Watch the Water, err I mean all the New ‘Prophets’

Occasionally the question floats across the ether of my desk in one form or another, “where did Q go?” That question perplexes many people and many seem to have an answer, pundits in the mainstream media are not incorrect in their theories of where the armies of followers went, they simply gloss over the most fundamental of questions. ‘Why’? I will get to what I mean by that presently. First, some questions for you to ponder.


Have you ever wondered why so many Q-adjacent groups, organizations and voices escaped the big collapse of Q untainted? Have you found it curious that we can observe, slowly but surely some of the big promoters of Q reinventing themselves and reappearing on networks, podcasts and outlets that were never really part of the whole phenomenon? Take Alex Jones for instance, a guy that made a career out of saying many of the things that were central to Q dogma, beyond him hinting that he knew all about Q in 2017, he was left out. There were points between 2017 and 2021 that one could sense a not insignificant degree of anger and jealousy in Jones that ‘Q had taken his thing and formed a movement’. It was entertaining on some level, to sneak a peek at the unfolding story that some grifter(s) made a better grift and left him out. He certainly seems to have been left out, but I suspect for a reason.


Why was he left out? It is curious that despite some making him a poster-boy for January 6th the reality of that day appears that he was walking around fat, dumb and clueless. But why? There are others. Why did the people that tried to scare us with tales of the Muslim Brotherhood taking over the government and missiles in shipping containers that eventually played a role in the entire Dennis Montgomery hoax – these people being involved since the very beginning in Maricopa County in 2014 – why did they escape unharmed? What of the ancillary characters, the McInernys, Powells, Woods those people that summoned some claim to authority to spread crazy stories? What of all the two-bit, second-rate writers, podcasters, ‘mysterious and unknown dufuses that never appear on camera”, prognosticators, boosters and spreaders? Many of these same sorts are the very types that now begin to appear on the networks and platforms that were not dissolved when the Q movement went to ground.


Some in the mainstream media have observed this trend. It is hard to hide crazy once you post it on the Internet and it is not difficult to trace the lineage of many that have bounced around and reshuffled their platforms. But as it is in most things, the media misses the forest for the trees. The media would tell us that Q was a natural result of a hateful ideology, that ultimately it represents all that oppose ‘progress’.


When a thing, looks a lot like a thing that happened before and has much the same result, that thing gets my attention. You have likely heard of Operation Trust, run in the Soviet Union from 1921-26 with the intent of pulling all the resistance elements into one controlled group and dissuading them from action – to ‘wait and watch the water’ to use Q-speak. In the end, the operation led to the arrest of many members of the resistance and effective destruction of the anti-Bolshevik opposition. The operation of Q looked a lot like Trust, and the outcome too. The outcome of Q looked a lot like other historical operations also, it was not pure “Trust’ but something of a hybrid, borrowing from the Soviet and NAZI playbook.


The nature of it all, its similarities to previous operations, the detectable methodologies one can find in doctrine manuals about information operations, and outcomes that matched outcomes of historical operations the movement seemed based upon. These are indicators, items that demand attention and consideration. We get instead, it was run out of the Trump White House, it was just an organic upswell and it happened because of hate. Trump must be the dumbest man on the planet if that is the explanation we accept. Q hurt him and telling people to sit and wait, the heroes were working to fix it all is a crazy strategy. The mainstream media is not interested in questioning the true nature of it all or seeking to truly understand it.


It would appear that Alex Jones was left out and that so many that operated on the margins, just outside of the fire of Q-central but played an important role in providing kidling for the fire in the form of articles, theories, hoaxes and lies, it appears to me that these sorts were left out because once Q was burned after January 6th there had to be a home for the adherents. There had to be a place to continue spreading confusion. Q made the idea of conservatism look bad, it provided an easy boogeyman, but it was not enough, not complete enough to banish all of the traditional.


If I were a betting man, I would go all-in on the position that Q was merely one element of a multi-echelon and long-running operation. Sure, it had an effect, it served a purpose, but it was never going to be capable of carrying the full cargo. You can sense the reality of the multi-echelon nature of the operation I suggest just by looking for the handlers. In every one of these grifter/disinformation networks I have ever looked at I have always come across individuals that have the look and smell of ‘handler’. Sometimes you can trace these shadowy figures to more than one ‘cell’. These cells range from the extreme of crazy to groups and individuals that appear legitimate and serious, but if you look, you can detect the connections. There is not a major influencer name that has just miraculously popped up since 2017 (or slightly before) free of the taint of this.


The best lies contain truth, the more truth a lie contains the better. This is the most concerning of all this. Monkey Pox was with us much longer than just the last couple of months, you could find it all over the internet in the form of wild theories that held enough of the truth to distract people from reality. The monkeys spreading the pox of disinformation will be proven by history to be more deadly than any disease.


I am particularly concerned that so many in this group, in many of the various cells have suddenly become ‘devout Christians” and pepper many of their dire warnings with eschatological ramblings, references to metaphysical reality, to evil and Satan. Ultimate truth is only found in a proper understanding of universals, in an understanding of real metaphysics. Evil is real, Satan too. These are truths, truths that I sense these various operations are now wrapping their lies in.


If the Qannon operation served to pacify the weak-minded and then make conservatism look hateful and silly, what might be the goal of this latest turn? Does Roger Stone's claim there is an actual Satanic portal floating above the White House (as if we live in a Ghostbusters reality) help or hurt truth? Do “prophets” and “apostles” (I am pretty sure the age of prophets and apostles came and went centuries ago) do these sorts preaching heterodoxy and explaining the world to itchy ears help or hurt the cause? I think you see where I am going, it would appear this phase of the operation is to connect crazy with Christianity. The next operational cell to be burned will likely be one that is closely connected to this new and strange abomination and admixture of Christian words with lies and deception.