I suspect a lot of the 'prepper' guys are unhappy right now, after all this is not how things were supposed to play out. They were ready for the big one, not the 'big slow slide' into economic troubles and anarcho-tyranny. Perhaps all of their efforts are not wasted, but having a ranch, a bunker, enough ammo to supply a battalion and all that will not ultimately make their lives much better - only better by degrees. Their efforts may in fact make them a target in the coming months and years.

That said, there are a lot of things regular folks ought to be doing to prepare for a paradigm shift. Listed below are just some of those items you may not have considered.

There are a lot of reasons why these items could become hard/impossible to get or very expensive. Many come from China.  I own and use all of these items. They are inexpensive and work.

Security Door Lock Brackets Fits 2x4 Boards 1 1/8" Wide. You cannot defend your home from a determined or sustained threat. If a group wants in and is motivated, they will eventually get in. YOU CAN slow down an individual or small group. I own a set of these for all exterior doors and for two interior doors that I have reinforced. If and when crime rates surge here and the wife says that I can 'ugly up' the house, these are easy and fast to install. Just keep your power drill charged and handy and precut the lumber and store it away. 

It is just really smart to carry a small bag. Nothing out of the ordinary, not a 'tacticool' bag that screams look at me. Just a small bag with a few items. Essential items include things that can save a the life of you are someone that would otherize bleed-out in minutes. I really like the Waterfly Sling Backpack Sling Bag. I do not wear it around (but always place it in the car, even on short trips), I would and do wear it when I walk around a city. I always carry a tourniquet, quick-clot, and a kit to treat a sucking chest wound

In addition to that, a can of water, usually two extra magazines and sundries. Not a lot, not heavy, not obvious.

These go in the sling bag. Use them as a pressure bandage OR, cover your face and look like a protestor to blend in if you get stuck someplace you ought not be!

These stay in the bag also. These add a small degree of additional ballistic protection and cover the sides very well. They fit over prescription glasses and provide a broad spectrum defense against lasers (a current threat TTP).

The two little radios above are the 'cheapest' little receivers I own - but they work. Tecsun is Chinese, but they make good and inexpensive radios. If there is ever a temporary period where you need to get information via world-band and do not want to spend a lot of money, either of these is good.

This is a really good umbrella, and a gentleman should carry an umbrella. But, this is also a weapon. Not the sword cane sort of thing, it is a robust striking and blunting weapon, it is designed as such.


The items above provide power for critical devices in a pinch. The portable power station is the heart of it all. You can recharge it from 12v, wall outlet, alligator clips direct to the battery, hand-turbine, or solar panel. Included above is the small solar panel (which can charge this or trickle charge car batteries and other items) and other items required to make this all work. The invertor is just an extra piece of nice to have stuff.

I see many folks online laughing at ANTIFA guys for wearing Airsoft carriers. Here is the deal, you can purchase soft Level III inserts for this and it works, those inserts are not heavy. If you were going to wear rifle level plate long term this may not hold up - but you are not going to wear this much.  I have these in a case in the back of the vehicle, if we were traveling and things got really weird, we would consider wearing them.

I purchased the AR500 soft inserts back before the price of them skyrocketed. If you cannot see spending the money - ask me, I can show you how to make 14 layer denim polyurethane infused inserts that will (should/may, I ain't guaranteeing stuff that will get me sued) stop up to .40.

I own a robust carrier with rifle level protection, but who has everything they need everywhere they are. Beyond my his and hers set I keep in the car, I keep another one of these cheaper puppies with level III soft inserts downstairs in the office. One never knows when trouble might find them.