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I do not suppose to have all the answers, but I have come to know that the answers provided by “experts” and pundits via mainstream news outlets lack depth, perspective and unfortunately very often truth.   I offer here an attempt to ask good questions, at least, about the important things.  You may read about me here to see why I think I am at least qualified to ask questions.

My subject matter covers Geopolitics, Humanities and Military Affairs.

Geopolitics is an important interest to dissect and analyze because unfortunately much of what we are fed in the news is filtered through the prism of domestic politics and political ideology.  This is a flawed and shortsighted approach.

The humanities are critical to understand and discuss because history, philosophy, theology, government and the law represent who we are as a people and a culture.  It is these areas that should inform all else and drive domestic and foreign policy as well as the relationship between the governed and the government, and with one another.

Military Affairs is perhaps the least important of the three categories of topics I cover here but based upon the current geopolitical climate it remains at the forefront of both spending and thought.  It is also a subject I am intimately familiar with having spent over 34 years in the US Army and DoD.

Lastly, and certainly not of least importance despite it being mentioned last here, I spend a lot of space herein discussing the on-going Cultural War, the history, implications, ramifications and the future.  There are issues the progressives have correctly identified, but their solutions are based not on principles, nor real truth but emotions.  Traditionalists have ceded the field by getting a lot of things wrong, allowing radicals to control the narrative and even the language and focusing at times on trivialities.  The very future of America and the West is at stake.  These are the most important issues I discuss here.


C.S. Lewis

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