America’s Color Revolution: Consolidation Phase


The tweet above is the sort of Johhny-come-lately, sensationalized, dribble that has occupied the lives of so many good Americans for the last several months. Responses are generally of the sort of "oh my", "praying" or something similar that one, demonstrate most people do not really get what the original poster was trying to say, or two, got swept up in a moment of fear-porn.

I stopped following this Rich guy a long time ago, he gets out over his skis, he says things as if it is new information weeks late. Something is off, but I digress. He is like so many others that do this same thing, he is not the point.

I suggest that we all spend a lot less time on social media right now, seeking snippets of information, trying to be armchair researchers. You know, we all know, enough about what is going on, just by observing its nature. Information, even more information, does not equal knowledge.

America just underwent a color revolution (the name does not matter "Purple" is already taken, maybe historians will reassign). January 6th was the culminating event, the election was the goal. All of 2020 was related. The deception operation that supported this effort was executed on both sides (ANTIFA, BLM, Q, MAGA). The MSM was part of it. It was very likely managed by our own INTEL agencies.  Look at the history and methodologies of color revolutions (see a primer here). This just happened here, color revolution in an advanced form.

That is all you have to know. The details, all the nasty details will not change that knowledge. More information is not relevant to you.

What Rich meant above was that if all of this follows historic precedence, some of the groups (ANTIFA) that those that used color revolution methodologies to take power will soon become unnecessary and will be put down. That is true. He should have explained that, as well as quantified what "soon" means and what must occur first and what is likely to happen. That is the responsible thing to do, a thread or article.

See ANTIFA for what it is: useful idiots to the cabal and a threat to you only if you get into the wrong place (that applies to most of us). They are not your enemy (as in we need to stop them). Don't feed the beast - stay away from that part of the dialectic. (If ANTIFA were to defeat or take control of the seat of power or seize the cabal, then they would be your primary enemy).

For the establishment cabal to move forward with their agenda (move toward all those Great Reset, AGENDA 2030 items) they have to consolidate power, quickly. They face three threats.

  1. America is unique among all nations in which a color revolution has occurred. It would be very dangerous for 80 million Americans to come to the conclusion that the government was illegitimate.
  2. The beast they financed, supported, and enabled in the form of racial hatred and anarchist violence will be impossible to control and hard to appease.
  3. The cabal may have taken power, via soft means, but our laws still say the same thing, it is always possible for a push back from within the Democratic party or active resistance from the Republicans.

The next weeks and months are critical. They have to consolidate power. Then they have to systematically disarm and defang the three threats.

Here is what is likely to occur.

Their first target will be to defang and cower those 80 million in item #1 above. (not a full disarmament yet, not GULAGs or any of that in the short term this will be soft-power and policy stuff)

  1. Look for a slew of EO's and policy changes that directly impact speech, perhaps movement and weapons (in some way)
  2. Look for talk of shaking up the entire circuit court, perhaps dismissing it (and all those judges) and rebuilding it with cabal friendly justices. (key for lawfare)
  3. Watch the DOJ come down hard on all manner of 'right-wing' extremists. (this will cower the rest)
  4. There will be increasing pressure to stop and punish wrong-think and speech and to stop the means of communication and collaboration. (to keep people alone and separated)

Those four above are sufficient to nullify the threat of most of those 80 million. Those four steps will be simple to implement and easy to add to later. This will set the stage for the neutralization of the main threat.

Expect that during this period ANTIFA and associated groups will operate freely, and with ever-increasing violence. These groups built a lot of 4GW capability last year and they contain numerous die-hard cadre, many well-versed in bloc tactics. Biden will attempt to appease groups like BLM through policies, but he cannot appease ANTIFA and maintain power.

Only after the real threat of the 80 million is reduced to a mop-up operation of dead-enders, will Biden be forced to deal with ANTIFA. The FBI has long known the names and addresses of every leader in that group. The night of the long knives mentioned above could be exactly that, one night of mass arrests. These radical groups will have long since served their purpose, and once the 80 million are neutered, Biden will be free to give them the SA treatment.

That is ideally, from the cabal's perspective, how they deal with their two main threats. The third threat is easily managed by manipulating the recent census, passing lawfare type election reform, and using any tools necessary to manipulate future elections.

Black Swan events are possible. We could go to war with a foreign power. ANTIFA could become more violent quicker, some false flag operation might go awry with unexpected blowback. Plans never survive intact when other people get a vote.

But for you, stop worrying about the details. Stop consuming fear-porn like the tweet above. Have knowledge of the nature of the thing. If you live in a large city, expect what is coming. Everybody ought to be aware of the distinct possibility of increased violence generally and all that goes along with that. Look to last summer and multiply that for the most likely scenario. Prepare!

Be aware of some of the events last year, especially if you ever exercise your right to self-defense. Punishing you, the victim will play a key role in neutering the masses and cowering them. Avoid trouble, protests, and nights in the city!

Stop worrying, they have not won yet, there are several ways in which the complete destruction of the old system is avoidable - it all begins by not being played anymore.

Note: by stop worrying, I do not mean the situation is not a real problem. The bad guys are essentially on our four-yard line with a first down and most of our defense is injured. We have to stop doing the things we did for most of the game (which includes all that Q-like researching for just more information). Subsidiarity, interposition, localism, and elements of lawfare may save us, MAY. Get out and get involved. Maybe, just maybe we can thwart the consolidation phase so that this color revolution does not 'stick' and we can attempt to go back to some semblance of normalcy, in a couple of years. It may or may not work, but at this moment, getting involved locally and preparing individually is the very best action we can take.


Author: Barry

Southerner, father, husband, Christian and a retired Army field grade officer. Author of five books and of several papers and articles on ethics, culture, history, geopolitics and military affairs.

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