There are some still panning for views and clicks that make the claim we are in the midst of a color revolution. Such claims are false and dangerous. The color revolution already occurred, the culminating event was in January of 2021 and we have been in the consolidation phase since.  Others such as Darren Beattie, have and still do claim that the color revolution was about stopping Donald Trump.


Here are the facts. (detailed arguments for each made previously)

  1. Color revolution/state capture methodologies and techniques were observable as early as November 2019.
  2. In 2020 all of the major crises, and all the strange groups, on each side, were, it can be shown, part of the effort.
  3. The open and widespread use of these techniques was only possible through a ‘whole of government’ (US) approach.
  4. It required Donald Trump’s complicity, assistance, or absolute ignorance and incompetence to pull off.
  5. Color revolutions always include a culminating event, one that transitions the effort to consolidation – January 6th, 2021 fits that perfectly.
  6. Color revolutions cannot occur in a vacuum, certain conditions must be set or organically develop in the culture long before the methodology has a chance of success.


It happened, it involved much more than one party or a few individuals, it was not ‘them vs. us’ in a traditional political sense (although that dialectic was important for success and remains so). It Is also very important to state that what happened in the US, as part of something global, was not “A color revolution”, color revolution/state capture techniques were just methodologies used in one approach, one line of effort as part of something more. This is a very important concept to grasp if we are to truly evaluate our present and future.


On January 20th, 2021 I published what I believed at the time to be the immediate goals of the consolidation phase:

Here is what is likely to occur.

Their first target will be to defang and cower those 80 million in item #1 above. (not a full disarmament yet, not GULAGs or any of that in the short term this will be soft-power and policy stuff)

  1. Look for a slew of EO's and policy changes that directly impact speech, perhaps movement and weapons (in some way)
  2. Look for talk of shaking up the entire circuit court, perhaps dismissing it (and all those judges) and rebuilding it with cabal friendly justices. (key for lawfare)
  3. Watch the DOJ come down hard on all manner of 'right-wing' extremists. (this will cower the rest)
  4. There will be increasing pressure to stop and punish wrong-think and speech and to stop the means of communication and collaboration. (to keep people alone and separated)

Those four above are sufficient to nullify the threat of most of those 80 million. Those four steps will be simple to implement and easy to add to later. This will set the stage for the neutralization of the main threat. (Jan. 20, 2021)


In the spring of 2021, many began writing of a “hot gulag summer”. That was never our lot, that would cause a revolution, but I did expect more movement faster. It has become increasingly obvious that the consolidation phase, as it has been executed is working so well to achieve success, that more extreme measures are not necessary.


How do we know? We need merely measure truth and then evaluate how it is handled.


Consider any number of things that we can know as a fact, or that we can know to have enough oddities and conflicting data that they are perhaps facts that conflict with an official point. Then, consider who (as in the sorts) presents and shares the thing that appears to be true, and then consider the reaction of not only the media but also of 'ordinary' people (by ordinary at this point I mean those that question nothing of official narratives).


As you ponder that, I would point the discussion back to a primary tool, one first codified as a technique for radical change by Saul Alinsky – ridicule.


Ridicule is everywhere now. If a person utters a bit of truth out loud or observes an absurdity in the official story very often they are met with the retort of “conspiracy nut” or worse. But that is half the story, that is just the micro-level. Consider the macro ridicule that places an entire subset of the population into a camp, a group painted as “less than” – this macro ridicule creates a situation where the “ordinary”, those poor feckless souls that live in fear of so much, they certainly never want to be associated with the less than group, they do not want to be ridiculed. No matter what truth they are presented with, no matter how illogical the official story is at the time, the ‘ordinary’ will not dare consider seriously any claim made by the ‘less than, unclean group’.


One has to delve back much further than 2020 to find the origins of the circumstances and atmospherics that make it possible to create the sort of division discussed above – the sort that makes people (on both sides) close their eyes to lies and inconsistencies just to be allowed to stay on their preferred team and avoid being lopped into the other side.


There are costs to those that ignore logical fallacies, apparent truth, obvious truths, and clear lies. It creates cognitive dissonance. The world we can see and reason out does not comport with the worldview many have associated with. We saw this in the Qanon movement, in MAGA, BLM, and ANTIFA. It is obvious on social media every day even among those that believe they escaped the grasps of those four obvious deceptions.


In the last week, the term mass formation psychosis has come into vogue. Cognitive dissonance, formed around shared misbeliefs, at scale, is a component of mass psychosis. The debunkers have come out in force, as part of myth-building, to deny the validity of the concept. Yet, we know something of history. We can look back to the Jacobin furor, the witch trials, to the Chinese Cultural Revolution and NAZI Germany, and know that these things happen. We know that fear of ‘something’, labeling, fear of being mislabeled as the ‘other’ – all of that has happened in other places, that is not debatable.


We see now deceptions all around us. Truth is told by scandalous people (many of the large voices), truth is denied by the “ordinary” and attacked by the mentally ill. There appears to be a concerted effort to sew division, confusion, and fear – this is not a coincidence, it is an indicator that claims that social control methodologies have and are being used are true.


The ‘ordinary’ console themselves in a daily dose of myth-building. Daily doses of blue pills are the only thing that prevents them from going insane – they know at some level the truths presented to them by the ‘others’ are real, they sense the absurdity in their own positions. Doubling down and rewriting the story is the only ‘cure’, for they are unwilling to risk accepting truth and becoming an ‘unclean’.


The sad fact is most among us have moved past the apathy and paralysis of the initial stages of mass psychosis, these have found coping mechanisms by combining fact and fiction into myth – the ideologies present in our system provide a ready vehicle for this. If one is “good” then all manner of immoral, hateful, and illogical behaviors makes perfect sense; cognitive dissonance is soothed by myth-building - from the perspective of those suffering from cognitive dissonance at least. (Sept 7, 2021)


The media plays a central role in both myth-building and painting the 'others' as unclean; suppressing truth and dialogue.


A key component, perhaps the key element required for success, is information. The media is critical to this effort. In other nations, color revolution efforts have been facilitated by a  co-opting established media, not necessarily every journalist but enough of them and enough editors and publishers.

Most Americans are not aware of the number of mainstream journalist connections to the inner sanctum of government, and sometimes the intelligence community. Search for major journalists and the time they spent as interns for the CIA. (Sept 16, 2020)


And that is the crux of it. There is no need to rush the consolidation phase. No point in pushing too hard so as to potentially spark a real counter-revolution, one that might involve violence. It is not that those that used color revolution methodology do not believe (rightly so) that they could eventually suppress a rebellion. It could be that the reset they seek involves a controlled demolition as opposed to an uncontrolled and violent one.


Historically, no nation has ever escaped a color revolution in the consolidation phase. This was the most advanced color revolution to date. Those are facts. These things can be and have been thrown off, but it takes years. The best advice we can seek is to look for new heroes, vet them better, and act only at a time and in ways that do not actually tighten out bonds. (July 31, 2021)


We could see, looking back all the way to Ferguson Missouri (and before) the modus operandi of one of the lines of effort used so effectively in 2020 to sew division and create fear and confusion – ‘ad hoc’ mob violence.


The so-called ad hoc gatherings of students at campuses around the country to harass, assault and intimidate those that dare have ideas different than what their ideology holds dear are not nearly as random as the news media that covers these events would lead you to believe.  The left employs paid organizers and paid protestors to coordinate and facilitate these events and pass along best practices to ensure maximum success. (Nov 21, 2019)


These were, as has been proven by others neither ‘ad hoc’ nor random. They were turned off and on depending upon the need. These did not define 2020, but they played an extremely important role in the eventual outcome. They also served to solidify ‘sides’, and enabled those that control and manipulate those that believe themselves to be on the left to place the false divisions of racism at the fore; part of the necessary myth-building to keep their ‘ordinary’ drones consuming blue pills.


From a future historian’s perspective, it is important for us to chronicle the events, all the dots, and circumstances that encompassed our (Americas) color revolution. It is probably important for those that seek truth to see the story as it was, to understand the methodology used. But this was not “the thing”, it was part of the thing. The real thing is going on, via different and various ways, using different tools as necessary, depending upon unique national circumstances everywhere – across the west. This is bigger than us, it is more than the methodology.

Each long block on the diagram is a line of effort (LOE). LOEs build toward the next LOE, they can be sequential or contemporaneous. Some tactics are one-time things, others are "rinse and repeat" as required.  In a nutshell, this is design methodology, and the chart represents a template design methodology for a color revolution. If you can visualize the flow, horizontally and vertically, building toward an objective, you understand enough about the methodology to read the chart. (a description of the methodology)


The consolidation phase in the US will continue until there is no threat of violent pushback. My assessment is that elections pose no threat at this point. I do not believe there is a bad party and an opposition party – there is a uniparty with a few insignificant outliers (bread for the masses really). The only real danger is violent opposition, for the people to become ungovernable – not that those running this would be stopped, but the situation would not be controllable and perhaps more destructive than they want. Ridicule, isolation, “freezing” as Alinsky taught, seem to be sufficient. So long as the majority is willing to suspend logic and believe myths and the vocal few can be painted into an ever-increasing box with labels nothing else is required.


But what of our heroes? Our truth-telling influencers? What of them? P-boy, Topknot, weird beard guy, screaming Alex, libertine DMT Joe, or the crazy Joel Olsteen acting conspiracy guy and his friends? These are our truth-tellers?  Those that foisted these upon us anticipated our need for an outlet, the reality that truth would rise to the surface – they provided us with fools and liars to tell it and then make it look absurd.


It is much more than “color revolution”, be wary of fools that grift from your clicks on this subject – many of them are playing a role (some too dumb to know it). See it as it is, in its full dark wonder, and then take a look at who you might be listening to regularly – I would bet a lot of money they are compromised in some way.