” US Navy Secretary Richard Spencer has been fired in wake of the Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher controversy, which the White House has waded into. Siding with President Donald Trump, the Pentagon chief said Gallagher will keep his pin.” RT

Do not be misled, just because Gallagher appeared on Fox News does not mean he is a hero. Fox News is neither conservative, honest nor often right. I have said it many times, there are many wolves wearing the clothing of the sheepdog. Such men are not heroes.

Spencer was fired for going around Esper and having a frank conversation with Trump, the very definition of a man doing his professional duty. One is supposed to tell the emperor when he has no clothes, and a service chief is supposed to tell the president when he is wrong.

Trump was wrong for pardoning three war criminals – he was wrong again for interfering in service level details such as who should and should not retain a Trident. Yes, he is the commander-in-chief. He can do this, but “can” does not mean should and “can” does not mean he was right to do so in this case.

The services are already struggling with morality and ethics, if POTUS interferes with them trying to self-correct how does that help?