Those of us that fought the culture war for the last two decades never truly believed that the entire structure of our societal system would fall, essentially without a shot being fired. Many of us made analogies to a slow decline, akin to the fall of Rome. When things began to accelerate in the mid-2000s and institutions, Permanent Things, began to fall one after another and a real opposition began to form around various groups we made analogies to the French Revolution. When we observed retired general officers openly call for defiance of the President’s orders we envisioned something like the Russian Revolution, where anarchy and mobs raged in the streets and the military disintegrated.

Traditionalists will lose this fight it seems

All of those analogies have merit, even still. Power never exists in a vacuum and great empires rarely fall without a fight. Some or all of the analogous elements from those revolutions may still apply to what we face.

What seems increasingly likely is something akin to the Chinese Cultural Revolution (but it also all looks very contrived – like a color revolution). We very likely may fall as a culture without any active and vigorous resistance. We already see the voracity and effectiveness of the radicals on social media. They are no longer radicals – they are the majority. People supporting approved causes and approved messages are allowed to advocate violence and hate, those that hold contrary opinions, those outside of the ideological umbrella of preferred causes, face censorship, canceling, and termination of accounts. It is happening frequently.

The narrative of racial division, a narrative that denies American exceptionalism and the fact that America, almost alone in history, has provided more opportunity and progress for its people (all people) than any other nation is accepted by some of our most mainstream institutions. Progressive mainline Christian churches and independent Druckerite megachurches are parroting this narrative as social gospel. (The Megachurch’s Role in the Cultural Revolution)

Middle-class America (Black/White/Asian/Latino) likely have very little understanding of the full scope of the defeat of traditional America and the hope and optimism of American exceptionalism. It is not the crazy, wild-eyed, goth-looking 22 yo girl screaming on the street, it has come home. If you do not look behind the curtain very far, you have no idea what many people around you are thinking right now.

Saul Alinsky, writing the template for the future revolution in 1971 wrote;

“[a]ny revolutionary change must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward change among the mass of our people. They must feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and chance the future.”

Rules for Radicals

Alinsky’s Rules have been used, transcribed, and adopted into almost every left-liberal and radical organization in America. The tactics of the SJW foot-soldiers are precisely what Alinsky recommended. None of this is or has been secret, their book of tactics has been publically available for years. Yet, few Americans are aware that every crisis and every push in the streets over the last 40 years has been part of a bigger plan (monuments, marriage, riots, protests – all related)

Our universities were lost years ago. Public education was fully taken over with the adoption of common core and Howard Zinn’s version of our history. The public square is firmly in the hands of the radicals (and they believe traditionalists to be the radicals). They own the newspapers, social media and entertainment.

We already see examples of ‘struggle sessions’ occurring online. Ordinary people that define words traditionally (and opposed to radical orthodoxy) are cajoled into submission.

Ordinary Americans that have lived long enough to understand what oppression is and is not, those that know that hard work is a real prescription for almost all problems, those that know the world is not perfect but would chose our imperfection over the uncertainty of a Marxist future are in an increasingly small minority. Decent people are losing their livelihoods and employment for using ‘unorthodox and unapproved words’ – not hateful words, just unapproved words and expressing reasonable opinions. Real Americans of all races that have lived long enough to have witnessed the progress America has made on racial issues. These people are in peril. They have lost their neighbors, their coworkers and sometimes family members to an irrational and absurd ideology – one that denies real truth and real principles.

Many of these are confused, saddened and some afraid. Some foolishly take to social media to brandish their weaponry and ‘say come loot here’ – they are not reading the tea leaves. If the entire system crumbles and submits to a flawed and dangerous ideology, you will become nothing more than an enemy of the people.

It was the avarice and stupidity of ordinary Americans that enabled this. Every hill over the last 40 years was a hill to ‘die on’. The radicals realized this, they never stopped pressing the agenda. Most of us failed to realize the cultural war was an existential fight. We failed to realize that while America was exceptional, it required conservative and principled solutions to keep it that way. Solutions that dealt with poverty, crime and government power. It was always about a lot more than ‘voting Republican’ and most of us failed to understand that. It was about standing for the principles that made us exceptional.

Why did authentic Christianity and real conservatism and real American values fail to appeal to an entire generation and why were they left so open to false ideas? How did we fail to tell the story of truth and hope?

The riots, looting, and violence occurring in conjunction with George Floyd’s death seem to be receding and this seems logical. According to Alinsky’s own Rules the radicals no longer need the rioting to advance their cause, it has come straight home to the church down the street. Middle-class America, your neighbors will now foolishly and unwittingly openly support Marxist organizations and agendas is the name of ‘love and relevance’.

Make no mistake, this is merely another phase in the revolution. As organizations and institutions fully sell their soul to Marxism the rhetoric of the most radical elements will not cease. No amount of kowtowing will suffice. Words and language will become further dominated. Those that resist or fail to comply will the ‘outed’, doxxed and canceled, fired from jobs and ostracized from social circles. That is not theory, it is already happening – it will increase.

Gulags may not be in our immediate future in this cultural revolution, and they may not be necessary. Obstinate dinosaurs that fail to comply will increasingly find themselves alone, poor, and silenced. Family and friends will abandon them, they will have no candidates to vote for from either major party that represent anything of traditional American values. Institutions, landmarks, traditions – all will be stripped away and there will be nobody to oppose it.

This will not stop when people leave the streets and most of them forget about George Floyd (for most it was never about George), this was just a phase. The organizers merely moved the ball forward and gained new allies. Many of these new allies will be enemies tomorrow, so few people read history and understand how these movements tend to eat their own.

I will stand, as long as I have breath for truth and against this insidious ideological infestation that has polluted the minds of so many – but one or a few voices will not matter. Without intervention by God himself, our path is set.

God save our grandchildren! And God forgive us for letting this occur.


Yes James is real, see his videos – the America dream will die for him too