Soon, there will be brief periods where the calamitous din of chaos recedes. Foolish and feckless men will pound their chest and say, ‘we knew it was but a moment’. False teachers will resume their lies. These interludes will be mere respites for the enemies of America; a time to plan, reset and wait. Like the calm winds in the midst of a hurricane, the absence of chaos for some brief moments does not mean danger does not circle about. This is the story of our time, it is the nature of the fight traditional Americans of all races face and many fail to see. All Americans of all races that hold to hope, believe in truth, freedom, and civility and the ideal of what America can be are imperiled.  It is a fight for the very essence of what the future will be. For some, this is our Alamo.

The Alamo

Turning and turning in the widening gyre  The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

The Second Coming’, William Yeats

In the warfare of a bygone age, victory was often achieved by turning a flank of the enemy whilst your center held. If the center of an army collapsed defeat was assured. It is true of culture as well. And indeed, our center cannot hold it seems. To anyone that has been really paying attention over the last several years, that has read the writings of radical leaders and socialist and studied history it is indeed true that the center cannot hold at present.

Many it seems have likely avoided much of the evidence that what is occurring in America is anything more than a ‘moment’. I am continually amazed at the utter lack of honesty in almost all of the major media outlets. I do not say that in a partisan sense. I mean, many of these institutions repeatedly either underreport or distort readily available facts. So much is going on, in tandem, it is probably impossible for a mere mortal with a regular job to absorb and process all that is going on. CNN, MSNBC, and others of their ilk spend an enormous amount of time telling their viewers how they ought to perceive events. Fox spends entirely too much time rehashing testimony and evidence of trials that will never occur.  Facebook is filled with memes and pontificating. My ‘news digest’ on my phone seldom reflects the actual reality of events occurring or portrays facts in headlines accurately.

Twitter has been invaluable in this period. It is not perfect, Twitter has attempted to influence the narrative through direct actions, but if you follow the right people you gain access to the whole of a story in ways otherwise impossible. Not mere opinion or pontificating, by live feeds and videos of events as they occur. Videos of protest and protestors, riots and rioters in their own voices, at the scene of events. You find stories and facts, buried deeply in algorithms. You find intelligent, bright, and principled voices that otherwise are not heard. Twitter is not perfect, but without it, I would not fully grasp what is truly occurring. Without these facts, I too may be under the impression that this is just a ‘moment.’

I must admit my own bias. I believe evil exists and I believe that evil has become increasingly bold in its actions. I believe evil can coalesce and leverage events, movements, and ideologies. I also believe there has been a plan since the mid-19th century to supplant all the governments in the West with Marxist forms. This is not a half-baked conspiracy theory, this is what Marxist, socialist, and progressives have written about for a century and a half. I understand that within that camp they may argue about what is Marxism and who belongs, but I also know that the most prominent among them has always included the lesser forms of Marxism (socialism and progressivism) in their camp as preparatory stages. You do not have to believe me or my assessment, you can read Gramsci or Alinsky yourself.

The plan to transform the world in a Marxist image may not always have been guided by an international central committee but the ideology and the plan always remained. The tenets of that plan have remained unchanged; take over the institutions, subvert the family, control the language and the media, erase history, and rewrite history. Since the 1970s we have seen universities almost completely taken over by progressives and socialist and become welcoming of Marxist. Public education was finally captured through Common Core and the inclusion of such items as Howard Zinn’s history. The family has been assaulted on numerous fronts; through legislation that makes divorce easy and painless and provide no incentive for mothers (often those that earn less) to maintain fidelity, through government programs that encourage absent fathers, and through many of our churches that attempt to replace the family with “the community’.  Through all of that, evil has had its way, our families are in shambles. Beginning in the 1990s we saw the rise of ‘political correct speech’, something that has morphed into mobs attacking individuals online and ruining their careers for merely posting facts and opinions. Recently we have seen museums attacked and artifacts destroyed, actions that remind one of the attacks on the Four Olds in China. In December of 2019, we saw a major newspaper publish the 1619 project, an attempt to rewrite all of American history through the lens of Marxist Critical Theory. One has to be a denier, just returning from an Antarctic expedition, mentally deficient, or dishonest not to see and recognize that the stated objectives of Marxism are occurring. Yet, many would and do deny these facts.

What proof do they offer in their denial? Some argue this is all just conspiracy – ignoring the words of socialist themselves. Others that the cause of the day is just, it says good words. Of course, it does, deceptions say many words that most reasonable people could agree on, that is the lie and a key part of the propaganda. Or perhaps that things will get better, this is just a phase – this of course ignores the fact that Marxist have steadily been checking off every item on their to-do list.

Those that are too ‘busy’ to be bothered, to bought into corrupted institutions and social groups to look behind the curtain or to taken with propaganda behind ‘issues’ used to advance the Marxist objective are at this point beyond help. They will someday see. When churches are told what they can and cannot preach and the pastor that led them to this point goes along cheerfully (to stay relevant), many will see. When their primary identified group is targeted, much to their shock because they were either apolitical or ‘progressive’, they will come to understand. When friends and neighbors turn on one another and join ‘denouncements’ for wrongthink of others, they will understand. Many that have joined the current ‘allyship’ movement, posted repentance on social media, taken a knee, donated to causes, and marched in the street will come to understand once the alliance breaks down and some groups are found to not be revolutionary enough. None of that is hyperbole, that is how these things happen – over and over, in every instance where a cultural revolution quickly shifted the dynamic and installed Marxism.

At this point, I might give some accolades to three of my socialist friends. They know full well how things go when they change at the head of a mob. They also have long believed America would become a socialist nation. They thought, wrongly, if it happened slowly and in a controlled way the nasty cultural revolution part could be avoided. They were wrong on both counts, right to know this was coming – their hearts were in the right place if their heads were tragically wrong.

Who are Our Allies?

Recently retired generals have signaled that the military ought not support the orders of a sitting President using his power, powers previous presidents have used in lesser situations. This is treason – I am no Trump fan but any reasonable person can see the problem with these words and actions. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs apologized today on CNN for doing what the President told him. Looting continues unchecked in some parts of the country and an entire portion of Seattle has been taken over by anti-government folks, with guns. Whether Trump should or should not act is not the question. What is clear, it seems, is that nefarious ideas and loyalties have even infiltrated the institution of the military. Trump is now impotent, our government has returned to hearings ‘to get to the bottom’ of various acts of maleficence by both sides. Our government is ill-equipped to stand up and defend America, many within the government now give open aid and comfort to those that would destroy us.

Our churches are of little help. Many of the 5 million Americans that attend Druckerite megachurches were told openly this past weekend that the Bible is not sufficient and their church supports social gospel based upon Marxist ideology. The words used were still subtle, enough for the foolish not to hear and understand, but this was the clearest message yet of the apostasy in those churches. These now join the UMC, PC-USA, and many progressive and liberal SBC churches as well as many Lutheran and Catholics in error and apostasy. These ‘Christian’ churches have come out in full support of an organization and an ideology that states on their website their desire to destroy the nuclear family, support abortion, and a host of other definitively anti-Biblical positions.

Because Peter Drucker got involved with churches to effect social change the concept of ‘community’ in many of these churches has been perverted from its Biblical intent to one that fosters social control. Many will find it difficult and painful to leave such a place, they will be shunned, their sins touted in front of them and they made to feel sinful. Truth is only found in the community in these places, there is no role for individual conscience or reason.  Most of Christianity in America fell years ago and retains only some of the traditions and words – it is of no help now and actually allies with the agents of our destruction.

Working Americans are coming to realize they cannot say anything contrary to the approved narrative at work, to a friend or online. In fact, many are coming to realize they will have no choice but to go along and say something supportive of the approved narrative just to remain employed. Contrary to the words we heard for years related to sexual assault, we are now told ‘silence is consent’.

Our infatuation with things has caused many of us to move from the land of our raising to seek employment. We often live as neighbors among strangers. We have given up one of the last vestiges of stability, real and authentic community among neighbors based upon trust, respect, civility, and shared values.

Almost every single corporation has yielded to insanity, donating money, promising jobs, and changing products. This has gone far beyond racial injustice, and to the Marxist, it was never about that anyway.

What Can We Do?

It is easy for me to pontificate on taking a stand, speaking the truth and opposing this wave of absurdity and future tyranny we face. I am retired from the military with a pension. I will be ok until these radicals completely tank the economy or get full control and reorder all public spending. I acknowledge my ‘privilege’ in this regard. I cannot in good conscious tell another what he ought to do. I, as well as you, can judge cowardly actions for what they are, aiding agents of destruction. I cannot judge what is brave and not brave in another in standing against such actions.

However, we have to fight. We may not win. The radicals control the narrative. Despite their own actions, despite the death and destruction in the wake of those actions, they still hold the ‘moral high ground’ in the media. As Rod Sterling said in the monologue to ‘Obsolete Man’, “logic is an enemy and truth is a menace”. Facts and truth no longer matter to anyone but those that respect reason and objective truth – there are so few left in that camp.

But we have to fight. Mentally, using reason and truth, spiritually, through faith, wisdom, and love and perhaps physically. Internment camps are real in China, the Killing fields in Cambodia occurred, one-hundred million people did die in the Chinese cultural revolution. These are facts and real possibilities. Those that wish to impose this tyranny upon us may control many institutions and may be loud and vocal, but they are not yet a powerful majority and they do not yet fully control the military and the police. If our government would recognize the existential threat and face it, the fight would be tragic but winnable at this point. If it does not, our fight will become individual, in our homes, one by one against the power of a new state and a mob.


Seven Facts About our World