Articles, Books and Papers By Barry Lee Clark

From Radical Progressivism to Authoritarianism, Monograph, 2019 (PDF version)

Retrenchment: Christian Defense of Permanent Things, Book, 2019, (Google Books, Amazon)

Fourth Turning Clash of Inter-Civilization Cultures Thesis, Theory, 2019, DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.32977.28008

A Commonsense Case for Christianity, Book, 2019 (Google Books, Amazon)

The Philosophy of Commonsense: A Cultural War Primer, Book, 2019 (abstract, Google Books, Amazon, about)

Things You Are Not Supposed to Know About a Military Career, Book, 2019

Three Questions that Defined the US Army Signal Corps , Paper, 2018, PDF Version

Scottish Influence in Early Southern American Culture – Alexander Clark PDF Version, Paper, 2018

America’s Great Cultural and Political Divide, Article, 2018, (PDF version)

The Calhoun Review, Issue 1, Volume I, 2016 – Secession and Devolution in Contemporary Geopolitical Theory, Journal, 2016, Also available on ResearchGate


The Annotated Secessionist Papers, Second Edition Authors: Barry Lee ClarkBrian McCandlissMichael PeirceDr. Walter E. BlockDr. Thomas E. Woods Jr., Dr. Kevin L. ClausonKirkpatrick SaleDr. Forrest McDonaldGene H. Kizer, Jr., Dr. Thomas J. DiLorenzoDr. Donald W. Livingston, Book, Publication date 2016, Second Edition, 2018, Publisher The Calhoun Institute ISBN:  1983255041 and 9781721780631B07DYYL3DZ More on GoodReads

The First War of the New Order: How Rule of Law and the Form of Government Changed in America’s Second Revolution : doi 10.13140/RG.2.1.5163.7528, Paper, Publication date 2016/2/7 Source (repository) BL Clark – Available at SSRN 2728971, 2016

Moral Underpinnings of the Military Profession, Article, 2016, Source SSRN: Moral Philosophy, Institution Command and General Staff College BL Clark – Available at SSRN, 2016

Manifesto of Old Men and Simple Preachers, Article, 2012/2/1, Journal Available at SSRN 2732840 BL Clark – Available at SSRN 2732840, 2012 (also available here)
Posted on The Abbeville Review 23 FEB 2016

Other names I have written under: BL Clark; Barry Clark; MAJ Barry L. Clark, USA (Ret); Barry Clark, Major, USA, Retired; “El Cid”

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