I was thinking today of some random things from my past that we might individually be able to apply to our current situation. Presented here to apply to multiple meanings. Some of this can have philosophical meaning as well as practical application.

  1. Remember, “If you play stupid games you win stupid prizes”.
  2. When you approach the ‘narrow-angle’ the engagement has begun.
  3. Come off your gun, breathe, listen and think. Perform an orientation check – do you really want to do this? if so…
  4. Slice the danger area into manageable parts.
  5. Make a hasty plan, fall back on your training (what you know).
  6. Decisively engage and press the initiative, no half measures – attack the corners.
  7. Double-tap. One is none.
  8. Avoid tunnel-vision.
  9. Head on a swivel, never assume anything.
  10. Stay balanced – orient yourself toward your threat.

Make of that what you will – it could work for a board meeting (if you use some terms as metaphors) or clearing a room and a lot of things in between.