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Fallujah Iraq on or about 6 November 2004
Outside Fallujah, November 2004

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My Approach

I hope here to apply critical thinking and solid, proven philosophies to ask and attempt to answer pressing problems and perhaps analyze events and policies from the perspective of a worldview anchored in some personal experience, reading and understanding great thinkers while applying the reason God gifted us all with.

I write from the perspective of a retired US Army field grade officer, I traveled the world, did things and saw stuff but that does not make me an expert any more than the paid pundits on television.  It simply informs my outlook.  I am heavily influenced by the writings of Edmund Burke, Russell Kirk, Thomas Reid, John Calvin, Frederic Bastiat and others.

I admit frankly my bias as a Southerner and Christian (reformed protestant), anti-federalist, old-right (paleoconservative), realist. If interested, I explain how I came to hold these ideas here, who is Barry Clark.

My Story

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Who I am will progressively elaborate over time in my writing.  However the short of it is I spent just over 33 years in the Army, 23 of those on active duty and 19 of those as a commissioned officer.

I retired as a Major in 2018, in historical times that might have been respectable, nowadays others might wonder why.   I choose to retire, was not passed over and not sent away - it was time to go.   Being prior-enlisted gave me that fine option. (Donald Vandergriff, one of my early heroes, and a fellow that I think of as a visionary also retired as a major - he was smarter and more correct than every general officer I ever worked with - so I am in good company.)

I loved the Army, loved most of the work I did.  I was not the best officer to have ever served, I viewed the profession differently than some, had a smart mouth and sometimes marched to my own drum, never played politics, never sucked up to anyone, never sold my soul to the system - I did make a couple of enemies - but I can honestly say that in the times I did what God created me to do I did it well.

Lastly, I accomplished a goal I set upon nearing retirement.  I wanted to be able to say I held a military, DoD civilian and a contractor ID card.  Those that served might be able to realized the slight humor of that goal.  The only type of ID card I never had was a dependent ID and I suspect that will never happen.  Seeing the Army from all three of those perspectives was enlightening.

I am a Christian, the father of two kids one in college and one who graduated, a good husband to my wife and nice to her dog. I also love my buddy Cooper Dog.

Member of:

  • Foreign Policy Research Institute
  • Intercollegiate Studies Institute
  • The Calhoun Institute
  • South Carolina Historical Society
  • South Carolina Genealogical Society
  • Association of Old Crows
  • Veteran's of Foreign Wars

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