The SBC fought and cleared up errors in the “Battle for the Bible” beginning in 1979. It seems the SBC is poised for another fight, this time, it seems it is besieged by leaders deeply infatuated with error. The resolutions of the SBC during its convention this summer bode ill for the denomination and many Baptists that are paying attention and know better are not happy.

Watch the video here.

Critical theory is Marxism, it derives directly from it. It is WOKE ideology and it is dangerous.

As Chris Rosenburg commented: If you haven’t been keeping tabs on the SBC and their embracing of Critical Race Theory and the upheaval this is causing, then you need to see this documentary. It is a cautionary tale for ALL Christian denominations and a must-see.

The SBC is headed for a split and one side is headed toward an agreement with the UMC and “woke” mainline denominations.

I discuss the danger of adopting critical theory in Retrenchment.

Apparently, long before the full documentary was released many of the leaders of the SB, Woods, Moore, etc. objected strongly on social media and elsewhere to their own words being shown to demonstrate their positions, read bout that here.