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Police and the Color Revolution

We have needed to address the militarization and polarization of the police in the US for a long time. I have long been an advocate for that conversation. I also always said that if it ever became a ‘Black’ thing the problem would not be solved and would become worse. We are witnessing that, and it seems to fit with the pattern of a color revolution, usurping the institution.

Confidence in the police is waning, on both sides of the political spectrum. We have observed some bizarre things.

>Omaha bar owner confronted by a mob and finally being placed in headlock charged with manslaughter for using his pistol to defend himself

>A guy in Milwaukee arrested for displaying a shotgun in through a closed window inside his home after a mob had been in front of his home for three houses, shouting will bullhorns and shining lights into the home.

Sure, there are additional facts to each of those cases, but common-sense Americans realize that a mob cannot simply form in front of a private citizen’s home and shout at him for three hours. That is not covered under free speech, that is stalking and harassment. Common-sense says if the police removed the mob the subsequent shotgun incident would not have occurred.

In the case of the bar owner, the DA preferred charges after pressure from the ‘community’ and real humans, cops followed his orders and arrested the man.

We have observed police stand by as buildings burned. We see cops use their vehicles to move through violent crowds but observe ordinary citizens arrested for doing the same. Regular Americans are beginning to mistrust the police.

This would have occurred much sooner. Recall back to a full tactical assault team with an armored vehicle shutting down a bar in Texas. Hairdressers were arrested for working. Gym owners drug from their places of business for daring to try and make a living. Remember all of that.

Regular Americans watched early on all those cruise ships, filled with old people, in conditions one observer noted as ‘the worst containment effort he had ever observed’. Amazingly very few of those folks became ill and very few died. Americans knew, deep down, that something was off with all the Covid stuff long before actual data came in that proved it.

If the ‘defund the police’ movement had not kicked off in May, ordinary Americans would have taken to the streets this year and put an end to all of these lockdowns. If the police had continued in their behavior of supporting oppressive and unconstitutional arrests, people would have reacted.

Of course, traditional Americans setting things right, taking to the streets and making government change would not fit the objectives of a color revolution based upon a globalist agenda. I suspect there would have been very little violence. Red-blooded Americans, standing together would have been a pretty impressive voice. The police would have gotten the message, government officials that pressed the issue would know their time in office was over this November. It is possible we might have achieved real police reform. Why did those cops in Texas have that armored vehicle they were so giddy to roll out against regular Americans anyway? Things would have changed.

But that would not have fit the plan. That sort of real change would not benefit those that want to see the color revolution through.

They needed regular Americans compliant, supporting of a weak controlled opposition, willing and vocally supporting of more, not less police powers. It seems paradoxical, but the real folks behind the ‘defund the police’ movement do not want to get rid of cop, they want to change policing. They want more police powers. The riots perpetrated by BLM and ANTIFA have made many traditionalists Americans call for more police powers, to look the other way when things like Federal police are used, when Federal agencies use ISR assets to aid in policing. The crisis of the riots caused, through controlled opposition, for the ‘right’ to call for and support the very tools that will some be used against them.

The events described above are what is called anarcho-tyranny, a circumstance in which the police ignore widescale illegal activities but punish the individual, oftentimes otherwise peaceful, law-abiding individuals. We have recently witnessed evidence of this on a large scale in Australia where the police stood by and allowed thousands to take to the street for BLM protests (contrary to COVID restrictions) but ordinary little ladies are arrested in their homes, in the pajamas for making a Facebook post. That is anarcho-tyranny.

We don’t pay cops enough, never have. These folks ought never have been subjected to what many of them have faced this year. It is a tough and thankless job. They are doing themselves no favors, personally or professionally, when they do things like what they did in the early part of Covid, or when they ‘just follow orders’ now and arrest the easy targets and ignore the mass violators.

This was intended, break the trust of the people in all sides, in the police, make the police feel isolated and alone and subtly allow unprecedented new powers to enter the real of the possible. This sets us up for a pretty nasty and tyrannical police force at the end of all of this.

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