Zac Brown has a way with lyrics and I suppose they are successful because so many identify with their words. It often seemed in my life they were writing songs to go along with my life. Presented in reverse chronological order as it was my bit of life here. (with two extra songs added in).

  1. My Old Man – he is me, I am him. He showed me everything I needed to know. he was a man.

2. When I was younger, I was foolish, selfish and unfair.

3. “We are born in hospitals to moms and dads who work and pray, the chosen few get shipped away to reap the tax that must be paid”

4. I remember the day it all clicked for me that she had been gone for years and there was no saving her.

5. Better men than me met this fate, it was not my time.

6. Then this happen, with a different ending (see #4 above).

7. There were sad, hard times and it almost killed me.

8. At one point Bart Crow provided my get up and live theme song – I played it on repeat out in Texas. It was cathartic.

9. I ended up literally driving Highway 20, for a while every weekend, heading east to see the two people I loved more than anything.

10. And then I met Bri, and well…

11. Loving her is so very easy.

12. Last year this one almost came true – shotgun and all.

13. And it goes full-circle from the first song in this list to my most important purpose in life.