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Things You Need to Do Before the Election

If you came into 2020 snickering at preppers and convinced you would never be one, I suspect you have arrived at this page because you are worried about what happens in America after the election; the violence, maybe an insurgency or a civil war. There is time, relax. In late summer, I decided to spend essentially all of my online time doing three things; OSINT, researching ways to make my own home and family safer, and writing and doing videos to help others. I retired from the Army, I was in Iraq and watch the insurgency grow, then receded then reemerge in a different form. What is coming might very well be ugly - but it will not be the end of the world. Even in Iraq in the worst of times, people went to market, to work to hospital. However, don't take that to mean that many did not suffer and die simply doing those common activities.

If the nascent insurgency I see forming becomes incipient and acts out after election day, life can become very difficult. particularly for us soft, 'just-in-time' consumer Americans. Stick with me. Through videos and articles, sometimes with original work, at other times analyzing and commenting on good work done by the prepper community through the years we can get you ready - as best as is possible. You do not have to needlessly suffer.

We cannot be certain what the future holds. But we can evaluate trends and indicators. Those tell us it is time to prepare and get ready.

Book mark my site here, follow me on Twitter for updates and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I will help you parse through the wide prepper world and help you figure out a practical way to prep now. This is no longer an eccentric hobby? Be a Prepper!

Treat this as an operation. Plan, be strategic about it, develop actionable items, conduct an assessment of your current environment THEN act. Don't just willy nilly jump into this and don't be overwhelmed by all the information on the web. You do not have to prep for SHTF or a total collapse of civilization to get through this. See the videos below to scope your planning to prepare.


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