The following I believe, I believe the things and I believe in the things stated. You may assess the truth-value of each. I dedicate considerable space and effort throughout my writing to articulate why I hold these to be true.

Some of the items I believe are proven, self-evident and difficult to refute without succumbing to word magic and absurd thought. Others are perhaps more contentious, more open to debate. I include both, those I suppose to the proven, through sufficient reason and evidence, and those that I hold to be true based upon enough evidence, reasonable.

Key: First Principle (FP), Inference (IN), Proposition (PR)

  1. There is/are a creator (G)god(s) – FP [1]
  2. Universal Truth exists – FP [1]
  3. Natural Moral law exists and is written into the spirit of all men in all time – FP [1]
  4. Imperfection Abounds -FP [1]
  5. There exists a Transcendent Order -FP [1]
  6. Social Continuity is Good -FP [1]
  7. The God of the Bible is the most likely and reasonable option for the one true God -IN [2]
  8. Essential Meanings exist -PR
  9. Realism combined with elements of Rationalism is the best philosophical approach – PR
  10. Common-sense exists and is informed by some innate familiarity with universal laws and the natural moral law. – PR
  11. Christian Metaphysical Realism was one of the key components in the formation of Western Civilization. -PR [1] [3]
  12. Permanent Things are essential to the identity and continuity of a culture and a civilization. – PR
  13. Christianity is a Permanent Thing in Western Civilization. – PR [1]
  14. Classical Liberalism has failed to achieve its goals – PR [4] [5]
  15. Classical Liberalism failed when flawed philosophers and thinkers were valued and perpetuated over others – PR
  16. Progress, as in edification and improvement of life, society, government and thought, is not the natural and inevitable outcome. All systems tend toward disorder and chaos if not properly managed and cared for. – PR
  17. Postmodernism, the result of flawed philosophy and ideas, is absurd. – PR
  18. As a result of Postmodernism, and other factors, the Christian church has in large part entered a period of apostasy, heresy and a general falling away. – PR
  19. Left adrift, without traditions, right reason, common-sense, an understanding of truth, and abandonment of permanent things Western Civilization will not long survive. -PR
  20. Postmodernism, if left unchecked will lead to authoritarianism or reactionary totalitarianism. – PR [4] [5]

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