The following I believe, I believe the things and I believe in the things stated. You may assess the truth-value of each. I dedicate considerable space and effort throughout my writing to articulate why I hold these to be true.

Some of the items I believe are proven, self-evident and difficult to refute without succumbing to word magic and absurd thought. Others are perhaps more contentious, more open to debate. I include both, those I suppose to the proven, through sufficient reason and evidence, and those that I hold to be true based upon enough evidence, reasonable.

Key: First Principle (FP), Inference (IN), Proposition (PR)

  1. There is/are a creator (G)god(s) – FP [1]
  2. Universal Truth exists – FP [1]
  3. Natural Moral law exists and is written into the spirit of all men in all time – FP [1]
  4. Imperfection Abounds -FP [1]
  5. There exists a Transcendent Order -FP [1]
  6. Social Continuity is Good -FP [1]
  7. The God of the Bible is the most likely and reasonable option for the one true God -IN [2]
  8. Essential Meanings exist -PR
  9. Realism combined with elements of Rationalism is the best philosophical approach – PR
  10. Common-sense exists and is informed by some innate familiarity with universal laws and the natural moral law. – PR
  11. Christian Metaphysical Realism was one of the key components in the formation of Western Civilization. -PR [1] [3]
  12. Permanent Things are essential to the identity and continuity of a culture and a civilization. – PR
  13. Christianity is a Permanent Thing in Western Civilization. – PR [1]
  14. Classical Liberalism has failed to achieve its goals – PR [4] [5]
  15. Classical Liberalism failed when flawed philosophers and thinkers were valued and perpetuated over others – PR
  16. Progress, as in edification and improvement of life, society, government and thought, is not the natural and inevitable outcome. All systems tend toward disorder and chaos if not properly managed and cared for. – PR
  17. Postmodernism, the result of flawed philosophy and ideas, is absurd. – PR
  18. As a result of Postmodern ideologies, and other factors, the Christian church has in large part entered a period of apostasy, heresy and a general falling away. – PR
  19. Left adrift, without traditions, right reason, common-sense, an understanding of truth, and abandonment of permanent things Western Civilization will not long survive. -PR
  20. Postmodern ideologies, if left unchecked will lead to authoritarianism or reactionary totalitarianism. – PR [4] [5]
  21. Despite the fact that all men are endowed with some universal knowledge the universal moral law, reason is insufficient to discern truth. Social order is only possible when combined with received knowledge, through the experience of the ages and ancient institutions. Tradition guides good order and government where reason fails.

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