I tuned into Alex Jones the other day to see where he is at currently. The guy has a large audience and influences the way many think, some by second and third-order connections. I wanted to know what he is saying about the world.


The message was in essence ‘your resistance has the globalists on the run’, the implication was that this is all soon winnable if just enough people wake up.


In principle, those are true concepts, but the statement misses the forest and all the key points. The focus on the ‘globalists’ has been and is misplaced. A few months ago, many people would have named several key figures as movers and shakers in that cabal, Bill Gates would have been at the top of that list. I have always argued you could order a simultaneous drone strike on all the people that you might place on such a list and it would not matter. Globalism, the elites and others that push for it, and any and all cabals associated with such are just one small wheel in the machine of the problem.


I began writing last year April that America was undergoing a color revolution. Events have proven that prognosis true and as I said then, if successful, most people will not even realize that it occurred. Most still do not, even those concerned with voting irregularities.  Yet, despite the complex tasks, planning, and execution required to pull that off, with the associated deceptions, information control, lawfare, controlled violence, controlled opposition, and more – the color revolution was but a meta-methodology, comprised of numerous other methodologies and leveraging opposing ideologies as tools. It was exactly what it was, but why it was possible in the first place leads us back to something more complex. If we had somehow stopped the color revolution it would have been but a small skirmish victory, not a war-winning campaign.


Much has been and is made of the rise of cultural Marxism and economic socialism. There is truth in the what and why, but we often miss the point. These ideologies are mere tools to those that truly seek change. Yes, there are die-hard believers in the support base, but those people matter only insofar as they are useful to those pulling the strings.


Intermittently we focus on China as a growing threat and rising peer-competitor and aspiring hegemon. The opposing view gaslights such concerns by pointing to the economically weak Russia as our greatest concern. China is a tremendous threat and will become a hegemon if unchecked, but they are not the nexus of the current struggle.


Many people spend an inordinate amount of time trying to connect micro-dots, hoping to piece together the known unknowns we see around us. This is an understandable pursuit, but I suspect in the whole will not produce much usable fruit. It is yeoman’s work, and it must be done, truth must be pursued, but uncovering truth alone will not win the war. As I have said many times, as a culture we are collectively no longer able to parse truth and measure it against a solid foundation. More data points will not help.


In strategic planning in the Army, we called what we face a wicked problem. A wicked problem is a set of interrelated complex and complicated issues that make it nearly impossible to identify the center of gravity of the opposition. Pick any problem related to our current situation, pull on the string of that problem and apply some methodologies to fix it, go ahead, play that mental game, you will invariably find that something else gets worse.


Do you honestly believe that removing or arresting several key players would fix it?


Will voting fix it? What is the foundation of truth and values that we use to judge those we vote for and support? Many have pledged themselves to politicians that say words they want to hear but have broken moral compasses and thus completely fail at the job.


And, if we could consistently pick good men for office, how are you going to outvote or outbred a growing segment of the population that is entirely seduced by the absurd, no amount of truth is going to change the mental path of those people at this point.


Prepping, and hunkering down will not save you. Being able to grow your own stuff and be partially self-sufficient may make your life less painful for a while but that is all. Just think back to the control mechanisms they have foisted upon us in the last year, do you honestly believe they would ever just leave you alone on your little homestead?


Do you not believe that the resistance to the absurd was not already baked into the plan and accounted for? You finally getting up the nerve to take off the face cloth in public was a known potentiality, they want you to resist now so that you can be slapped down as a bad person later.


What are you going to do when they tell you aliens are threatening us and we have to “go green” or they will eliminate us and all your ninny neighbors turn on you in fear? What if they tell you there is no food, or water, or power? Most of the population is primed to act out in fear at anything they are told. How do you solve that problem and take that powerful tool from the enemy?


We have not turned the tide, this was likely a planned phase. You will know things have not gotten better and no tide was turned by mid-summer and by November you will rue missed opportunities and poor choices.


I present the above not as a solution – I do not have one. I have not identified the center of gravity (beyond Luciferian evil). I have not seen anyone else make that identification either (beyond the obvious answer that we need to get right with ultimate truth). This is the most complex wicked problem I can conceive of. Nobody wants to hear, “I don’t know” but we need to start saying that a bit more and resist the notion that I mentioned at the beginning of this piece that “we have turned the tide”. There is no human solution to this.


Enjoy the sunshine, take off that stupid mask and never put it back on, don’t let anyone stick you with anything, plant a garden, read the Bible, pray and love those around you that are worthy of love and smile a lot more and be happy with what we have.


If you want to be part of the solution, just keep circling back to the one truth we can know – we have forgotten ultimate truth, we think wrong because we are arrogant; human solutions cannot thwart the schemes of the principalities and powers of darkness.


For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12