The world is whacked, honeslty, whacked. People say the darndest things, unironically and with conviction in order to support their view of things.

This was a response to someone I would not, under normal circumstances quote, but in this case, he is not wrong.

Media outlets, think tanks, and political leaders all generally agree or have agreed in the past that the migrant crisis in Europe was a result, in large part, of the civil war in Libya. [1][2] There was no civil war in Libya before the actions of NATO in 2011, this is a fact that is easily proven and well known. The civil war only began as a result of NATO destabilizing the country. That too is fairly self-evident and only a liar or a fool would argue otherwise.


"It was NATO", the heir to the allies that faced down Hitler (with the help and death of 20 million Soviet soldiers, but nevermind that) and NATO was killing Muammar Ghadafi, that robed evil-doer that took up so much print media space back in the 1970s, surely NATO was doing it all for the good...


Ghadafi did some bad things in his day, but internationally he calmed down a lot after Reagan bombed one of his tents and killed his daughter.[3] You did not hear a lot out of the guy after that. He did make a speech at the UN in 2009 that in retrospect was both predictive and scary. [4] But after 1986, he calmed down, reinvented himself, and stopped being a frontman for international terrorism. However, by 2011, NATO and the west were full of themselves and the idea of reshaping the world (the Arab world specifically at the time) through force of arms.


Some would argue - and some lawyers assigned to the staff planning Odyssey Dawn - argued that there was no legal mandate for regime change in Libya. Even the New York Times, that bastion of 'truth' got it right calling it "Legal Acrobatics, Illegal War".[5] Academics soon joined in, assessing that the actions NATO took to destabilize and topple the Ghadafi regime were illegal. [6][7]


It was not nearly as pristine, legal, or moral as the administration and military, industrial, intelligence complex (MIIC) portrayed. Some within the system protested before the operation began. Might does not make right.


So let's recap. Ghadaffi was a bad guy, but there are lots of them in the world. He had significantly calmed down and tried to reinvent himself in the fifteen years before he was toppled and killed. Overthrowing the Libyan government created chaos and civil war. That civil war was a key driver of the migrant crisis in Europe. It also opened up migration from central Africa across the Mediterranean. And, it turns out the operation itself, the bombing and targeting of the government with the intention of removing it was illegal...NATO conducted an illegal act of aggression against a sovereign nation, resulting in a decade-long migrant crisis in Europe itself --a migrant crisis that resulted in many of the violent acts that Watson mentioned in his tweet above.


But people like the dufus sitting behind the keyboard running that "Intel Air and Sea" account can, unironically, call it all a lie and then of course proceed with calling Russia a bad state actor for doing nothing more than what the West has done since the end of the Cold War...

[1] The Global Refugee Crisis;  "Fast-forward to 2014: 219,000 refugees crossed the Mediterranean into Europe, the U.N. says. So far this year, more than 300,000 people have made that journey, many of them from fleeing Syria and Libya to escape civil wars."

[2] The Roots of Europe’s Refugee Crisis; "...the collapse of the central state in Libya opened a new route for economic migrants from Africa."

[3] Gaddafi regrets Reagan did not stand trial

[4] there was that speech in 2009, two years before he was killed where "Muammar Gaddafi prediction of Covid-19 in the UN 2009"

[5] Legal Acrobatics, Illegal War