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Color Revolution Explained

1 March 2022

Color revolution methodology was used in the US, inarguably observable by 2019, and in retrospect beginning as early as 2011. Western governments have become very adept at these methodologies, they have been used with varying degrees of success in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and most notably in Ukraine. You came here searching for Color Revolutions explained, a series of pages that laid out the five-phase methodology and phaseology. The search results coming here for 'color revolution' rise and fall based upon events occurring in the world, and they come from different political sides, depending upon what someone claims on social media.

The chart above was from one of the original articles and represented an assessment of where were in the phaseology as of August 2020.

Those articles have been removed from this site for a simple reason. It happened, and now the next thing is happening. The same methodology the US used in Ukraine in 2014 was used in the US. You do not need all the previous articles, you just need an open mind clear of bias, a memory of what we all saw, and the chart above. You will see it.


If you came here for an explanation of why Ukraine happened, because the simple story everyone else is repeating does not make sense, I suggest you look up a video by professor John J. Mearsheimer given at the University of Chicago in September of 2015, a year after the US and its surrogates successfully executed a color revolution in Ukraine and right as all the bloodshed in the east was hitting a climax. Watch it before it gets memory-holed because his geopolitical analysis was both correct and predictive, and truth is dangerous to power.


If you are a MAGA supporter, color revolution methodologies were not used to ‘remove Trump’ not in the way Darren Beattie or Tucker Carlson tells you, Trump was an active participant. You ought to see that by now. If you are a progressive and came here because someone claimed that “the US is orchestrating a Color Revolution against Trudeau and Canada” or because someone else said “January 6th was a failed color revolution” there was nothing in the documents we have now removed that would have satiated the preconceived bias you came here to confirm. If you try to understand the methodology, you will understand how ludicrous both of those ideas are. if you are honest and unbiased about what we all saw, add the series of unlikely coincidences together with the numerous clearly discernable control operations geared toward each side. You will see how those things fit into each phase. I promise I will not tell any of the other progressives that you had a thought that was not preapproved and checked for safety by the group. I will not tell on you MAGA people either if you dare question who and what Trump was. Who, how, and why the methodology was used in the US is more complex than all that, those simplistic red-herrings intended to distract from an uncomfortable truth. It transcends what most perceive as political ideology.  It is bigger than just a government and much bigger than your favorite political party, and frankly, it was bigger than the US. Media outlets, even stalwart "independents" each side rallies around told you what you were supposed to hear, and when some of the truth of it was too hard to conceal, they wrapped that truth in absurdity to throw you off the trail.


Most humans are perfectly comfortable settling upon a worldview and then spending a lot of energy being repulsed by any information that rocks the foundation of that view. I will say this, a lot of your heroes, influencers, narrative tellers, and others played a part in what happened. Those methodologies achieved one objective in a bigger event. The objectives of that bigger event will adversely affect everyone that is not in the ‘club’ and I suspect if you searched this term, you are not in the know and therefore not in that club. Most humans are deceived, and through that deception are controlled – very often we help in our own control by consuming lies and then actively participating in them and supporting more actions that further harm us.


Sorry folks, I will no longer leave information up that people take and spin to fit within a narrow view of the world, doing more damage than harm. Friends and I took a not-insignificant risk to do the work required to build the factual claims in the previous documents. I have taken a risk in posting the information, I have received unwanted attention at times. It is not worth it, what happened occurred, it has enabled other events, and those events – despite that most of you cheer them on now – will irrevocably harm us all.


Personally, I am leaving the public space and public comments, this year. If you are curious about this topic now and came here through a search, ask yourself – why is this just now on your radar, why did you believe you would find something that confirmed a bias and a narrative that was floating around on social media. Think about that; learn from it – do better. [Epistemology, Critical Thinking, And Truth Claims]


If you read this far down, I would say I am not trying to be a jerk. The time for understanding this was likely long before my mates and I began to piece it together and I write it down. If you can, at this moment step back from preconceived biases, and just watch the media, social media, and the trends - watch how people react and counter-react, as if someone blew a whistle to give them commands, and then logically consider what is going on and who benefits from the actions surrounding that perhaps you will be better off than 95% of your neighbors. Knowledge of color revolution methodology is infinitely less useful to you or anyone else at this point. Understanding Information operations, and then avoiding them, is your best hope now. People around you are aiding in their own servitude, be different, and if nothing else, be aware.


Cheers and good luck.

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