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Practical Preparations For Hard Times

Folks often laugh at 'preppers', the term conjures up images of folks living in the backwoods, with a bunker and a lot of guns waiting for the world to end; or sitting in their basement waiting for SHTF. There is some of that, there are excess in every endeavor. This page and my videos are not about that. Being prepared is no different than buying insurance on your house or car. You know bad things happen, they are relatively rare but they have the potential to be extremely damaging if they happen to you.

Practical prepping is all about doing reasonable and achievable things to provide insurance to you and your circle; nothing more, nothing less.

Previously on this blog, I wrote about philosophy, the humanities, theology, and geopolitics. I have opinions about what is going on in the world, but I will not burden the conversation between now (it is late September 2020), and this gets resolved. Talking about what and why does not matter much right now; it will not help us or stop what is happening.

In terms of all of that, I will say only this. I believe that there is an attempt at a color revolution at play. I have no idea who all is involved, it very well may be elements of both parties. I do believe, firmly, that whoever was behind this attempt fanned the flames of division and anger this year in America. That was a dangerous bottle to open, there is a growing (and ideologically diverse) minority that no longer sees the US as legitimate. "The powers that be", "they", whatever teem is appropriate, may not be able to cap this bottle of anger no matter if the color revolution attempt succeeds or fails. That summarizes my unbiased opinion. I am not now placing judgment on why people are angry, my opinion does not matter. many are. I discuss in one of my first videos on this subject the conditions required for an insurgency to form, we have met most conditions.

I am not a lifelong prepper with a ranch and a bunker. I have read and watched with interest the 'movement' since the 1990s. I have always lived 'prepared' but not like some folks. I always wanted the 'compound', life took me elsewhere. I have seen insurgencies upfront and personally. I know counter-insurgency operations (COIN), and I know that methodology does not work. I was in Iraq early on when the insurgency grew from nothing, I was back to see it in full-swing, I witnessed it recede and then reemerge. I also know about planning and the methodologies of dissecting a problem to the root cause. I am not a professional prepper, many others know more than me about specific products and the skills to birth a calf, etc. I offer here practical advice of what I saw in an insurgency and how I saw it affect regular people and how I observed those people react and survive.