We cannot help but notice that, well noticing is increasing. Call it what you will, red pilling, waking up, seeing truth it is inarguable that more people are doing it now than say anytime before December 2019. Does all this noticing in the current moment mean that logos is rising? Are we building knowledge and becoming wiser? Have we literally made critical thinking sexy again?




We know, well most of us know if there is an effect, there must also be a cause. Most of us know intuitively that nothing comes from nothing. We see the effect around us, all of this noticing going on by people that used to share cat videos on Facebook. We might assume that we know something about the cause. But do we? Do we know enough?


I believe there is a tailor-made delusion for everyone now, right and left, religious and irreligious, educated and uneducated, informed and uninformed. I would argue that the noticing is neither a surprise to those that have something to do with the penultimate cause of all this nor is it really a problem. In many ways, understanding it would happen presents an opportunity to manage the situation. If you can accurately predict the thing a group of people is most focused on you can use that knowledge to manipulate their actions.


“They certainly ‘got’ me”.  They got me until about the 13th of February or so. Sometime around early December 2019 and accelerating in January 2020 I saw the exact thing I more or less always had on my list to watch out for. I was not the only one, there were others in the early moments of the big reveal. Frankly and honestly I had long assumed that there was a pretty good chance humanity would suffer a pandemic that killed a lot of people. It could have been a virus festering in a drug-infested urban area, incubating among walking human skeletons and then spreading. Maybe some weirdos were putting things where they ought not to be. Maybe some accident happened as in The Stand. Who knows, it always seemed something pretty high on a risk assessment list. A lot higher than an asteroid hitting the earth or nuclear war. I mean, if we were ever going to see a disaster movie in our lives, it was probably going to be related to people getting sick and dying.


And...if we are completely honest, the same sorts of people that benefit from all the other things that it was also not impossible to see as coming in this decade told us about a coming pandemic. They wrote about it, spoke about it, and practiced for it in the fall of 2019. There is good reason to believe a guy with intentionality and a plan.


So when I had buddies begin sharing datapoints about weird things happening in China, I paid attention. China has a pretty good grip on information, if this stuff was getting out, well that had a couple of possible meanings. I was predisposed to be looking for the big one, to look for the pandemic that was going to clean out cities, kill the stupid and turn my neighbors into potential adversaries. I considered why the information from China was getting out, dismissed an information operation, and went with the assessment that feed my presupposition.


I have always been a half-hearted prepper, but in January 2020, I stepped it up. Long before the TP apocalypse, I hoarded all sorts of things. When the world began to descend into darkness a month later I was yelling at two college professors and others. I was pulling my daughter home from DC and trying to help everyone that would listen take steps. Based upon an entire lifetime of accessing risks, professionally and as a hobby combined with a lifelong interest in watching disaster-related topics and dismissing 99.9% of all previous “scary things” I believe still to this day, that from December to February my actions were the most rational and reasonable I could have taken. I was not looking at “shock” tweets by Joe random, but rather people I know to be reasonable and I were seeing things and saying “yeah, this looks weird”.  I do not think that if I had the chance to run all of that again, not knowing what I was going to know a couple of weeks later, I would have changed a thing.  But man, for a sliver of time they really got me. That whole thing looked just like the thing I thought most likely to happen if a disaster ever did appear. I was primarily concerned about people and the reaction of people in fear and crisis.


Most of you are not even supposed to be here at this point! All those that did not see and those that hide in their rooms and any provocation in panic, most would be gone in that horrible scenario I had presupposed for years. In reality, I ought to be mopping up the last bandit cell in my area and settling down with five new wives to repopulate the world! Either that or it would have killed me too or some nefarious person got the jump on me soon after and took my stuff. Either way, it could have happened, it is logically possible, and it looked like something to pay attention to In December of 2019....But the delusion wore of pretty fast, real fast when none of the screamings matched reality. Long before Trump closed the world in March I was over it.


I would have to go search my writing here, I am not certain of the date, it was when that cruise ship pulled into port, and all those old people were not dead that I pulled hard on the brakes. My pals too, we began to reassess why those videos got out of China. Others too, soon it was evident many of them were either fake or pure theater.


I have some friends that never cared. These Bubbas were not listening in January or after. The funny thing is, in my presupposed scenario I always assumed those sorts of people would die pretty early from being so ignorantly arrogant. I also figured all those people that cried and still cry about mask and such would die soon into it. Of course, they would die, some bad man would come to take their stuff and kill them and they would but cry. But they are all still with us, the preppers, the Bubbas that did not care, and the weak snowflakes that just cry.


On the upside, the best financial decision I ever made was buying food then – the price of some items I purchased doubled and tripled over time. I guess they could fool me, but I got rich on beanie weeinies! But they played me, played right into my presuppositions. Played me so hard that I almost believe nothing at all now unless I see it and touch it.


But that is one example. They have delusions for everyone. Come to think of it, they got me on another one too. If you remember the summer of 2020, there were a lot of Spain 1936 references. I made them, I had a friend, a Harvard guy, that made them so much he was purged before the purge. The analogies made sense, and they still do, to a point. It was always to a point, but sometimes I and smarter people than I took it too far. Yes, there was a Marxist element (cultural Marxist really, two or three steps removed from actual Marxism), it was there. And outwardly that element hated Christianity, they even attacked some churches. It was not hard to imagine that it all could turn just like Spain, with those people foaming at the mouth, taking to the streets with guns, burring churches, and trying to kill us all. The counterargument from Bubba was just as flaccid as the one that ignored a virus in January of 2020 – ultimately they were right, but for the wrong reason. It all could have turned out that way. By 2022 we could have been in the midst of a bloody insurgency/civil war. There were elements that were sufficiently organized and motivated, they just needed to support and the go-ahead from their masters. It was not foolish to make the Spain 1936 analogy in 2020, but it missed something important and big. I was less bought into that danger in the summer of 2020 than I was to a virus in January of that year, but I thought it possible if that is what the controllers wanted. So, they got me twice in one year. I was never wrong in my thinking about either event, based upon the facts I had and the reason and experience I applied – but I was wrong in my conclusion.


And that is the thing. I am not running this movie. I did not write the script, I was not there scouting locations and working out dialogue. To drop the analogy, I was nowhere near the actual planning for any of the supporting operations. I do not know, with certainty who the players are and what the ultimate objectives are. I think I might, others seem sure, but I know enough to know that could be a lie too.


The funny thing about the fears in 2020 that they were going to come for Christianity, as in the practice of it is the opposite happened. I have noticed as of late that I hear “Christian” music in major chain restaurants and retail outlets. It is only Christian in name, it is at best bubble-gum theology and often outright heresy, but it is everywhere. Perhaps it was never the plan to attack it openly, as in a repeat of Spain 1936, that backfired, but to cause fear and then keep pushing the thing that looks like it, but is not it. Maybe they want us all singing along to heresy and going to a heretical church. It seems a lot easier to control people by providing the thing they naturally want but doing it with a twist.


I only know enough to know I still have a lot of presuppositions and there are other people like me. I am confident that there are probably more delusions that will target me directly in one way or the other. Perhaps my attitude of trusting nothing was intended. At this point, if they told me an asteroid was going to hit earth directly on my house, I would probably be out in the pool, on a flat drinking a beer, not believing a word of it…