It seems, if we are not near or rapidly approaching the eschaton, that we ought to start chronicling the events in our world. If future historians had access only to documents generated by the government, foundations, and the media I suspect they would never piece together the reality of our world, right now, in this place where everything is so upside down. We do not store scrolls in dry caves, sealed in pottery jars anymore. One wonders what might survive of honest dialogue and observations. That said, it seems that we ought to, many more are now beginning to realize it, orders of magnitude more than when I first wrote of it in what seems now a time before time, but realize it or not we are in the midst of something transformative. Maybe destructive, from the perspective of most humans, perhaps cataclysmic, that remains to be seen but without a doubt now we can say, “this is not just a moment”, something profoundly significant is occurring.

I turned off social media a bit ago and despite the fact that I have posted this article I am not returning. There is nothing wrong with everyone trying to see this as it is and opining about it, for me, the noise hampered my ability to observe. There is much to observe, contemplate, and process.

The most popular article on this site remains “Color Revolutions Explained”. In fact, the traffic from search engines based upon those terms has increased wildly. The deeper into this we travel, the more people seek answers. If I had known at the time that perhaps the words written by me that would reach the widest audience would have been that article, I certainly would have done it all differently. I fear people searching now for answers might come away believing they have found the ‘thing’, the explanation for it all. Color revolution methodology certainly was utilized, but it was one tool, one aspect. One cannot simply paint what has and is occurring as a color revolution and call it a day, there is more.

It is ironic, maybe it is ironic, perhaps also it is something else entirely - that is my hypothesis - but it is chilling that we can look back now at numerous efforts, groups, and events and see how they all, in their own way built toward or enabled what is happening, and perhaps what will happen. Grand conspiracy theorists look for a nexus point, an apex, a center cabal that has shaped and manipulated events. I suspect the real answer is much more complex than that, so complex it is simple and elegant. (It has always been with us)

I have discussed at length what the apex is, observing the upside-down, inverted nature of our world and then considering all the pieces that had to be moved into place, over decades, and in some cases centuries – the center of all this and what we face grows clearer daily.

Despite what I said above about it being incorrect to simply call this a color revolution, and admitting that the methodology was present in almost everything that occurred in 2020 – we can with confidence measure what we observe now by what we ought to expect, doctrinally at least, in the consolidation phase.

This year, 2021, has surprised me on many levels. I often hear that “things are happening so fast”, I expected more and sooner.

We, Americans, people of much of the world, in fact, have surprised me. Images of firefighters walking to city hall, many with their spouses and children to resign instead of submitting to forced vaccination surprised me. Healthcare workers, folks that spent last year working around viral patients leaving their jobs instead of kowtowing to dictates they do not accept has surprised me. I did not know we had that in us as a people, not even a minority.

Empty shelves, and I see many now, this was predicted by many. I am surprised at the callousness that most Americans portray when observing this. So many of us accept absurd explanations for these things – those are the Americans I write about and rail against. That most of our neighbors have been or are so easily deluded and manipulated is not surprising. That they accept outrageous prices and shortages (slight now but obvious) is still shocking to me. What is the limit, the event, the line that hurts them where they live? I suspect we will see in the not distant future – they can wallow in the misery of it all at that point.

I watch college football and see 100,000 people in the stands and come each Monday our government tells us again we have to do more to get this pandemic under control. It is upside down, it is absurd, it is gaslighting. I am beginning to suspect that the virus was not what some paint it as, the central tool, but rather an ancillary device, one that enabled and empowered other methodologies. We will see which is the case over the next two winters. It seems it was ‘a thing, and not the ‘big thing’ – it and the actions around it have made the big thing possible.

Some speak of a great awakening occurring (historically awakenings have portended pretty bad events). I am still looking for the person that speaks truth (metaphysical and cosmological ultimate truth) to come forward. I do not see this, anywhere. The major voice out there that says anything close to truth is, in my observed opinion, part of the deception.

What is apparent is that those in power seem to care very little for the fact that mid-term elections will occur in 2022. Put aside your notion of a false Republican/Democrat dichotomy and let that sink in; they seem not to care. From all appearances they seem not to care that the economy is in shambles, people are hurting, the whiff of tyranny is in the air and nothing is right. Despite the fact that I expected something rasher and more frantic in terms of power consolidation, perhaps they know more than most of us. Maybe they knew a certain percentage of us would resist. Perhaps they know that an election will matter not even a bit to their objectives. Perhaps their plan is moving along smoothly.

These are interesting times - Winter is Coming.