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How To Live In The World and Not Be Fooled

The following are resources to assist in navigating a world that is increasingly filled with deception, pitfalls, and traps.


Starting off, this is perhaps not the best handling of the topic, but this methodology assists me. Epistemology, Critical Thinking, And Truth Claims


Second, you cannot understand the world without reading the instruction manual (the Bible). If we look around at the various divisions in churches we find one common theme, On each side of the issue, people on one side claim they have verses or interpretations, and likewise, so does the other side. When Paul, an apostle chosen by Christ, wrote to the church at Berea they challenged and tested him. (Acts 17:11). These men would not even take the word of Paul himself without testing his words according to Scripture. So, we must think correctly and use methods to frame our thoughts toward the objective, but true understanding can only come from Scripture, not the interpretation of it by any man. Learn How to read the Bible and Be a Berean.


The following are from a fellow in Minnesota, he is a Lutheran pastor but was raised as a Nazarene. It took me some time in my life to open my eyes to what the visible church is and what it is not. I think if you look and apply solid discernment you will find it is not what you set out believing it to be. It is smaller and more diverse than one might find throughout history, true Christianity was found in many places but it was never as widespread as church membership or affiliation would have indicated. Test Chris' words against scripture. He is a good teacher, he does a very good job of helping understand how to read and interpret the Bible, not in a specifically Lutheran way, but in a way that aligns with how Reformed Christians have historically approached it. The approach is logical and once you grasp it, you see clearly how others are able to twist Scripture and how people can talk about the same issue, using verses and both think they are right (both cannot be correct and we know that). If you are still put off by the Lutheran label, Chris comes from one of the few remaining decent Lutheran denominations. Listen to him, test him and try his words.


I have some acquaintances that are Catholic and one that is Orthodox and I say to them what I would say to you if you got down this far reading. The Reformed Tradition is part of Christianity and it arose because of serious errors. We could debate that too little or too much was reformed out, but if you are a Catholic or Orthodox and also a Christian (there is a difference) there is much below that would serve you.

Chris has many more teaching videos from the old days, one is a fantastic series on the Old Testament (hint it is about Jesus, but I guess he ruined that surprise by actually telling us that). He focuses primarily now, in his internet ministry on debunking heretics. Some find that offensive but we are told to rebuke lies.

Next, we have some videos from a fellow I have dialogued with, I do not know him but his responses and ministry seem sincere AND his words match the truth. he attacks some of the core principles of postmodernism and how those have affected Christianity.

The following one is rather old and deals with the esoteric. Mark admits this is not his favorite part of his ministry, it is dark, but it does shed a light on some of the elements in our culture that are not what they seem.

Truth versus deception is the story of history, since the first deception in the garden.


Below are two men that many younger folks have perhaps never heard of, and others never because they have prejudice related to denominational affiliation. Nobody would do themselves any harm by listening to much of the preaching of Voddie Baucham and R.C. Sproul. Ignore the denominations they come from, these are solid reformed preachers.



Bonus Material

1) Felix "Rex", an American Expat, living in Japan who produces videos containing social commentary. He does not approach his analysis from a directly Christian perspective, but rather the traditional worldview shaped so profoundly by Christianity. Felix is well-read, knows history and the foundations for most problems we see around us, and presents a perspective that is incisive and direct, without overselling obvious points.  (he has two separate channels as Youtube continues to shadowban his content and issue him warnings)

2) This item is from the proprietor of this site, it was made 13 April 2020. Now, it is long and ponderous, the goofy guy in the video has no particular skills for video making or prognosticating. He would even tell you that is is an utterly ordinary guy, maybe not even that smart. But, the truth of it all was clear to this fellow, and those truths have only become more clear. You are without excuse at this point.