All the characters in this story matter little - what matters, what really matters is most of us were unable to see the true nature of the acts, the lies, and those that covered for bad acts. From a future historian's perspective, I suspect all of this will play a rather significant role in understanding our collective demise. Put a bookmark on all these events, they had meaning but our inability to spot them and act, well that was significant in ways we yet do not understand.


The Post & Email and specifically Sharon Rondeau - Without her hard work piecing together, events from 2010 thru 2017 much of this story would be unknown and it would be impossible to display the big picture narrative.

Lead Stories, specifically Maarten Schenk - Their 30 April 2021 piece is well researched and sourced. (Lead Stories)

Clare Locke LLP - The attorneys for Dominion included information in their complaint that is extraneous and bizarre to some and dismissed by others. The Dominion suit will not address the big picture narrative or tackle the full scope of what has occurred, but it is worth watching to see what the intent behind some of the disclosures may be. (complaint)

J.R. Nyquist - Both writers here have taken exception with elements of Mr. Nyquist's coverage but we also acknowledge he took personal financial risk and loss by doing his work on this topic. A fair assessment of his effort would say that he wrote the story in a way that people could grasp, making the additional connections via what we assess to be clear and obvious facts would not have changed anything. To be clear, we disagreed with Nyquist and thought he did not go far enough and avoided the hottest topics - our questions were meant to spark a further investigation. Nothing we said was intended to disparage his character. (the phrase "Absolute Sabotage" is Nyquist's creation)

"Frances Madsen" and other anonymous online entities - You are all seen and appreciated, telling truth as you can and seeking truth.

Timeline of events with links (incomplete) that we used to arrive at our conclusions - (Timeline)

All of our work, minus the pieces that laid out all the facts related to who Mary Fanning is, are still published, they are, however, invisible at present. We suspect that this story has run its course, that little if anything will ever become of it. The appetite of "truth-seekers" has been satiated, no major media personalities are interested in picking it up, the Lindell suit will touch on parts of it, but perhaps in a twisted and partial way.

We thank you for your interest, we appreciate those that have contacted us in anger and we enjoyed dialoguing with those that sought to see this for what it is.


Author: Barry

Southerner, father, husband, Christian and a retired Army field grade officer. Author of five books and of several papers and articles on ethics, culture, history, geopolitics and military affairs.

2 thoughts on “Absolute Sabotage Series”

  1. You’ve done great work. One day, maybe just maybe, we’ll get the whole story, but I doubt it.

    There are many people involved in this bizarre chapter of history on the fringes, ranging from Kevin Shipp to JR Nyquist to Cliff Kincaid to Jason Goodman. Some are known quantities, and some are extremely shady and secretive (Fanning and Jones come to mind).

    I’ve been following this story since it began with ‘Hammer,’ and it has only gotten bigger and weirder. I feel like we know the characters well enough. If you so desire, you can hear them present on internet radio regularly … including Fanning (aka Kirchhoefer), Jones, McInerney, Vallely, Lindell …. but never Dennis Montgomery. Hmm.

    At this point my biggest question is this: Why do McInerney, Vallely, Col. Selin, and other so-called serious people rally around a clear lie? I’m not exceptionally intelligent. I don’t have a background in IT or PCAPS. But I can read, I can reason, and I can determine (rather easily) that the story – it’s many variations, permutations, and tributaries – is bunk. It’s all garbage pile all the way down. There’s no golden kernal of truth. You will not be rewarded by persistence and diligence. To accept the story is to accept believing known liars. Not a great plan for enlightenment.

    So, why the dedication by these retired military men? What is the reason? (Lindell, I believe, it truly foolish… he’s in way over his head and can’t tell which direction is ‘Up’ anymore.) The only reason I can really think of, and it isn’t something I enjoy considering, is that these men aren’t on our side after all. If so, the next logical step is to ask who is connected to them, which outlets and individuals, and call their sincerity into question as well.

    Surely many have been duped. Been peer pressured into accepting a lie, or pursued the lie because it was profitable and popular among their audience. But some must know better, and I’d like to know who they are.

    Thank again.

    1. Frances,
      Thank you. We noticed your diligence and appreciate the fact there are some that know there is more to this than most can ever digest.

      As to why serious people rallied around this – I have theories, theories that comport with things I have observed in my life. I discussed this in a couple of articles that are still up. (The Human Domain and Money, Sex, Power, and Influence)

      There is also another woman that has been part of this story for a long time, and an organization that boosts and includes many of those retired military men. We never got around to them in our articles. This woman is, in my opinion, the glue of the network. She certainly would have been trained in her previous profession in the methodologies required to develop ‘assets’. Some of the people in the story have been coaxed with one of the four prizes, they are participants in various ways but they are ‘assets’.

      I suspect when the Dominion suit comes to pass there will be a bit of unmasking that occurs, the complaint already seems to indicate an intent to make it look absurd that Lindell ever listened to any of these folks. This story is not dead, it will come alive again in the near future much as the Perkins Coie thing dominates segments of the internet right now. I think, even then, we will not get the full story, the intent of that suit is not to uncover the deeper truth.

      Thank you!

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