I published an article last Saturday, "The 'Last Roman': Intercivilizational Clash of Cultures and the Hyperreal", That fleshed out a theory I began working on (pivoting from Spengler and Shaeffer's work) that occasionally in history a new culture arises in a civilization and eats the foundational and dominant one. Some of that not fully developed theory is located here. I believe an event like this has only occurred twice in recorded history; first when Christianity became dominant in Rome, replacing the Greco-Roman, and Second in China when that civilization in Spengler's winter committed suicide and replaced the old with the new in the 20th century.  I wonder how shocked a normal pagan Roman must have been watching Christianity go from a fringe cult to gaining the ear of the emperor and then replacing the old with the new.


One of the transcendent features of history, in the West and much of the rest, but specifically in cultures that derived from or were built upon the ashes of Judea-Greece is a constant return to a Biblical Genesis 3 theme. That was the birth of gnosticism of the small 'g' sort. More than the aesthetics of sensuality, but rather very often a direct linkage between deviant sexual practices we find linked the theories of new knowledge. There is something real and tangible in that observation. The Greco- Roman culture turned to pederasty in what Spengler termed their spring. In the various cultures that comprise the ciliation that followed them our various subcultures have embraced it fully in our winter, in parts of Europe it began sooner but it is the defining feature of the West now.


Pederastty is on the menu, and it will come sooner than most think. I laid out the reason why this is so in the article linked above. By 2019 it ought to have been obvious to the most unaware among us that polygamy, pedophilia, and bestiality were on the menu and that the very existence of the old culture was under an existential threat. There will be not a small number of 'last Romans' wondering how it happened. They could have known and might have had a chance to stop their entire way of life from disappearing if only they had stiped watching delusions and focused on the real.

This Monday (3 April) James Lindsey produced a three-hour and forty-four-minute video talk dealing with the how, what and why. His arguments support the claims I made in that article up there on Saturday. If you do not understand why I make those claims or cannot see how it could be so, listen to Lindsey below.