Our Flight 93 Moment

Without fear of potential rebuke or even laughter I am willing to state, unequivocally and without reservation, that America and essentially all of the West is in the midst of a crisis and challenge that is greater than any in the last five-hundred years. I will present my argument to support that below. I am not making a dramatic statement, not being hyperbolic and not needlessly sounding an alarm. There has never before, in all of human history, existed the nexus of a willing and supportive ideology and worldview combined with the technological means of control and dispersed but mutually supporting entities necessary to achieve total control. As Aldous Huxley described it in a Brave New World, what is occurring is very likely the revolution that makes all future revolutions impossible.

First, a nod to initial objections. Yes, humans have faced crises before, the institutions that sustain us have faced challenges. There have been men, and even whole nations, that gave themselves over to expansionist, totalitarian ideas. We have seen deception, disease, and economic hardship. Nothing we face is truly unique, not insofar as any of the various situations are brand new. To take our world, right now in September of 2020 and look just at the component parts would be, I argue, not to see the proverbial forest. We face now a system problem.

Everything we were, are, and hope to be is at stake. It has been under attack for a long time. Most of us failed to see each battle in the cultural war as part of something bigger. At this juncture, we already know what the hijackers want to do with the airplane. This is a flight 93 moment, and if we manage to secure the plane, there will be many more to come. Those that want to replace everything that was of America will not stop now. They laid it all out in 2020: they sense complete victory. They will not stop. I became convinced of the divide and danger in 2018.

What makes everything different now boils down to three factors, information, ideology, and association.

I will make claims throughout, often without citing specific examples and sources. I have written about almost all of the claims I make here previously, it would belabor this article to attempt to prove every claim. If you disagree or have questions, email, text, or leave a comment below and I am happy to discuss it.  


Information is all around us, more than at any other point in history. Technology, combined with pseudo-sciences of psychology and marketing makes the distribution of information for influence powerful. Methodology, combined with technological capability make information more valuable, and more dangerous than ever before.

The established media, influencers, and many politicians have simply parroted several falsehoods. Seldom are any of these challenged, particularly by anyone in the media. Why?

“COVID-19 is very dangerous and the lockdowns were required and must continue.”

We could argue over current CDC statistics and such. But my question…

>>Why did Nancy Pelosi go to a hair salon without a mask? She is never without a mask in front of the cameras. She insists we must have mass mail-in voting. This is a woman that receives more briefings and information about the true nature of COVID-19 than any of us. She is 80-years old, right in the age bracket that is statistically susceptible. Why is she so comfortable not wearing a mask in such close proximity to others? She already knows the truth. (It all smells fishy)

More questions…

>>Why has the entire Democratic party and most of the media painted much of what is occurring on the streets as ‘peaceful protests’, despite copious evidence to the contrary?

>>Why have institutions, thought leaders, and the media accepted ideas crafted from whole cloth theories about ‘systemic racism’ and the true statistical data about police violence and minorities? Not only accepted but repeated often as if it is unbreakable truth. Some of the ‘facts’ often repeated are provably false, other aspects are intentionally misrepresented – taken as presented, these theories stoke discord and ultimately violence. There are other, more rational and data based explanations for the ills they see, why must it be racism?

>>There is literally chattel slavery going on in Libya, actual systemic murder of religious and ethnic groups, and concentration camps in China. Are these real issues not more troubling than false claims about statistics, angst over people that die doing irrational and dangerous things, and unrest in what has been the freest nation in the world.

>>There were some wild theories floating around about pedophile rings and pizza – mostly just conspiracy folks trying to fill in blanks and guessing. Yet, this year we see massive arrests of actual pedo rings across the U.S. Everything about Epstein was just odd. Two weeks ago, authorities found 39 lost children in one location, they were there for sexual exploitation by pedophile predators. How is this not the biggest story of the year? What is going on? Why are there so many convicted pedophiles marching and rioting and actual signs supporting it? (Andy Ngo has the proof) This is too weird to ignore, yet it is. (I warned you normalizing pedophilia was an objective)

>>Why have they told us over and over, without evidence, that it is white ‘right-wing’ extremists that are responsible for violence in the riots? Elements within the government have pushed this for years, the media and others have longed for it. Where is the actual proof – are we to believe these crackers are all highly skilled ninjas and masters of disguise? Is all of this hate, violence, and racialism designed to create racism? It will.

>>Why have all of the media been so quick to demonize Kyle Rittenhouse, despite what the current evidence shows us, while they were so quick to defend Michael Reinhold?

>>Why is the media silent about Australians being arrested for posting on social media in support of protest about COVID-19 lockdowns? This is a terrifying development, yet not a word.

>>Why are they telling us that we must have massive mail-in voting without any honest discussion of the proven potential for fraud that entails?

One can argue that there are many reasons for this. Perhaps it is nothing. Many make that claim. I would merely point out that the synchronized way in which the narratives turn, all the major players mimic the story and reshare, write their own articles and act ‘outraged’. (Tim Pool has an analysis of some of this)

If my argument is true, if institutions have gone over whole-hog to support untruth in order to press a narrative, we must ask why?

Some of it is bandwagoning, some of it is traditional partisan bias but there is something more. Some of the things ignored are so atrocious it boggles the mind. Some of the things claimed are so disprovable it is ludicrous. But there is a common theme.

Taken together, all of these narratives support a larger movement. They all chisel away at what America has always been – a free nation of responsible people based upon Christian traditions and natural rights. It all created fear, broke our spirit, and made us poorer.

Information is a weapon and it is being used against the only segment of the population that holds as truth things that are a problem to another agenda. You simply cannot do in America (or so we have always assumed) what is occurring in Australia right now so long as ‘red-blooded’ Americans are armed and hold to ultimate truth and freedom. The people they are vilifying are a problem. The populist president that many of those Americans voted for is a problem to them, the establishment institutions, and the goals of globalism.


None of what has occurred in 2020 was possible with a significant shift in our prevailing worldview. It is easy to assume that there is one overarching ideology, some -ism. That is likely untrue. Despite the fact that many of those on the street hold to a form of Gramsci-like cultural Marxism, they are a minority. All of that and those movements would disappear if the general view of society writ large held to a traditional position. But we do not.

We have adopted materialism, relativism, existentialism, and in some cases spiritualism in place of the traditional Christian worldview. We ceased to be moral realists. (Even many of our churches failed this test)

I have made this argument ad nauseum previously, and will not repeat it (links below). The bottom line is all of this is possible because we lost our way.


If we can observe a concerted and collaborating effort to manage our information and also observe a vocal and often violent ideology marching in the street, it is easy to assume there must be some central organization behind it all. George Soros is often the preferred target, him, and secret societies. Soros has certainly funded the sort of color revolution activities in other countries we see at play in the U.S. He is a globalist; it is easy to assume he is the nexus.

It is more complex than that. I suspect every human endeavor involves groups of folks meeting in secret planning things. Some groups have more influence than others I assume. All of this is not different. But there need not be a “central committee” (other than in China who stands to gain everything from this.)

For their own reasons and in their own ways, people that seek power and influence would naturally be drawn to the larger aspects of this. International corporations are naturally drawn to it.  The establishment, not a cohesive homogeneous group but an association with a common interest, is naturally drawn to it. To forever change the dynamic and stop anything like a BREXIT, Trump or Sanders presidency from occurring and messing with the plan of globalism – people with skin in the game would and probably do support that.

Red-blooded Americans, those small business owners, freedom lovers, independent thinkers, questioners of the ‘official’ narrative – of course, they are the enemy of globalism.

None of this is complicated. There are elements of many things at play, but at the core, it is nothing more than a large-scale class struggle – those that want to eliminate the power of the nation-state and the influence of the US in world affairs versus regular free people that want to live free and make their own way. It is as simple as that. All of the various subgroups with ideologies, dreams of a Marxist revolution and social justice are just useful idiots to globalist.

What it Means

Trump could be the perfect trojan horse. All of this could be to get a ‘conservative hero’ elected that can, without opposition enact all of the globalist goals. Biden certainly looks pretty unelectable at this point. It seems Trump will have people soon chasing us around with a needle and an experimental vaccine. I don’t know.

He would have to change his stance on China. It would mean all his words about protecting unborn life were false. He could be a sort of antichrist/trojan horse. I am willing to take the chance because it is clear what the Democrats want, they say the quiet parts out loud now.

If Trump is who he has shown himself to be these last four years – a guy that says outrageous and offensive things sometimes, but shows up at the Right to Life March and calls out China for what they are, his reelection will only buy time. He cannot save us, but at least we would have chosen not to accept outright destruction.

The people that have supported the lock-down of the economy, despite common-sense saying otherwise, violence on the street, lies, and deceit will not just pack it in and go away. The ideologies that have enabled all of this will not just go away. This election is a Flight 93 election, and once it is done the threat will remain. They wanted you to feel confused, apathetic, and afraid right now. Don't be, speak up, be free, stand on principles. Be a true red-blooded Christian American.

What we are to be, who we are, and what we serve really is at stake – this is a battle we have been losing for a long time. At best this election might give us time, but the war will continue. There are people that want to fundamentally change everything. If you are right in your heart and head, you already know that.

"Future historians will look back in disbelief that a major political party, and the elites of this multiracial, pluralistic, heavily armed nation, chose to embrace a belief system and policy program that exacerbated racial consciousness and hostility." David Shor

Violent Chaos is Coming: What You Must do Now

Civil War, what you need to do

The time of making arguments that we are headed for violent chaos unseen in two-hundred and fifty years has passed, for me. If a person uses the discernment that God gifted us with, looks around, observes the trends, and tests the spirit of discontent in the air it is obvious. I have made the argument, in a serious way, that this day was coming since 2018. At this point, one either sees the world as it is, or they are still intent in arguing that is is just a moment.

None of This is About Politics

It is hard for most people to divorce what is occurring right now from politics. Some, probably all politicians and both parties are certainly 'playing politics' with all the events, that is true. However, at the core of all of this, it is not politics. It is not the old, and probably now irrelevant, divide between 'right' and 'left'. The chaos brewing is something else entirely.

There is a significant point to consider.

The democratic party as a whole has ignored the observable and provable truth related to the riots, looting, murder, and violence. Only very recently has Biden said anything related to stopping the violence. In a very real and tangible way, the violent agitators have become the paramilitary wing of the  Democratic party. The problem is, much like Northern Ireland in the 1980s, the political wing is not always able to control the paramilitary wing. The democrats have enabled and unleashed something terrible they cannot control.

You may hate Trump and think his style is abrasive. You may even disagree with his policies. But he is essentially the only hope to restore order right now. I know, I get it, he will force vaccines on us and if he puts down this insurrection and gets the economy going he will be a hero and can do just about anything we might otherwise not tolerate. it could all be a plan, a big trojan horse.

When faced with a Sophie's Choice, one can only choose the path that has a chance of leading to the most moral solution. Stopping the violence and restoring order is more moral than anything else on the table right now, it is more important morally than all other issues. That is simple and all real Christians know that.

How Will This Play Out

It is impossible to tell, nobody can predict the future. Black Swan events can change everything. Here is a pretty good guess, based upon what we see and perhaps comparing that to the history of 1930s Spain, 1917 Russia and a little bit of 1790s France.

Biden Wins the Election

This assumes there is no 'big surprise' that replaces Biden as the candidate prior to the election; although that may not really make a difference in the outcome. As mentioned, it appears the Democratic party is not fully in charge of the paramilitary agitators. It is also pretty clear that within ANTIFA and BLM there is a lot of internal conflicts. You can watch the live streams of them physically fighting each other at times. The agitators themselves have very little that cements them together other than being "against" everything. That is not the sort of glue that works well once you win, simply look at the Republicans in Spain and the Revolutionaries in France to see what I mean. When diverse and loosely aligned movements take power the expectation of each sect to get their ideas expressed is great. Often there is conflict. Generally, there is a lot of turning on each other and more violence as the movement eats its own and becomes increasingly radical until one sect dominates. Neither Biden nor Harris will be able to control all of those passions, the best they can do is coddle them. You will see a sort of anarcho-tyranny of the sort we have witnessed in Portland for the last 90 days where the government sits to the side and allows lawlessness to reign but punishes ordinary citizens for violating mundane laws.

It is not about politics, but nothing good comes from a Democratic victory. That party has openly supported the violence and called it peaceful. The democrats will not bring peace, they cannot control the monster they have unleashed.

Trump Wins

It is predictable that a Trump election will see an increase in rioting and violence. The agitators will have nothing left to hope for other than total revolution. Some fear this and think the coddling method of the Democrats is the more moral option. That merely prolongs the chaos and likely cause more death and suffering. A Trump election forces all of the evil to come to the surface. It enables the Federal government to use all the resources that have not yet been employed. The trail of money and how all of these mobs are financed can be traced and people arrested for domestic terrorism. Dry up the money and much of the crowd goes away.

I get the objections. I understand the naivety of those that do not understand how deeply embedded the ideological fire is on the street. It is easy to think it is just protest. That is a flawed view, many in those groups are ideological warriors. None of this goes away until the organizations, the structure, leadership, and money are eradicated. That and some program that refocuses us all toward something else other than hate and division. The last part is hard, but you have to stop the violence and crush the movement before you can get to phase two.

I also get the argument that Trump will become a dictator fighting all of this. Those sorts of things do happen historically. That is a battle we fight when and if that happens. However, remember, Spain was far better under Franco for 25 years than the Communist dystopia the 'Republicans' and Anarchist tried to enact. (controversial but true! I am not calling for a Franco, we will fight that, but this violence has to stop, it is immoral).

Truth Hurts

If all of that is painful. If you still think you are going to not vote or vote third party because you are cool and want to be in the middle or worse, if you think a morally-minded Christian that reads the entire Bible can vote Democratic this fall, we will forever disagree. I cannot and will not try to convince you further. Look around on my site here, I spent a lot of time making the argument that progressivism was going to lead to debauchery, immorality, death, and suffering.

We have to vote this November, and people of goodwill, real Christians have to vote for Trump. We can push for all of the love thy neighbor stuff after we get to a point where our neighbors are not dying and suffering. 2020 has been more devastating to all people, and minorities in particular, than anything people are supposedly protesting and rioting about.

Don't Get Too Wrapped Up

None of this is about politics. Politics merely determines how this is resolved, how long it takes, and how much death and destruction ensue. The ideological spirit that runs through all of this chaos is with us. Only a real revival, only a movement of and by God can truly change this. The chaos can be suppressed, the violence reduced but the bad ideology that rejects truth at the core of all of this is with us. The best we can hope for, without divine intervention, is space and time - a break from all of this that perhaps gives us time to become a better society.

So don't get too wrapped up in hope related to a political solution. Real action has to happen right now in our hearts, homes, and communities. Hopefully, the very last of those that completely disagree with my worldview stopped reading above. The following is for people that see the world as it is. Christians that use common-sense and discernment and apply the full narrative of the Bible to understand the world are our only hope. The following recommendations are for you.

What You Need to Do Right Now

  1. Move your investments out of stocks, particularly Twitter, Google, Facebook, and news and media companies. A full-throated insurrection will crash the market. A counter-reaction to the insurrection is likely to find all the media companies in deep civil and criminal trouble. (time it right, leverage this bubble as long as you can for profits but don't get caught when it drops soon)
  2. Obviously, buy a gun. Not just a gun, but, within your capability level, a pistol and a battle rifle or a personal defense carbine. PRACTICE, not just at the range but at home, handling it, clearing it, drawing it. Carry it on your person and make it an extension of your reactions.
  3. Standardize ammunition, this is not the time to buy cool guns in different calibers, Lockdown to the items you can carry and use, and then buy the ammunition for those guns. If you are late to the game, this is more expensive and harder to do. It is ok to settle for range ammunition if that is all you can get.
  4. Don't think you cannot afford body armor or that you do not need it. If you do not want to spend a lot of money buy this plate carrier and place these plates in it (Just under $200 for rifle level protection). I am not suggesting you go out and fight. Just have it on hand - because. If you want concealable stuff, most suppliers say 12 to 14 week wait time now for NIJ certified stuff. Safelite Defense says 4-6 weeks for level III+ comparable concealable.
  5. Clearly, stock up on food. Not because you think the world will stop, it will not. Rather, think about things being more expensive and more difficult to get and perhaps things being chaotic and you not wanting to go out. Buy staple food, don't waste money on buckets of storable food, and all that.
  6. Make a few Dollar Tree runs and stock up on stuff like toothpaste and such, for the same reasons at #5. You will use it regardless.
  7. BaoFeng UV-5R+/UV5R Plus Dual-Band 136-174/400-480 MHz FM Ham Two-Way Radio 2pcs. Get a multi-band radio for many reasons. You will thank me later, get the set of two (at least) for family use.
  8. Bundle of Belly Band + Ankle Holster + Mag Pouch, Neoprene Gun Holster Concealed Carry with Magazine Holster. If you do not carry daily now, you soon will. These are inexpensive, comfortable, and versatile. (you can buy a better rig for more money, but if you have nothing and are unwilling to spend the cash, this works well)
  9. HyFin Vent Chest Seal by North American Rescue. Put this in your medkit and learn to use it.
  10. Trauma Pak with QuikClot. Add this to medkit and learn to use it.
  11. 16,500 Non GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Survival Garden 40 Variety Pack. Because you will have a backyard garden next year!
  12. Lumber and hardware (screws) - it can be cheap non-treated stuff, it can be 2x3's, but buy some extra lumber and have it on hand.
  13. A couple of cans of petroleum while getting in the habit of keeping all the tanks full. This is just smart regular practice.
  14. An extra propane tank or two fro the grill.
  15. (Should have been #1) Build high trust relationships. It is time to talk candidly with folks in your circle and figure out who has a clue, who can be clued in and who is lost. You cannot afford people that are unreliable, untrustworthy, selfish or otherwise bad or even intentionally confused.
  16. Develop and reinforce supporting relationships, folks outside of the high-trust circle that you can help and that can be of help to you and yours.
  17. (Controversial) I say if your church has been confused about what is truly Biblical and moral this year, you should find another, or if you cannot do that I would save up my tithes until this all settles down. 2020 has been the biggest crisis Christianity has faced in 500 years and most of the organized church has failed. Something better will follow, save God's money, and support that when it appears. Let those false preachers find real work and those false churches shut down. But keep the good part of the community. Start a home Bible study.
  18. I think it is implied, but be wise with your money. Things will get more expensive and historically when these things are over property taxes are horrible. Most of the 'old' families that own land in the South got it at tax auctions. Be smart don't lose it all in 2022.  It is ok to forego some pleasure now, postpone or cancel a vacation, and all that. Buy things that are useful instead or pay off debt.
  19. (Maybe this ought to be #1) Stay away from trouble. Don't protest, don't wave flags and make yourself a target, don't try to out yell unstable people. We are past all of that. You will not convince anyone. Be smart when and where you show any political support.
  20. Keep your head on a swivel. There is too much video evidence of people getting sucker-punched from behind. Never assume anything about a strange encounter now. There is an odd spirit of violence in the air. Be aware and not naive. Keep your mouth shut, no need for a street fight over someone saying something offensive. Walk away, this is not the time for 'manning up' (but get out of the habit of turning your back to a sketchy person that is acting even slightly aggressive).
  21. When it gets weird, get gone. I don't care if you just ordered your food and just sat down. If an angry crowd shows up, be ready to leave.
  22. Don't think of a crowd in terms of what you would do or your morality. There are too many videos of these crowds turning increasingly violent on individuals for no apparent reason - avoid the crowd and if ever surrounded know how deadly it might be.
  23. Take time to get some situational awareness. Take walks in your neighborhood. Start to notice patterns. Speak and wave at people. Observe your neighbors, both to see patterns and oddities. Be vigilant.
  24. Go attend those meetings you stopped going to, VFW etc. Take time to reconnect with people local to you with common- interests and backgrounds.
  25. Don't be afraid. Historically, even in the worst-case examples, these things come to a conclusion. People suffer, others die but life goes on. It will get worse, don't fool yourself but for most this is manageable and survivable. How and if, really depends upon luck, divine protection, preparedness, and how smart you are in your actions. 

Bonus - if you are a man, learn to throw a freaking punch. It is incredible the sissy-fighting on videos out there. Learn to throw a punch. It is much better than catfighting or shooting someone.

Last Thoughts

If and when this all blows up into a full-blown insurrection/revolution/civil war (whatever it becomes)  don't assume that the violence will be evenly distributed everywhere. Clearly there will be areas of more and less violence. There has been something developing that ought to inform us of what this all might look like in 'regular' places. Outside of the riots, there has been an increase in just regular violence.  I watched a video of a man attack three police officers because one of them placed a traffic citation on his parked car. In my little part of the world, there has been a marked increase in shootings, all unrelated and all seemingly random. It just appears people are becoming more violent.  If this thing kicks off for real, this sort of violence - random, senseless, unconnected, ubiquitous - will increase everywhere.

Don't assume that just because where you live is less likely to be affected by mass violence that you will be unaffected. The US transportation network would not be hard to disrupt by enough people dedicated to making that happen. Everything you buy and eat comes in a truck! And shortages cause violence of another kind.

Don't assume because most of what you see on the streets seem to be transvestites, severely obese women with very bad attitudes and meth heads that there is nothing dangerous in these movements. Behind all of that, we can already detect elements that are much more dangerous. Based upon the level of funding that is obviously present to keep this rolling for almost four months, the degree of organization that must be present and the tell-tale signs that there are folks with military experience involved in some of their operations I do not discount the fact that what we have seen on the streets is really just cannon fodder.

Beyond that, in times of chaos gangs and organized and semi-organized crime operate more overtly. That is already a reality in some of the major cities, it would become more normal where you live as police forces struggled to contain events.

Don't assume that the government would be aligned toward a common goal of stopping this, no matter who wins the presidency. Somebody has funded and enabled this and ran propaganda cover for it. There are powerful forces at work. Much of the chaos to come will be the result of localities resiting Federal action, elements of the Federal government half-heartedly executing orders, and some elements likely actively opposing. The propaganda arm of the agitators will not just go away unless something draconian like a Lincoln shutting down newspapers occurs, and that would have positive and negative ramifications.

Bottom line - don't underestimate all of this.

Our Next Six Months

Saturday update for 15 August 2020.

Cannon Hinnant

A five-year-old boy, riding his bike in front of his house is the definition of innocence. Throughout history, almost all cultures have recognized this. The media may portray this jut as a boy fatally shot.


But it is much more than that. We could talk about how different the outcry and reaction would be if this were a black child, shot at close range in the head by a white neighbor. That would be playing into the same racialist narrative that infects so much of the dialogue today.

Cannon was an innocent, in the eyes of God his life mattered and he was innocent of all sin. We do not know what he would have grown up to be. He may have become a drug-addicted, lifetime criminal, a man that abused women, abandoned his children, and might someday die on a street after committing more crimes and struggling with police.

He may have become a saint, or he may have just become an ordinary imperfect man like the rest of us. But he was innocent and his life mattered.

Some will argue that perhaps Darius Sessoms, the man that shot Cannon in the head from close range, was an anomaly, that this is not indicative of the world. That we cannot place blame on an entire class of people because of his actions. I agree with that. We cannot condemn all 25-year-old black men as child murderers. It would be insane to classify an entire class of people as evil!

Some of the same people that would make that argument support groups that want to vilify and attack the police, all of them, as one large homogenous group of evil-doers. Some still would tell us that all white people enjoy white privilege and play a part in 'systemic racism'.  Because they have read, sat in a lecture, or saw some videos on the subject, they might even place me in a category of deniers because I do not even recognize my own 'white fragility'.

There is some hard truth that we need to come to terms with.

All of this hatred and racism that has spread like a real pandemic since George Floyd died on a street (before then really, perhaps back to Michael Brown robbing a store and wrestling for a police officers gun) played a significant role in the death of Cannon Hinnant. I can hear all of the counter-arguments, but on a basic, foundational level, that is absolutely true.

We can say that we 'love' people and want to see justice. But a parent that loves their child does not allow them to do absurd or dangerous things just because the child is upset. A friend does not stand idly by and supports a friend doing immoral things just because their friend feels wronged. Real love comes with other attributes. Real love looks at the total cost and the total benefit of a thing and measures it all against a backdrop of other principles. Real love is not blind support of anything that makes someone appear to feel better.

From the first day that churches, pastors and people that believe they operate from a position of goodwill began posting memes, making arguments, endeavoring to convince others and signaling their support for BLM and the protests (often ignoring the hateful words and violence) I have repeated over and over - this is all wrong.

Black Lives Matter as a concept is correct because all lives matter and we should seek justice. BLM as an organization is horrible. It is impossible to separate the broad concept from the organization and the hate and violence it engenders. People of goodwill and moral principles should have avoided this from the beginning.

There have been more murders beyond Cannon; many more. Some media outlets claim that 'crime has not increased', in an effort to gaslight those that see all of this in its true nature. Many are deceived by such claims, no matter how easily debunked they are.

BLM and the protests, burning, violence, riots, and mayhem have unleashed a general spirit of violence and lawlessness. This has manifested most in the cities and communities with a predominately black population. Those that support BLM had in effect subjected to many black Americans to more poverty, violence, and suffering.

This all has been and is immoral. It is wrong. Those that supported it from a position of  "goodwill" of a concept of Biblical Love that excluded all the other principles in the Bible have been and are wrong.

If this applies to you, you need to repent of your sin and search your soul to figure out what in your life made you so susceptible to a lie of the world.

Here is some truth for you.


I responded to a local news article the other day that claimed a minor public figure was among other things a racist. I commented that it was a terrible article and poor journalism because they made no effort to actually support the claim that the person in question was a racist, it was just stated as fact, they had said racist things.

One of the young reporters replied to me with an article from Politico. Politico stated they had 'hundreds of hours' of video with the individual making racist statements and provided a video as an example. In the provided video there were heterodox statements, things contrary to the established narrative but nothing racist.

I replied that the delivery was 'plain', but the points were no different that things Dr. Thomas Sowell has said for years. With that, the conversation turned. I too must be a racist, or a troll, or a parody account.

It is very dangerous that ideas are so easily tossed aside and those that question anything of the popular narrative are branded with a label, a scarlet letter, and dismissed.  These are troubling developments. This is not the same a labeling someone a 'radical progressive', 'liberal', 'right-winger', etc.   This is essentially the same as calling someone a pedophile, a social pariah. (It may, in fact, be worse, there are some that now claim out loud that pedophilia is a sexual orientation)

One of the most profound statements from the Granada TV documentary on the Spanish Civil War (I highly recommend it) was, 'when each side could no longer discuss ideas, violence was inevitable'.

If most of the institutions of society (most of the media, many churches, most of the educational establishment), and many of the unthinking masses are willing to carelessly label others with stigmatic labels that equals their voice and ideas unworthy of being heard - how do you believe this all turns out?

We need to return to civil discussion and an honest usage of the English language. Racism and racist language exists on both sides of the conversation today, but on the extremes. We need to apply the term precisely, otherwise real violence awaits us all.


  • Trump claims that mail-in voting will be an open opportunity for voter fraud.
  • Much of the media repeatedly conflates 'mail-in' voting (mass mailing out ballots) with absentee voting (registered voters actively requesting a ballot) in an effort to dismiss Trump's claim.
  • Many on the left claim without funding the USPS cannot handle mail-in voting and predict chaos.
  • Several news articles and snippets of remarks by Democratic leaders predict chaos and even hint they believe Trump will not concede.
  • The NYT reported an exercise during the Obama era where a sitting president refused to concede and a constitutional crisis ensued.
  • Marco Rubio tells us to expect election chaos.

It seems both the Democrats and Republicans completely agree. Are they foreshadowing what is to come? Is this all a singular plan, are they really working together, some claim that? Is it perhaps that both sides see the growing divide and understand what this means (I wrote that in 2018)? Are they perhaps just building a narrative for a future claim to legitimacy/illegitimacy? We cannot know. But it seems they agree that real chaos is coming. Nothing good comes from such chaos.

A New Civil War, an aggregator of news and opinion from both sides is a good place to keep up with opinions across the spectrum. When I wrote America’s Great Cultural and Political Divide in 2018 many mainstream articles on the subject at the same time dismissed the idea as preposterous, no longer is that the story.

You would be wise to get yourself and your family ready - and repent of your sins of omission and commission that helped in some way move us to this point.


Interference by Russia, China and others is real. Some of it is easy to detect, while other efforts are more subtle and perhaps more effective. Each side has their prefered enemy, may repeat the narratives, carelessly. We should be wise enough to see all of this for what it is, yet most do not.

The leaked release of police bodycam footage was something of a watershed moment for many. We now know why it was not released, or we can reasonably assume. It paints a very different picture than what was available only on the other angles of Floyd's arrest. I noticed thousands of people, folks that had argued passionately one way prior to the release of this evidence change their outlook. Some began to question why any of the subsequent violence occurred. Others pivoted away from ever mentioning Floyd and making all of this about something bigger (that is rather dishonest).

What is clear, is that none of these events, Micheal Brown, Floyd, and many others that have caused so much chaos were ever what they were portrayed as originally, and many people have come to see that as a reality now. The cases remain complex, but they are not clear-cut cases of racist cops gone wild, murdering innocent people. Honest people, folks of goodwill, willing to look at facts now know this.

ANTIFA and BLM have credibility and the narrative problem now. People wonder if burning, beating, violence, and mayhem were justified.

I will be the first 'not shocked' person when we see some major incident, perhaps even a mass killing, all made to look like (or at least reported as ) a white racist attack. The Boogaloo Bois are real, they are ready for the revolution, marching, and supporting ANTIFA and BLM and they already look like "white supremacists" - they are the perfect candidates to conduct such an operation.


I am not even convinced at this point the Democrats are running a serious campaign to win. If I were Joe Biden, I would keep my head down and watch those around me. Nothing would spell 'sympathy vote' more than a candidate being killed "by extremest on the other side". History is filled with that sort of stuff, 2020 is that odd.

Or, as some claim - is Trump just part of it all? He is getting things done the Democrats want that they could never do without many on the right taking to the streets. Think about it...I do not know.


China has checked off every action I predicted on 7 June, (those and more; I was probably wrong on the election but spot-on in terms of China and Belarus)

In the midst of election chaos, between November and January (probably late December, early January) I think it is highly likely that China will move decisively and quickly to take control of Taiwan. There is a scenario, that smart strategic planners have worked out, whereby China can accomplish just that in less than a week. It only requires a delayed and confused response from the US.

Such a move, successfully executed with minimal fighting and Taiwain capitulating early because of a delayed US response would fundamentally alter the East Asian balance of power.

Millions more will soon be subjected to the boot-heel of a genocidal regime because we in the US are too busy being absurd.


Finally - the entire alignment of many ancillary nations hangs in the balance right now. The proxy war Greece and Turkey have fought in Libya is more than two sides trying to fix something the US and NATO foolishly broke. The peace arrangement between Israel and the UAE has a significant meaning.

Will the Eastern Med/Middle-east, Caucus now realign based upon a new and more natural coalition or will unrelated wars prevail. Will all of this result in a comprehensive peace arrangement? (of later chapter Biblical proportions...)

All are possible. If the peace, initiative expands to the Balkans (Kosovo and Serbia) then Greece, Turkey, and resolves Syria and the Caucus (all interconnected) I will really be convinced we are in the end-times! If is is a geopolitical realignment, I will not b shocked.

I am inclined to think that spheres will simply realign. Russia has a common interest with many that we have a common interest with. We may come to view them differently in a new arrangement. Turkey and Pakistan and Qatar may be out, India in. Israel might be welcomed openly into a coalition with Saudia Arabia, UAE, and Syria. We may come to see Syria as a front in the battle against not ISIS but Iranian/Turkish and Chinese interest. The world could realign over this into the US versus China spheres based upon natural and historical affinities/animosities and the prevailing strategic goals of the primaries.

Humor and Sarcasm in Hard Times

Something profound is occurring. Many people only argue and talk in narratives and sound bites now. Circular logic abounds. There are deceptions geared toward the ‘right’ and ‘left’ and many accept them whole-hog. Everything else happening in 2020 pales in comparison to our collective inability to critically think and reason. Something is coming! It is time to get ready and do work. (Gen. Flynn said this better than I today)

Something is Coming


Beginning a couple of weeks ago I began to make significant changes in me, my routine, and my priorities. The world really has changed! We need to change too, and quickly. But there were just a few more things I wanted to say publically. This change (not mine, I refer to the big change in our world) is going to affect us all, does not matter if you own a secluded, self-sufficient ranch in the West or live in an apartment in Manhatten. The paradigm is shifting and we will all feel it.

If you came here and intend to look at nothing, scroll to the very bottom at least - I wrote the title of this post before the content, it is really not that humorous at all and has just a bit of sarcasim. 

First, some music to set the mood!


We have entered the period of post-debate. Critical thinking, even by intelligent people, succumbs to the narrative of their preferred side of an issue.

Religious Expression

Me: By what authority can the government tell a church how to worship?

Them: The Virus is dangerous

Me: ok, but by what authority?

Them: If we love one another we will comply

Me: Right, but if people feel convicted to meet in person, what is the authority to tell them 'No'

Them: Executive order


Me: They have told us a lot of conflicting things with this, the science is not settled

Them: People are dying, we need to love one another

Me: But not nearly as many as they said, how many are dying because of the lockdowns

Them: if we would all lockdown harder and wear masks this would go away

Me: but some countries did not lockdown, and remember when they told us masks were dangerous

Them: If we would all just do what they say this will go away


Me: some of these protests are riots and BLM believes some pretty bad things

Them: Well I am opposed to systemic racism

Me: What is that? How do so many people of all races achieve so much in America?

Them: It is love to stand with the protestors

Me: But some of the protestors are violent criminals and BLM is a bad group

Them: Well I am opposed to systemic racism

Most arguments against those that question what is going on in the world and what it means become circular. Almost a Brawdo has electrolytes level of circular but from much more intelligent folks.

If I have insulted you, I apologize. <<<<honest!


Obviously, something profound is occurring. I see absurd arguments from all sides, generally repeating narratives and talking points. So few are asking foundational questions, reaching for the true nature of the events around us.

It is almost as if we are surrounded by pod people on all sides! (I am not unconvinced it is not something more than deception in the material realm)

All the left/right stuff is just an illusion - those guys are like WWE wrestlers, some play the bad guy, some good, after the show they go to dinner together. None of this could happen if they were not all working toward it!

I will pipe up again when some of the below begin to materialize.

2020: Not that unprecedented!

(Read my much more serious take on that if you wish here)

Ever since William of Ockham stumbled into confusion and Kant followed to lead subsequent generations into absurdity, 2020 was predictable. In some ways this is just the days of Noah repeating, there is nothing new under the Sun. There is evil and deception in the world.


Sounds whack-a-doodle to most I suspect. They say..."these things have happened before", "this is just a phase", "God has a plan". You actually have to make more assumptions about the world to accept that this is not different than to accept the emerging reality.

Technology has changed, in ways most people only glimpse vaguely. We sit on the edge of a technological explosion that will fundamentally change everything. Combine that with bad ideology, the rejection of truth and growing power in evermore centralized governments - our very likely future is a dark soft tyranny.


The culmination of centuries of progress to this point. The beginning of a frenzied rush toward something new and dystopian.

So much of evangelical Christianity has fallen, lock-step, in with the ideology of the world in 2020. Most from a position of 'love' and an attempt to be 'relevant' without actually applying the whole Word. Some of this, as in the Druckerite model, was by design. Some of these churches were built for this moment, others have slid into error so far they cannot see the difference.

These are the Churches that would have never signed the Barman Declaration.

Here is some truth for you.


Just mark it down. Face it, no way with these guys running this turns out good.

Black Swan

I would not be surprised at all to see some violent events or events of a much larger scale before November. It would make twice as much sense if this appears to be and is touted in the media as being right-wing in origin. Such a false-flag would be the perfect excuse to reignite massive protests and drive momentum toward the election. Facts will not matter.

Cannot cure the common cold but can rush produce a vaccine for another coronavirus in a year?  Marketed by a guy that has a financial interest in the vaccine companies?  The science is not settled. Doctors that speak against the official narrative silenced. Non-masked nor socially distancing homeless surviving just fine. Sweden ignored the over-reaction and did just fine...All those old people stuck on those cruise ships early on? So few died. What is this really? Do we really know?

Perfectly legitimate! Nothing at all to question.

Oh but don't worry, I suspect more will die and many of us (well some of y'all) will argue virus. (Don't get twisted, I think there is a virus)

They are playing both sides 'right and left' with drugs (HCQ) or vaccines that will probably do more damage than any virus.  Just saying, ask us that took the rushed experimental Anthrax vaccine a few years ago.

Don't get twisted, I think there is a virus. I am not an anti-vaxxer - but vaccines hurt me and others. Do what you want. I am just saying the HCQ stuff and the 'warp-speed' vaccine -it is all odd.



Think about it - how odd these 'videos of truth' come out with doctors saying things contrary to the 'official narrative'. Millions of people see the videos, then it is banned. People say, "it must be true, they are banning it".  What if that is nothing more than an operation to deceive the "right"? They already have the "left" deceived.

Think about it. All of this stuff is probably a lie. Stop buying into all these lies - they have something for all of us. This is not just a "Democrat thing", stop thinking it is.

Stay away from Q and the conspiracy guys - all controlled disinformation.

So many are still confused about what Russia is and is not. China is a real threat. They made out like bandits in 2020.

Only Three Gorges dam collapsing can stop them now. (and that would bring chaos to us all that is likely as bad as all-out war)



In the midst of all of this other chaos, even the US government, has been slowly and oddly talking out loud about UFO's. Very strange. Telling us the "Aliens" are real and a threat could be the greatest deception yet. Most of you would give up everything and give the government any power it wanted just so you might be 'safe' from this new threat.

Still with me?

Take some time, grab some popcorn, and watch this documentary on the Spanish Civil War,  add in a few elements of the Chinese Cultural revolution and begin it all with a Ukraine-like color revolution and then end up watching 1984. I think you will have a good idea of the future.

And Lastly a Public Service announcement for when things get worse...



Nothing personal, if things get crazy I have to take care of my own.


The Serious Part

Everyone that inspired part of this, those of you that 'argued' with me on social media that taught me how much of the mass of people are thinking, to my family, kids, friends (old, new and almost) and even my ex-wife - everybody mentioned or thought about in the words here. I pray for you each day, by name. I pray for your protection, wisdom, and discernment. I pray for all of those things for myself, but I pray for you by name. Many of you may have chosen not to listen to me or even engage, but many of you did engage - I appreciate that. I guess some of the things I said were radioactive because a lot of folks only communicated in private messages and email - I appreciate that too.

Honestly, some of the insights into the way people are thinking alike, enmasse, is something I have not been able to coax out of many people in face-to-face interactions. What I have learned online was illuminating. Thank you. My experiment and learning exercise is complete now.

If I have insulted you, I apologize

Remember - we are transcendent beings, there is more to it all than we see. Don't get too wrapped up in the material.

That is one of my first changes, a concerted effort at more authentic prayer.

I also pray that God softens my words and approach. There are some that I want to repair relationships with and rebuild trust. I pray that I may find the words and the means to reach them before this all gets worse.

Other things, I have redoubled my efforts at being physically fit, reading scripture more deliberately, and tripled efforts at making extra money (I am a retired guy and I do not have to work, but I think making more right now is wise.)

All of this may not play out and look as I have described (probably not), but things have changed and bigger changes are to come. This is not just a moment.

Not much more to say - there is work to do. I am now doing work, you should too.

A Challenge to Young Men

It occurred to me as I thought through some of the questions and events of the week.

I have had a good life, did what I was created to do, and have only a few major regrets. I am right with my maker.

I have spoken truth, done my duty for the last twenty years, and protected my own.

I see far too few young men standing on truth right now - far too few. There are dozens of you on my various feeds. I am about to piss you off.

Look I get it. The education system failed you all. Teachers and preachers have pushed socially engineered communitarianism and falsehoods at almost all of you. You do not know what you do not know. That is no longer an excuse. You have to man up and figure this out. (here is a place to start getting your head straight, A Primer in Truth)

All that is going on right now is not for men like me to fix. My generation has its share of folks that helped screw up the world, many of them are still actively deceiving and confusing people, but it was not men like me.

I am not going to live through the ramifications of what is occurring now (not the worst of it). I do not want to live through it if there are no young men to follow us and do the right thing.

You twenty and thirty-year-olds, however, will. You will see it all unfold, Aldous Huxley's Brave New World mixed with 1984. It is going to be your burden and that of your children.

All this stuff, BLM, the 'protests', all those postmodern books you are being encouraged to read - it is all part of a massive plan not for justice but for control. Those people are being used, and so are most of you. You buy into that and support it then you are being played. None of that stuff is real truth, and it is not America.

You just remember, when you hit your forties and wonder what happened to the "American dream', men like me would have stood beside you, with you, and even in front of you to stop it all.

But so few of you have listened to any of the folks telling you the truth. Not talking about me, there are much more articulate, intelligent and correct voices out there saying real truth.

If you choose to listen to trendy girly men in skinny jeans (or worse mom jeans), haggard old women that have no clue about anything (but cheer on everything they think will make them accepted by you), Comunistas in your social groups and God knows what else - well the future is on you.

Don't get yourself twisted over the indoctrination you have been fed, in times like this men lead. That is natural, biological and historical (and Biblical).

Either more you young men, man up, grow up, wise up and do the right thing or you might as well turn over whatever balls you were issued at birth because you do not need them.

That is it boys - the sum of my truth. Not going to preach here anymore to men my age that get it already.

I hope you all wake up before the real men left of my generation are too old to help you.

When you get ready, find one of us, we are the bearded dudes scowling at bullshit with our right hand typically positioned about 90 degrees at our right side. We will show you the way out of this.

Russia Explained


Let me be clear upfront. Russia is not a 'nice guy'. Also, Russia does a lot of crafty and sneaky stuff around the world. If you are a goofy guy like me, sitting in a hotel bar in Abu Dhabi (or anywhere else) and a stunningly hot young lady with a Slavic accent comes up and wants to sit and talk - the very wise thing to do is to leave the bar immediately (NOT WITH HER!) and look around for sketchy dudes following you before you go to your room. You might have been a target for intelligence exploitation or a mafia shake-down (or both because in Russia, those things mix well).

I spent most of my military career around guys that were comfortable and happy planning operations against Soviets and then Russians. Russa became the enemy of choice, it was easy, just pull out the files, no extra work required. Humans everywhere get comfortable and lazy.

But - Russia is a weak, sick man in the geopolitical arena. It still has some capability, it can still throw a punch, it can talk smack, spread rumors, and sometimes thwart your plans - but they are not a big scary bear.



I am speaking here broadly. Not about specific examples of if Russia did or did not 'interfere in the 2016 election' and specific details of that. Common-sense says of course they did, and so did a lot of folks with bad intention, foreign and domestic. The stakes are simply too big, of course, entities meddle and scheme.  My argument here is that Russia is not the biggest threat we face and that in fact, there are and have been several instances when Russia was on the right side of things (that is seldom true of our other adversaries). 

Some Russian Facts (broad terms)

  • Militarily Russia has some capability, specifically regionally but they lack peer-capability in most areas and lack the ability to either project or sustain operations.
  • Russian intelligence services are still robust, however, their 'sources and methods' are not nearly as formidable as they once were. Basically they lack the foundational 'ins' in the West.
  • Economically Russia is a mess, they lost an entire decade in the 1990s, flawed Western policies have kept them from developing a market economy and joining the Western world in a significant way.
  • Demographically Russia is a mess. They have a baby problem, they are not creating enough. They cannot populate the fertile areas in the east, Chinese immigrants are essentially invading southern Siberia snd making it a province of China.
  • Their best export, extremely beautiful women, are to be found in hotel lobbies and bars across the middle-east and elsewhere.
  • Since before Peter The Great, Europe has looked down upon and snubbed the Russians and the Slavs, never considering them exactly 'European'. This has played a significant role in the Russian self-image and foreign policy through Czarist Russia, the Soviet Union, and Putin's reign.
  • Russia has come to see itself as the defender of the Slavs and Orthodox Christianity, The Czars believed this, it existed during the Soviet era (with less emphasis on Orthodox Christianity) and Putin continues it.
  • Russian foreign policy centers on the 'near abroad' those historically Slavic states that border Russia proper. This is why Ukraine, Georgia, the Caucus, and the Balkans are important to them.
  • Think of Russia like Mexico, if it stood up and issued their own version of the Monroe Doctrine, telling other powers if they are going to mess with the little Latin powers in Central America, they have to come through Mexico first.
  • To the Russian, the fact that NATO did not dissolve in 1990 and US and Western intelligence agencies and militaries continued to plan for war against them was confusing. (the Russians knew they could barely drive tanks out of a motorpool at the time without breaking down.)
  • In the Balkans conflict, the Russians stood for the Slavs and Christians in the Former Yugoslavia. Clinton, Wesley Clark, NATO, and the US stood with the Muslims that committed genocide against them.
  • The Russians actively opposed Color Revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine.  They succeeded in Georgia and failed in Ukraine.
  • Russians support Armenia. Armenians were genocided by the Turks in WWI. Turkey today is working with Azerbaijan, conducting exercises and arming them, against Armenia. War is possible in the Caucus, Russia is on the right side.
  • The Russians have supported the Kurds in Northern Iraq and Syria. They have defended Christians in those areas, something no other Western power is willing to do.
  • Afghanistan is complex. Russia does stuff there. So does China. China is much more overt, direct and they come with big bags of money. Both are working to get the US out so they can exert control. Afghanistan borders Russia's traditional near abroad. It is the same as if Sweden occupied Mexico, we would have an interest in that.

A few years ago, after Georgia's failed Color revolution, we sent over 'cultural engagement teams' to try and 'get things back on track'. These teams included US military chaplains that were supposed to engage with Orthodox clergy and build rapport. Putin was doing the same thing, sending Russian Orthodox clergy down. We sent evangelicals from denominations that support western cultural values (social gospel types). It was a disaster. The Georgian clergy knew full well the objectives of the color revolutions and some of the policies pushed. They rejected our chaplains almost to a man, called them, and their denominations, out and rejected them. 

Our Military-Intelligence machine has never accepted placing Russia on the back burner and turning the focus to China. In fact, there are people that have made a career on the "Russia desk", fighting for money and resources against other 'desks'. Most of these folks would simply not have a role if the focus shifted. It is personal, not professional that keeps a lot of these people singing the 'Russia is so bad song'.

A lot of big names in media have direct connections to our intelligence community, some did internships with the CIA. They were bought into the old way of thinking and the push Russia narrative early on.

China is a much bigger threat. (China: The Rising Dragon) China does everything Russia hopes to do but they can do it bigger and better. They are inside the US, own things, have 'sources and methods', and can back that up with an economy, a population a near-peer competitor military and a robust cyber, electromagnetic (CEMA) capability.  China can, and probably has influenced elections in the US through domestic assets. Russia has to do it primarily through Voice of America type actions, the former is much more effective and harder to detect.

It is probably true that Russia's versions of VOA, RT, influence some. People that others call naive. It is just as likely. and probable, that China spies on, manipulates, manages information and the dispenser of information (media) from within to deceive and confuse those that laugh at the group that falls for Russian deception.

In broad terms, common-sense would tell us Russia probably did want Trump to win in 2016, and China probably wanted Clinton to win. Clinton represented the establishment attitude of trade with and appeasement of China and ignoring their internal genocide and external ambitions. Trump said upfront and for years China was the real threat in the world. Each very likely used their resources to ensure their prefered outcome. Meddling in domestic politics is part of geopolitics, it is the reality of the world. That fact, and the continuing discussion in the media that Russia is the only foreign state actor become disingenuous after a time. It would be more honest to argue that China, having failed to get elected a US president that would have a softer, more appealing attitude toward their goals in 2016 has really upped their game in 2020.

Looking at it through that lens, asking yourself why all the major media outlets pivot on a dime to retell new narratives that conflict with old perhaps then it is possible to see that maybe, just maybe all of this is something else. 2020 just might be The Empire Strikes Back, China has tripled-down on its efforts to manipulate us.


But Russia is not the biggest boogeyman in the world. They are a kid down the street that will throw rocks at us if we ostracized them, but would be ok to let into the clubhouse sometimes. We have to admit, they have stood up against some bad things in the world that we either supported or ignored.

I would rather have them with us in a coalition against China rather than left to swing on their own and act out in their own best interests as we isolate them.


An example today of China sophisticated CEMA efforts:

If all the above was not clear - Russia is a jerk. but China. China is Asshole!

The Way We Can Be

Soon, there will be brief periods where the calamitous din of chaos recedes. Foolish and feckless men will pound their chest and say, ‘we knew it was but a moment’. False teachers will resume their lies. These interludes will be mere respites for the enemies of America; a time to plan, reset and wait. Like the calm winds in the midst of a hurricane, the absence of chaos for some brief moments does not mean danger does not circle about. This is the story of our time, it is the nature of the fight traditional Americans of all races face and many fail to see. All Americans of all races that hold to hope, believe in truth, freedom, and civility and the ideal of what America can be are imperiled.  It is a fight for the very essence of what the future will be. For some, this is our Alamo.

The Alamo

Turning and turning in the widening gyre  The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

The Second Coming’, William Yeats

In the warfare of a bygone age, victory was often achieved by turning a flank of the enemy whilst your center held. If the center of an army collapsed defeat was assured. It is true of culture as well. And indeed, our center cannot hold it seems. To anyone that has been really paying attention over the last several years, that has read the writings of radical leaders and socialist and studied history it is indeed true that the center cannot hold at present.

Many it seems have likely avoided much of the evidence that what is occurring in America is anything more than a ‘moment’. I am continually amazed at the utter lack of honesty in almost all of the major media outlets. I do not say that in a partisan sense. I mean, many of these institutions repeatedly either underreport or distort readily available facts. So much is going on, in tandem, it is probably impossible for a mere mortal with a regular job to absorb and process all that is going on. CNN, MSNBC, and others of their ilk spend an enormous amount of time telling their viewers how they ought to perceive events. Fox spends entirely too much time rehashing testimony and evidence of trials that will never occur.  Facebook is filled with memes and pontificating. My ‘news digest’ on my phone seldom reflects the actual reality of events occurring or portrays facts in headlines accurately.

Twitter has been invaluable in this period. It is not perfect, Twitter has attempted to influence the narrative through direct actions, but if you follow the right people you gain access to the whole of a story in ways otherwise impossible. Not mere opinion or pontificating, by live feeds and videos of events as they occur. Videos of protest and protestors, riots and rioters in their own voices, at the scene of events. You find stories and facts, buried deeply in algorithms. You find intelligent, bright, and principled voices that otherwise are not heard. Twitter is not perfect, but without it, I would not fully grasp what is truly occurring. Without these facts, I too may be under the impression that this is just a ‘moment.’

I must admit my own bias. I believe evil exists and I believe that evil has become increasingly bold in its actions. I believe evil can coalesce and leverage events, movements, and ideologies. I also believe there has been a plan since the mid-19th century to supplant all the governments in the West with Marxist forms. This is not a half-baked conspiracy theory, this is what Marxist, socialist, and progressives have written about for a century and a half. I understand that within that camp they may argue about what is Marxism and who belongs, but I also know that the most prominent among them has always included the lesser forms of Marxism (socialism and progressivism) in their camp as preparatory stages. You do not have to believe me or my assessment, you can read Gramsci or Alinsky yourself.

The plan to transform the world in a Marxist image may not always have been guided by an international central committee but the ideology and the plan always remained. The tenets of that plan have remained unchanged; take over the institutions, subvert the family, control the language and the media, erase history, and rewrite history. Since the 1970s we have seen universities almost completely taken over by progressives and socialist and become welcoming of Marxist. Public education was finally captured through Common Core and the inclusion of such items as Howard Zinn’s history. The family has been assaulted on numerous fronts; through legislation that makes divorce easy and painless and provide no incentive for mothers (often those that earn less) to maintain fidelity, through government programs that encourage absent fathers, and through many of our churches that attempt to replace the family with “the community’.  Through all of that, evil has had its way, our families are in shambles. Beginning in the 1990s we saw the rise of ‘political correct speech’, something that has morphed into mobs attacking individuals online and ruining their careers for merely posting facts and opinions. Recently we have seen museums attacked and artifacts destroyed, actions that remind one of the attacks on the Four Olds in China. In December of 2019, we saw a major newspaper publish the 1619 project, an attempt to rewrite all of American history through the lens of Marxist Critical Theory. One has to be a denier, just returning from an Antarctic expedition, mentally deficient, or dishonest not to see and recognize that the stated objectives of Marxism are occurring. Yet, many would and do deny these facts.

What proof do they offer in their denial? Some argue this is all just conspiracy – ignoring the words of socialist themselves. Others that the cause of the day is just, it says good words. Of course, it does, deceptions say many words that most reasonable people could agree on, that is the lie and a key part of the propaganda. Or perhaps that things will get better, this is just a phase – this of course ignores the fact that Marxist have steadily been checking off every item on their to-do list.

Those that are too ‘busy’ to be bothered, to bought into corrupted institutions and social groups to look behind the curtain or to taken with propaganda behind ‘issues’ used to advance the Marxist objective are at this point beyond help. They will someday see. When churches are told what they can and cannot preach and the pastor that led them to this point goes along cheerfully (to stay relevant), many will see. When their primary identified group is targeted, much to their shock because they were either apolitical or ‘progressive’, they will come to understand. When friends and neighbors turn on one another and join ‘denouncements’ for wrongthink of others, they will understand. Many that have joined the current ‘allyship’ movement, posted repentance on social media, taken a knee, donated to causes, and marched in the street will come to understand once the alliance breaks down and some groups are found to not be revolutionary enough. None of that is hyperbole, that is how these things happen – over and over, in every instance where a cultural revolution quickly shifted the dynamic and installed Marxism.

At this point, I might give some accolades to three of my socialist friends. They know full well how things go when they change at the head of a mob. They also have long believed America would become a socialist nation. They thought, wrongly, if it happened slowly and in a controlled way the nasty cultural revolution part could be avoided. They were wrong on both counts, right to know this was coming – their hearts were in the right place if their heads were tragically wrong.

Who are Our Allies?

Recently retired generals have signaled that the military ought not support the orders of a sitting President using his power, powers previous presidents have used in lesser situations. This is treason – I am no Trump fan but any reasonable person can see the problem with these words and actions. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs apologized today on CNN for doing what the President told him. Looting continues unchecked in some parts of the country and an entire portion of Seattle has been taken over by anti-government folks, with guns. Whether Trump should or should not act is not the question. What is clear, it seems, is that nefarious ideas and loyalties have even infiltrated the institution of the military. Trump is now impotent, our government has returned to hearings ‘to get to the bottom’ of various acts of maleficence by both sides. Our government is ill-equipped to stand up and defend America, many within the government now give open aid and comfort to those that would destroy us.

Our churches are of little help. Many of the 5 million Americans that attend Druckerite megachurches were told openly this past weekend that the Bible is not sufficient and their church supports social gospel based upon Marxist ideology. The words used were still subtle, enough for the foolish not to hear and understand, but this was the clearest message yet of the apostasy in those churches. These now join the UMC, PC-USA, and many progressive and liberal SBC churches as well as many Lutheran and Catholics in error and apostasy. These ‘Christian’ churches have come out in full support of an organization and an ideology that states on their website their desire to destroy the nuclear family, support abortion, and a host of other definitively anti-Biblical positions.

Because Peter Drucker got involved with churches to effect social change the concept of ‘community’ in many of these churches has been perverted from its Biblical intent to one that fosters social control. Many will find it difficult and painful to leave such a place, they will be shunned, their sins touted in front of them and they made to feel sinful. Truth is only found in the community in these places, there is no role for individual conscience or reason.  Most of Christianity in America fell years ago and retains only some of the traditions and words – it is of no help now and actually allies with the agents of our destruction.

Working Americans are coming to realize they cannot say anything contrary to the approved narrative at work, to a friend or online. In fact, many are coming to realize they will have no choice but to go along and say something supportive of the approved narrative just to remain employed. Contrary to the words we heard for years related to sexual assault, we are now told ‘silence is consent’.

Our infatuation with things has caused many of us to move from the land of our raising to seek employment. We often live as neighbors among strangers. We have given up one of the last vestiges of stability, real and authentic community among neighbors based upon trust, respect, civility, and shared values.

Almost every single corporation has yielded to insanity, donating money, promising jobs, and changing products. This has gone far beyond racial injustice, and to the Marxist, it was never about that anyway.

What Can We Do?

It is easy for me to pontificate on taking a stand, speaking the truth and opposing this wave of absurdity and future tyranny we face. I am retired from the military with a pension. I will be ok until these radicals completely tank the economy or get full control and reorder all public spending. I acknowledge my ‘privilege’ in this regard. I cannot in good conscious tell another what he ought to do. I, as well as you, can judge cowardly actions for what they are, aiding agents of destruction. I cannot judge what is brave and not brave in another in standing against such actions.

However, we have to fight. We may not win. The radicals control the narrative. Despite their own actions, despite the death and destruction in the wake of those actions, they still hold the ‘moral high ground’ in the media. As Rod Sterling said in the monologue to ‘Obsolete Man’, “logic is an enemy and truth is a menace”. Facts and truth no longer matter to anyone but those that respect reason and objective truth – there are so few left in that camp.

But we have to fight. Mentally, using reason and truth, spiritually, through faith, wisdom, and love and perhaps physically. Internment camps are real in China, the Killing fields in Cambodia occurred, one-hundred million people did die in the Chinese cultural revolution. These are facts and real possibilities. Those that wish to impose this tyranny upon us may control many institutions and may be loud and vocal, but they are not yet a powerful majority and they do not yet fully control the military and the police. If our government would recognize the existential threat and face it, the fight would be tragic but winnable at this point. If it does not, our fight will become individual, in our homes, one by one against the power of a new state and a mob.


Seven Facts About our World

Color Revolution Predictions

We are in the midst of a cultural revolution that is being leveraged into a color revolution. The culture of traditional America is being replaced by something else, read Gramsci. The objectives, erase history, replace history, the lie becomes the truth, ‘control the past you control the future’, power and control, impose new culture on top of old

Outlier Events

Nobody, even the organizers of various extremist groups can control everything nor everyone. It is possible a lone wolf could act. It is possible one of the domestic extremist groups may decide to act in some profound way. It is even possible (but unlikely) a foreign actor could coordinate such an event.

The assassination of one of the presidential candidates, a mass shooting in a church (black or white) some other mass death/shooting type event – any of that has the potential to make all the assessment below pointless. Such an event, that drives the right emotions to escalate violence and counter-violence to levels thus far unseen. I will leave such events there, catastrophic events that would completely upset the current dynamic.

Death of a supreme court justice, imagine the chaos that could cause.



Across Europe, in Britain specifically, we see protests that are increasingly turning violent. Much of Europe was already sitting on a demographic powder keg. If this escalates, Europe is on its own and will likely not fare well. The economic impact of a tumultuous and disintegrating Europe will only serve to exacerbate problems elsewhere.


China has taken firm steps since February to advance its strategic objectives. The Basic Law in Hong Kong is suspended and no more, autonomy is gone forever. All of the dissenters in Hong Kong that lead protests and spoke out have been systematically rounded up and arrested. China is now free from all talk about Uighurs concentration camps, religious prosecution, and the origin of COVID-19. The US has no moral high ground to stand on when our own preachers and celebrities claim that the US government is conducting racial genocide.

China, a nation that often acts like a 20th-century great power, invaded Indian territory high in the Himalayans last week, in an effort to straighten lines and regress past differences of opinion.

Chinese application of soft power (Belt and Road, port upgrades, etc.) continues unabated and are aided by American weakness. It is likely, I suspect that in the near-term China will apply more pressure in the South China Sea, likely against the Philippines and fishing rights. Nothing overt but definitely something more aggressive.

It is unlikely, for many reasons, that Chinese foreign intelligence services will take anything more than a back-seat approach to current troubles in the US. The mosaic of chaos is not well developed enough for them to act much at all without detection.

However, if one of the outliers above pressed the mosaic passed a tipping point, it is very likely Chinese foreign service agents would act quickly to leverage the situation. Such an event would escalate quickly, with Foreign agents supporting extremists on all sides of the spectrum to engulf the US in violence.


Famine is almost a certainty in Africa this year. Given the locust storms earlier this year and a dry spring organic food production was already low and required international assistance. That assistance may not be as forthcoming this year. Famine often breeds crises and many areas in Africa are already poised to blow up.  The West will likely be unprepared/unable to mount any major assistance efforts (humanitarian or military). Africa is on its own this year. (actually, this situation might greatly benefit China and allow them greater in-roads to the continent)


Likely Enemy Objectives: Pressure points [efforts by organizations behind the effort, BLM etc.]

(Most Likely) Maintain momentum, carry-through to the election, build allies, identify resisters, dismantle power structures. (Least Likely) Increase the mosaic of chaos, force a counter-reaction, leverage counterreaction into an insurgency.

Knowns (Assumed): organized efforts toward protest will continue only insofar as it is necessary to maintain momentum.

Unknowns: No organization controls the crowd or the emotion of crowds, not all is controllable.

Short-term efforts will now be focused on 1) solidifying relationships with new ‘allies’ 2) building momentum toward elections (elections remain a source of progressive advance) 3) leveraging events as they occur to maintain momentum.

COVID-19: If it turns out that COVID-19 is as deadly and contagious as we are told we should expect a tremendous spike in cases in a couple of weeks. Will that drive more shutdowns of businesses? Will Americans submit and comply this time? If so can the economy sustain that?

Conventions and election: Both the Democratic and Republican conventions present enormous targets of opportunity for an outlier event/attack. Such an event would imperil the conduct of an election and result in confabulation.

The 2020 election will be devastating for conservatism. No Republican that stands for any conservative principle is safe. Many non-conservative Republicans are not safe, I suspect many luke-warm progressives are also in peril of losing their seats. Donald Trump will not be reelected.

In the aftermath of the election legislation related to police, reform will certainly pass in many areas, probably even on a national level. This will not be ‘defunding of the police’, it will be reorganizing the police, in a reactionary and poorly considered manner. Think back to the formation of the TSA, the requirement to hire people by preferred characteristics. Think of police departments given mandates to have zero incidents of behavior termed abusive. Think of the impossibility of crafting an organization that deals with violent people that is authorized to use violence and is restricted in its hiring process being capable of doing its job in any manner approaching competence.

(Highly Likely) Donald Trump loses in a landslide, the Senate flips and the Democratic majority in the House expands.

(Highly Unlikely) Trump is re-elected: Results in riots, looting, and violence will commence immediately.

Culturally: Expect to see an increase in the frequency, velocity, and voracity of persons and careers for nonconformity.


The election of Biden equates to Year Zero – the masses and the organizations behind the angst on the street will expect that the destructions of the institutions, power structures, and culture will exponentially accelerate. The Democratic core, as progressive and liberal as it is, does not seek that radical of a solution. Frustration and more angst will build soon after Biden’s election, particularly because now the radicals will lose all hope in any democratic solution. Their anger toward old Democrats will eclipse that toward Trump and there will be nothing that old folks like Biden and Pelosi can do to stem it.

Geopolitics: The election of Biden will represent a restoration of the status quo, internationally. Chinese overt acts in the South China Sea in the few months following January and will revert back to soft power efforts. The demise of the power of the West will appear to have returned to the slow-roll demise. This will appear to be a return to stability, soon to disappear, and the radical turn on Biden and take to the streets. - There remains a space of high danger for an open conflict with China late December/early January regardless of who wins the presidency. They have plans and the capability to leverage US hesitation to take control of Tawain relatively quickly.

Police reform: As it will likely occur, will not have the effect either conservatives or liberals predict. Many large cities, gutted of their current force, one replaced with different faces and different priorities will not, as conservatives predict, force the residents to ‘see the light’. Small business owners and hard-working Americans will be forced to choose, stay in a city that will not protect them or leave. For many, those that perceive less police oppression, will not bemoan the fact that jobs have left and crime has increased. The tribalism of the sort that marked territory and forms alliances will prevail. Rising crime will only be perceived as a problem for those that do not affiliate. The lack of jobs and opportunity will remain a problem attached to “the government”. This reform will ultimately satisfy nobody, those focused on power politics will still rail against the fact that people in the suburbs are happy.

No Later Than 2022: Impatience and angst over the failure of the government to meet the expectations of the revolution. Monuments have not come down fast enough, ‘hateful’ books are not repressed enough, too many ‘hateful’ people still find a way to have a voice, too much inequity in property still exists, 'dangerous racists still have guns.'

We do not make it out of 2022 without:

  • The current government being replaced in form and structure by a radical Marxist regime make up of a coalition of extreme elements in a tenuous alliance that is bound to unravel into violence. This could occur much easier than we imagine, pressure and violence in the street could result in Biden simply conceding power to a new “Committee”. (Most Likely)
  • States and regions resisting such a move by the Federal government, resulting in a combination of regional and civil war. (Likely [the success of some states in pulling this off is moderate])
  • If Trump wins re-election the nation will face immediate chaos and violence in the street. The only way the U.S. remains intact then involves fighting an insurrection and piecing things back together in some Lincolnian sort of way. (Unlikely)
  • Patriots rise up and take the country back amidst the chaos. (Highly Unlikely [There may be such an effort but the likelihood of success is slim for many reasons])
  • God has a plan (only He knows)

The West is Lost

Those of us that fought the culture war for the last two decades never truly believed that the entire structure of our societal system would fall, essentially without a shot being fired. Many of us made analogies to a slow decline, akin to the fall of Rome. When things began to accelerate in the mid-2000s and institutions, Permanent Things, began to fall one after another and a real opposition began to form around various groups we made analogies to the French Revolution. When we observed retired general officers openly call for defiance of the President’s orders we envisioned something like the Russian Revolution, where anarchy and mobs raged in the streets and the military disintegrated.

Traditionalists will lose this fight it seems

All of those analogies have merit, even still. Power never exists in a vacuum and great empires rarely fall without a fight. Some or all of the analogous elements from those revolutions may still apply to what we face.

What seems increasingly likely is something akin to the Chinese Cultural Revolution (but it also all looks very contrived – like a color revolution). We very likely may fall as a culture without any active and vigorous resistance. We already see the voracity and effectiveness of the radicals on social media. They are no longer radicals – they are the majority. People supporting approved causes and approved messages are allowed to advocate violence and hate, those that hold contrary opinions, those outside of the ideological umbrella of preferred causes, face censorship, canceling, and termination of accounts. It is happening frequently.

The narrative of racial division, a narrative that denies American exceptionalism and the fact that America, almost alone in history, has provided more opportunity and progress for its people (all people) than any other nation is accepted by some of our most mainstream institutions. Progressive mainline Christian churches and independent Druckerite megachurches are parroting this narrative as social gospel. (The Megachurch’s Role in the Cultural Revolution)

Middle-class America (Black/White/Asian/Latino) likely have very little understanding of the full scope of the defeat of traditional America and the hope and optimism of American exceptionalism. It is not the crazy, wild-eyed, goth-looking 22 yo girl screaming on the street, it has come home. If you do not look behind the curtain very far, you have no idea what many people around you are thinking right now.

Saul Alinsky, writing the template for the future revolution in 1971 wrote;

“[a]ny revolutionary change must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward change among the mass of our people. They must feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and chance the future.”

Rules for Radicals

Alinsky’s Rules have been used, transcribed, and adopted into almost every left-liberal and radical organization in America. The tactics of the SJW foot-soldiers are precisely what Alinsky recommended. None of this is or has been secret, their book of tactics has been publically available for years. Yet, few Americans are aware that every crisis and every push in the streets over the last 40 years has been part of a bigger plan (monuments, marriage, riots, protests – all related)

Our universities were lost years ago. Public education was fully taken over with the adoption of common core and Howard Zinn’s version of our history. The public square is firmly in the hands of the radicals (and they believe traditionalists to be the radicals). They own the newspapers, social media and entertainment.

We already see examples of ‘struggle sessions’ occurring online. Ordinary people that define words traditionally (and opposed to radical orthodoxy) are cajoled into submission.

Ordinary Americans that have lived long enough to understand what oppression is and is not, those that know that hard work is a real prescription for almost all problems, those that know the world is not perfect but would chose our imperfection over the uncertainty of a Marxist future are in an increasingly small minority. Decent people are losing their livelihoods and employment for using ‘unorthodox and unapproved words’ – not hateful words, just unapproved words and expressing reasonable opinions. Real Americans of all races that have lived long enough to have witnessed the progress America has made on racial issues. These people are in peril. They have lost their neighbors, their coworkers and sometimes family members to an irrational and absurd ideology – one that denies real truth and real principles.

Many of these are confused, saddened and some afraid. Some foolishly take to social media to brandish their weaponry and ‘say come loot here’ – they are not reading the tea leaves. If the entire system crumbles and submits to a flawed and dangerous ideology, you will become nothing more than an enemy of the people.

It was the avarice and stupidity of ordinary Americans that enabled this. Every hill over the last 40 years was a hill to ‘die on’. The radicals realized this, they never stopped pressing the agenda. Most of us failed to realize the cultural war was an existential fight. We failed to realize that while America was exceptional, it required conservative and principled solutions to keep it that way. Solutions that dealt with poverty, crime and government power. It was always about a lot more than ‘voting Republican’ and most of us failed to understand that. It was about standing for the principles that made us exceptional.

Why did authentic Christianity and real conservatism and real American values fail to appeal to an entire generation and why were they left so open to false ideas? How did we fail to tell the story of truth and hope?

The riots, looting, and violence occurring in conjunction with George Floyd’s death seem to be receding and this seems logical. According to Alinsky’s own Rules the radicals no longer need the rioting to advance their cause, it has come straight home to the church down the street. Middle-class America, your neighbors will now foolishly and unwittingly openly support Marxist organizations and agendas is the name of ‘love and relevance’.

Make no mistake, this is merely another phase in the revolution. As organizations and institutions fully sell their soul to Marxism the rhetoric of the most radical elements will not cease. No amount of kowtowing will suffice. Words and language will become further dominated. Those that resist or fail to comply will the ‘outed’, doxxed and canceled, fired from jobs and ostracized from social circles. That is not theory, it is already happening – it will increase.

Gulags may not be in our immediate future in this cultural revolution, and they may not be necessary. Obstinate dinosaurs that fail to comply will increasingly find themselves alone, poor, and silenced. Family and friends will abandon them, they will have no candidates to vote for from either major party that represent anything of traditional American values. Institutions, landmarks, traditions – all will be stripped away and there will be nobody to oppose it.

This will not stop when people leave the streets and most of them forget about George Floyd (for most it was never about George), this was just a phase. The organizers merely moved the ball forward and gained new allies. Many of these new allies will be enemies tomorrow, so few people read history and understand how these movements tend to eat their own.

I will stand, as long as I have breath for truth and against this insidious ideological infestation that has polluted the minds of so many – but one or a few voices will not matter. Without intervention by God himself, our path is set.

God save our grandchildren! And God forgive us for letting this occur.


Yes James is real, see his videos – the America dream will die for him too

The Megachurch’s Role in the Cultural Revolution

I have written about the megachurch movement often. I have family members that attend one, therefore I tried to mute my words to some degree. However, I have been watching this movement since at least 2011. I sensed something was wrong about it from my first encounter. With each fact and observation, I have come to know that my original observation was correct.

How are they wrong you ask, in one important way they twist and pervert the scriptural meaning of the community of believers and keeping one another accountable into social control communitarianism, there are more but that is their first and primary form of error, it was intended by Drucker when he helped start the movement.

I hold two things to be undeniable at this point. 1) America is in the midst of a revolution and 2) the megachurch movement has had and is having some impact on making that possible. There are many other factors of course. However, what is happening and is about to happen would simply be impossible if there were not hundreds of thousands of middle-class Americans, and importantly their kids, sitting in communitarian churches. If that offends you or seems too far fetched I suggest you are simply not paying attention.

I spent a portion of yesterday drilling down into the social media accounts of a leader at one of these churches. I had seen the edges of the 'ally' movement but I had not looked closely. The individual in question is one of this church's 'middle-manager' leaders, they have led and shepherded others since they were a pre-teen (she is about 25 yo now). Here online actions are straight-up social justice warrior (SJW) tactics, the softer gentler sort.

  1. find a conversation where one of her followers are "talking about the issues"
  2. Subtly correct others when they misuse words
  3. Call in (tag) black folks into conversations with folks that are not willing to give ground on the meanings of words - to shame them into seeing a different perspective
  4. Shutting down conversations that are not going her way after calling for help and almost shaming fellow Christians
  5. Actively engaging with and encouraging others that repost her narrative, especially those that include hashtags and "confess and repent"

That is all a kind and gentle version of a struggle session, it ends with people accepting new truth about definitions and confessing their 'sins'. All of this from a person a mega-church that I track has entrusted over and over to 'shepherd' others just a few years younger than her.

All the available evidence suggests she is not just a lone wolf - people like here never are. She is executing the will and intent of this church.

Yes, I have a problem with the megachurch, and it has nothing to do with worship style.

Summary of why I know this movement is a problem (very short version):  The big brain (Peter Drucker) behind the megachurch movement was a man that grew up in Austria exposed to thinkers and philosophers of or influenced by a the branch of philosophy that gave the world nihilism, fascism, communism, nihilism, and socialism.  In his own writing, he expressed his belief that mankind needed a new way, that both communism and capitalism were insufficient. His concept to achieve this was communities of communities, lead by a leader and who lead leaders, all following a plan. He believed the community was more important than the individual. He believed essentially that fascism went wrong when it failed to account for the spiritual.

After attempting to implement his plan in American industry through ‘plant communities’ he focused his efforts on the churches.  Drucker was key in the formation and growth of the dominant organization that helps megachurches grow and provides templates and plans to megachurch pastors.

At the heart of all of this is the notion that the individual is less important than the community, that leaders must be followed, that the community must be served. (Read the full version here)

Many of those megachurches you see around all started in the mid-1990s yet they use the same lexicon and new words (intentional, relational, authentic) have the same sorts of services and the same vibe. This is because no matter what 'origin' story they publish on their website they all started with a few folks that attended some Leadership Conference events, bought the material and the mailing list and used the plan; Peter Drucker's plan. None of this is authentic no matter what they and the marketing material tell you.

Watch Chris Rosebrough's video (long but worth it) - open the PowerPont presentation here. This lays out the Druckerite foundations of the megachurch movement and its alignment with failed ideology.

The megachurches encouraged and nurtured by Drucker and the Leadership Network acquiesce to bad ideology. Social gospel has infiltrated all the mainline denominations. See Founder's Ministries presentation on Critical Theory.

For more information

Most that attend these sorts of churches have no idea of how deeply Marxist and communitarian ideology has entered their church - most Americans are not aware of the lexicon (do you know what intersectionality really means and where it comes from). Most of their sermons do not tell the whole story - the real focus of these churches is in the small group - that is where the real indoctrination and social control occurs - see the example of the communistista small group leader above.

Obviously, churches are not the primary cause of the cultural zeitgeist and the increase in ideological absurdity. Universities and schools have been usurped for years. Tucker Carlson did a recent piece on how this cult of communitarianism has become normal.


We, middle-class Americans, have made this possible. The notion that America, a land that has made more progress than any other nation at any other time, is simply wrong and evil is absurd. Every group that has arrived here, up until the late 20th century, has progressed and improved. Repeating a narrative continually that we oppress and commit genocide is wrong, it can only lead to division and hate. Building a communitarian organization that indoctrinates and controls the thoughts of it members and then peddling such nonsense is evil; it is not Christ-like.

Bad ideology has replaced faith and reason

The megachurch, in order to be relevant, cool and hip, is now fully bought into. I watched a video tonight of the senior pastor of the church the SJW communista mentioned above. He "preached" for almost 30 minutes without referencing the Bible. Finally, he referred to Ephesians 2:14-16 English Standard Version (ESV)

14 For he himself is our peace, who has made us both one and has broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of hostility 15 by abolishing the law of commandments expressed in ordinances, that he might create in himself one new man in place of the two, so making peace, 16 and might reconcile us both to God in one body through the cross, thereby killing the hostility.

A church with leaders that are actively, and in coordination, promoting 'blackness' have significantly misread and misinterpreted this verse. Christ creates a new man among Christians, a new creation in Christ. Quoting this verse, while promoting divisiveness is hypocrisy. Twisting the notion of a new creation into the support of division is simply wrong. (preaching a sermon without really using the Bible is also the sign of a false teacher)

This from a Church that has been fairly silent on the issue of abortion, the sanctity of the family and other sins that are tearing the culture apart. Picking a sin that is 'relevant' to champion is error.

Here is what a real preacher has to say about the issue from a Biblical point of view

America needs a new Great Awakening and it needs to begin with Christian Americans abandoning these social gospel 'churches' for real authentic Christian churches. Justice, love, and mercy will come to us through Christ - not Marxist communitarian social control.

If "big eva", mainline 'Christians', and the corporate megachurch had not plowed under the bulk of the Biblical message for a nebulous version of 'love they neighbor', the cultural war would never have been lost and the color revolution impossible.