Align With The Creator

No preaching here, just a suggestion that one key to finding balance and happiness in life centers on aligning ourselves with the natural order of the universe.  I do not mean in an esoteric metaphysical way.  I believe the Law of Nature was written into our hearts when we were born.

A 2012 study indicates religious faith decreases the effects of depressive PTSD.  I suggest seeking a deeper understanding of our Creator is a worthy endeavor if you want a truly fulfilled life.

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Engage Culturally

We spent most of our adult life in an environment that stressed, among other things, service and camaraderie.  It seems implausible to expect to transition to a civilian life after retiring from the military and excluding these two principles - it is part of who we are.

Our new freedom provides tremendous opportunity, the need to engage culturally and to serve must not be excluded from our new life plan.

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Build Strength

With freedom comes responsibility.  We must seek ways to grow, physically so that we have a long and enjoyable life, morally so that we are proud of ourselves and intellectually so that we learn and stay relevant.

So many, upon retirement, singularly focus on one area, employment, that all else falls aside.  We replace one master with another and never stop to ask what would make us whole and happy.

We have occupied a coveted objective.  Few achieve this level of freedom so early in life.  Why would we just squander that chasing the same goals as everyone else in the same way they do it?

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Now is Your Time

It is my hope that my writing here will inspire me - this is my personal journey - but also others that have either retired or will soon retire.  I thought I knew a lot about the world and I thought I had a plan.  It was actually a good plan, it landed me my first job and provided me with the opportunity to learn and evaluate.

The fact is, however, there is much I did not and do not know. Many of my pre-retirement perceptions were wrong, some things I thought would be hard were not and some things I thought easy have been hard.

I have come to know one thing only that I can say as fact:  Real happiness after retiring from the military requires a whole-person approach.

I hope you join me, learn, contribute to the conversation and teach as I go about this journey and share it with the world.

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C.S. Lewis

Next Steps...

If you are interested in learning more, follow my occasional blog posts, comment, contribute, learn and teach as we all find our purpose.