I mentioned in a recent piece that over the last few weeks I have gleaned much of my information not from the major news organizations, nor my headline updates on my phone and not even from the various news aggregator sites but rather from Twitter. So much has been occurring, in so many places, it seems that even the major news outlets cannot be everywhere at once and show everything – even if they each did not have their own particular bias and worldview that might prevent them from showing raw, unadulterated truth.

Twitter has provided me access to various live streams from events as they occur. You see and hear the voices of people at the events. I also track several folks that practice open-source intelligence (OSINT). Some of these have been on the scene at various events with their own drones and folks on the ground. Sometimes there are numerous live streams and videos of the same event, from different perspectives. When I see something particularly interesting, I always flip through the various news channels to see what they are covering. Often, they are not there and not showing what is happening; this is true of all seven major outlets that I monitor.

When a particularly disturbing or telling event occurs, I capture that on another screen and go back and look and listen over the next twenty-four hours to see if anyone covers it, and if so how and from what perspective. I have the luxury of taking the time to do this. My ‘work’ at this point is something I control. I am fortunate enough to have multiple screens and numerous feeds active at the same time in my office; it is configured much like a mini- command center. Many Americans neither have the time, nor the inclination to see all of these events in their totality. I can and do, thus, I wanted to share.

All of that is what it is – I do not have much more to observe relative to that at this point other than with the narratives being spun on the major media outlets and so many Americans being unable or unwilling to engage in truth-seeking (combined with other institutions they trust lying to them), the West is Lost.

Let me be clear – I have nothing to gain and a little bit to lose from making that statement about our situation. I am not Rod Dreher trying to drum up panic to sell a new book. Every book I have written was intended to stop this; those books are worthless now. I am convinced that this will manifest in such a way that everyone is aware it is going on by 2022. I believe we will spend most of the next decade in chaos and crisis. If my assessment is wrong and 2022 rolls around and the world looks like it did in 2019, some people will remember me as the fool that said all of this. If on the other hand, I am right, nobody will have the time to pat me on the back. When everyone realizes what is happening because it has gotten worse they will be too terrified to find me and say I was right. I do not want to be right, I do not need vindication, there is some risk in saying how I see this play out. I say this because there is some small chance we can stop it, and if not there is the chance that somebody will heed my words and prepare to weather it.

Other recent random observations:

First, an item that will anger some people and amuse others. “Q” or ‘QAnnon’ was and is a hoax. I hinted at this last year, but I had no proof. Proof came last week (although Q still drops and people still buy into it). Like any good hoax, Q had some facts rights, and undoubtedly the effort hit on some of the right cylinders – hoaxes do not work unless they have some truth in them. There is no plan to trust, there will be no sweeping arrests and no military tribunals. I have tried as best I could to dissuade folks from buying into this, but I did it gently; people really wanted to believe. Nobody is coming to save us, Trump is not playing 4d chess and Clinton and company are not at home shaking when the pizza guy arrives thinking it might be ‘the big raid’. Nothing will come of any of that but pointless ‘hearings’. Washington simply does not work the way Q portrayed it. I do not doubt there is a lot of ‘there there’ but it will never come to the surface. If this angers you, I understand, but don’t focus that on me. I am just telling you the truth.

As I have been monitoring Twitter, I have sometimes been inclined to engage. Honestly, people are absolute trash behind their keyboards. Twitter allows 149 characters for a tweet. Most of the issues we face are complex and cannot be reduced to such. People will troll and attack, assume, presume, and jump to all sorts of assumptions and conclusions without ever seeking to actually understand what one says. If this is our public square – God help us.

I do not need to observe this so closely any longer – the trajectory is clear.

I have tried to engage with people on Facebook with people that know me or know of me. I do not post memes, I really do not say anything radical. I am simply trying to start a real dialogue. About a hundred people ‘unfriended me’, 90 new folks joined me and I suspect (based upon engagement numbers) about 98% of those that remained ‘friends’ simply muted me. I am seldom inclined toward emotions, so on that level – I do not care. On the level of civic duty and reasonable human behavior, this perplexes me. People are strange and many of them are going to be shocked by their future.

So long and thanks for all the fish…

I read today on a local group that essentially ‘everybody is muting everybody’ on their FB feed so perhaps my observations above have little to do with me and a lot to do with people just not wanting the issues in front of them. I mention the numbers, only as an observation. The “So long, and thanks for the Fish” has a double meaning, Google it. I did not mean it as an insult to anyone.

Also —I did not know, not fully, that preachers exercise ‘professional courtesy’ toward one another. Yes, I know a Christian is supposed to be wary of calling out someone else that professes Christ – but when they are clearly on the wrong side and preaching untruths it seems to me Paul would not have spoken in a roundabout way. Some of the pastors I follow and engage with have observed the flaws in modern evangelicalism and many of the churches therein. I hear these men speak out about what is wrong – just up to the point of dropping the hammer. The time has already come to separate the wheat from the chaff and speak the hard truth. Some do, others need to do it more forcefully and directly. No more talking about these nebulous ‘progressive social gospel churches’ in a vacuum. There are Christians in those churches that need to hear the unabashed truth. Bad preachers and churches are bad and they are helping destroy America.

I thought the other day of the protection we all enjoy as part of God’s general grace and Providential protection. It is his restraining hand that that has allowed us to come so far, it is his protection that keeps society from turning into rape gangs and murder squads. Watching the raw feed of events over the last few weeks has reminded me of that and how dreadful our world would be without his common Grace.

And maybe that is the point. We have been protected by Divine grace for a long time, yet we have become as sinful as Sodom and Gomorrah; heresy, error, abominations, false teachers, hate, murder… Perhaps it is time that we fall, perhaps in twenty years missionaries from Africa will evangelize my grandchildren or their children. Honestly, how long did we think we could continue a freak parade and infanticide without ramifications?

Some perhaps have taken my ‘dire’ warnings of impending doom and gloom as the crazed rantings of an unhinged 50something man and assume I must be frantic, depressed, or worried about the events I see unfolding. The latter part is certainly untrue – this all saddens me, but it does not depress me nor does it even worry me. To those that perhaps believe I chose 2020 to join the doom and gloom bandwagon, I would merely point out that I have said often and for a long time, since the late 1990s, that this was coming. I did not know when, nor the exact shape, but it has never been difficult to compare the events of history with the published plans of the Marxists and radicals. Many still doubt what comes next, but that is their own peril.

I tried to make some YouTube videos. I basically suck at speaking. I think ahead of myself, leave out entire sentences in my train of thought, I muddle words. Speaking is not my thing. I thought somebody might make use of some of my words, so I tried, it was enjoyable and I don’t put a lot of stock in what people think of me, I don’t really take myself that seriously.  

Back when Coronavirus began I told folks on a video that what we were doing was so strange that it was dangerous and that when people are lied to, controlled, and scared they become dangerous. I suggested that people stop taking on debt and spending stupid money and maybe plant a garden – I was ‘crazy’ back then, not so much now.  

I write now mostly just to get my ideas out of my head. The wife does not want to (or need to hear negativity), my dog Cooper is a good listener but he is so easily distracted and the VFW has not opened back up yet…what to do. The things we face have reasons, and those reasons are evil and laziness. We let this happen and many are still too stupid or willfully ignorant to understand the true nature of things now. What can you do?…There is not much more to say.

All I know as truth related to all this is…