Something profound is occurring. Many people only argue and talk in narratives and sound bites now. Circular logic abounds. There are deceptions geared toward the ‘right’ and ‘left’ and many accept them whole-hog. Everything else happening in 2020 pales in comparison to our collective inability to critically think and reason. Something is coming! It is time to get ready and do work. (Gen. Flynn said this better than I today)

Something is Coming


Beginning a couple of weeks ago I began to make significant changes in me, my routine, and my priorities. The world really has changed! We need to change too, and quickly. But there were just a few more things I wanted to say publically. This change (not mine, I refer to the big change in our world) is going to affect us all, does not matter if you own a secluded, self-sufficient ranch in the West or live in an apartment in Manhatten. The paradigm is shifting and we will all feel it.

If you came here and intend to look at nothing, scroll to the very bottom at least - I wrote the title of this post before the content, it is really not that humorous at all and has just a bit of sarcasim. 

First, some music to set the mood!


We have entered the period of post-debate. Critical thinking, even by intelligent people, succumbs to the narrative of their preferred side of an issue.

Religious Expression

Me: By what authority can the government tell a church how to worship?

Them: The Virus is dangerous

Me: ok, but by what authority?

Them: If we love one another we will comply

Me: Right, but if people feel convicted to meet in person, what is the authority to tell them 'No'

Them: Executive order


Me: They have told us a lot of conflicting things with this, the science is not settled

Them: People are dying, we need to love one another

Me: But not nearly as many as they said, how many are dying because of the lockdowns

Them: if we would all lockdown harder and wear masks this would go away

Me: but some countries did not lockdown, and remember when they told us masks were dangerous

Them: If we would all just do what they say this will go away


Me: some of these protests are riots and BLM believes some pretty bad things

Them: Well I am opposed to systemic racism

Me: What is that? How do so many people of all races achieve so much in America?

Them: It is love to stand with the protestors

Me: But some of the protestors are violent criminals and BLM is a bad group

Them: Well I am opposed to systemic racism

Most arguments against those that question what is going on in the world and what it means become circular. Almost a Brawdo has electrolytes level of circular but from much more intelligent folks.

If I have insulted you, I apologize. <<<<honest!


Obviously, something profound is occurring. I see absurd arguments from all sides, generally repeating narratives and talking points. So few are asking foundational questions, reaching for the true nature of the events around us.

It is almost as if we are surrounded by pod people on all sides! (I am not unconvinced it is not something more than deception in the material realm)

All the left/right stuff is just an illusion - those guys are like WWE wrestlers, some play the bad guy, some good, after the show they go to dinner together. None of this could happen if they were not all working toward it!

I will pipe up again when some of the below begin to materialize.

2020: Not that unprecedented!

(Read my much more serious take on that if you wish here)

Ever since William of Ockham stumbled into confusion and Kant followed to lead subsequent generations into absurdity, 2020 was predictable. In some ways this is just the days of Noah repeating, there is nothing new under the Sun. There is evil and deception in the world.


Sounds whack-a-doodle to most I suspect. They say..."these things have happened before", "this is just a phase", "God has a plan". You actually have to make more assumptions about the world to accept that this is not different than to accept the emerging reality.

Technology has changed, in ways most people only glimpse vaguely. We sit on the edge of a technological explosion that will fundamentally change everything. Combine that with bad ideology, the rejection of truth and growing power in evermore centralized governments - our very likely future is a dark soft tyranny.


The culmination of centuries of progress to this point. The beginning of a frenzied rush toward something new and dystopian.

So much of evangelical Christianity has fallen, lock-step, in with the ideology of the world in 2020. Most from a position of 'love' and an attempt to be 'relevant' without actually applying the whole Word. Some of this, as in the Druckerite model, was by design. Some of these churches were built for this moment, others have slid into error so far they cannot see the difference.

These are the Churches that would have never signed the Barman Declaration.

Here is some truth for you.


Just mark it down. Face it, no way with these guys running this turns out good.

Black Swan

I would not be surprised at all to see some violent events or events of a much larger scale before November. It would make twice as much sense if this appears to be and is touted in the media as being right-wing in origin. Such a false-flag would be the perfect excuse to reignite massive protests and drive momentum toward the election. Facts will not matter.

Cannot cure the common cold but can rush produce a vaccine for another coronavirus in a year?  Marketed by a guy that has a financial interest in the vaccine companies?  The science is not settled. Doctors that speak against the official narrative silenced. Non-masked nor socially distancing homeless surviving just fine. Sweden ignored the over-reaction and did just fine...All those old people stuck on those cruise ships early on? So few died. What is this really? Do we really know?

Perfectly legitimate! Nothing at all to question.

Oh but don't worry, I suspect more will die and many of us (well some of y'all) will argue virus. (Don't get twisted, I think there is a virus)

They are playing both sides 'right and left' with drugs (HCQ) or vaccines that will probably do more damage than any virus.  Just saying, ask us that took the rushed experimental Anthrax vaccine a few years ago.

Don't get twisted, I think there is a virus. I am not an anti-vaxxer - but vaccines hurt me and others. Do what you want. I am just saying the HCQ stuff and the 'warp-speed' vaccine -it is all odd.



Think about it - how odd these 'videos of truth' come out with doctors saying things contrary to the 'official narrative'. Millions of people see the videos, then it is banned. People say, "it must be true, they are banning it".  What if that is nothing more than an operation to deceive the "right"? They already have the "left" deceived.

Think about it. All of this stuff is probably a lie. Stop buying into all these lies - they have something for all of us. This is not just a "Democrat thing", stop thinking it is.

Stay away from Q and the conspiracy guys - all controlled disinformation.

So many are still confused about what Russia is and is not. China is a real threat. They made out like bandits in 2020.

Only Three Gorges dam collapsing can stop them now. (and that would bring chaos to us all that is likely as bad as all-out war)



In the midst of all of this other chaos, even the US government, has been slowly and oddly talking out loud about UFO's. Very strange. Telling us the "Aliens" are real and a threat could be the greatest deception yet. Most of you would give up everything and give the government any power it wanted just so you might be 'safe' from this new threat.

Still with me?

Take some time, grab some popcorn, and watch this documentary on the Spanish Civil War,  add in a few elements of the Chinese Cultural revolution and begin it all with a Ukraine-like color revolution and then end up watching 1984. I think you will have a good idea of the future.

And Lastly a Public Service announcement for when things get worse...



Nothing personal, if things get crazy I have to take care of my own.


The Serious Part

Everyone that inspired part of this, those of you that 'argued' with me on social media that taught me how much of the mass of people are thinking, to my family, kids, friends (old, new and almost) and even my ex-wife - everybody mentioned or thought about in the words here. I pray for you each day, by name. I pray for your protection, wisdom, and discernment. I pray for all of those things for myself, but I pray for you by name. Many of you may have chosen not to listen to me or even engage, but many of you did engage - I appreciate that. I guess some of the things I said were radioactive because a lot of folks only communicated in private messages and email - I appreciate that too.

Honestly, some of the insights into the way people are thinking alike, enmasse, is something I have not been able to coax out of many people in face-to-face interactions. What I have learned online was illuminating. Thank you. My experiment and learning exercise is complete now.

If I have insulted you, I apologize

Remember - we are transcendent beings, there is more to it all than we see. Don't get too wrapped up in the material.

That is one of my first changes, a concerted effort at more authentic prayer.

I also pray that God softens my words and approach. There are some that I want to repair relationships with and rebuild trust. I pray that I may find the words and the means to reach them before this all gets worse.

Other things, I have redoubled my efforts at being physically fit, reading scripture more deliberately, and tripled efforts at making extra money (I am a retired guy and I do not have to work, but I think making more right now is wise.)

All of this may not play out and look as I have described (probably not), but things have changed and bigger changes are to come. This is not just a moment.

Not much more to say - there is work to do. I am now doing work, you should too.