A Primer in Truth

Antonio Gramsci conceived of the need for long-march through Western institution in order to facilitate Marxist revolutions. The church was one such institution that had to be infiltrated. This happened log ago with the UMC, PC (USA) Episcopalian and others. It began in earst with the SBC a few years ago. The megachurch, is unique in that is was built upon communitarian ideology that will eventual man these churches fall lock-step into compliance and support of Marxism and away from Christianity.

I challenge you, spend time watching the videos below, and follow some of the links. Follow the facts yourself, check the sources, and question the conclusions of the folks below. The men below are both qualified to speak, by education and experience, and they speak quality as determined by measuring their words through discernment and reason. They are not speaking from new and ‘interesting’ ideologies or currently popular ideas, they speak truths based upon the Bible, history, and ideas long tested by many reasonable and intelligent people.

Do not follow the world (Romans 12:2), even if it comes in the form of a church. If a church is following the world – it is probably wrong.

Follow the links below long before you read a list of ‘recommended books’. Books often are written by people that quote people that cite ideas that are unproven and unsound. No matter how ‘recommended’ many of these books may be by the crowd, you have to evaluate the intent before the content – you have to understand the ideas the books are based upon and where they come from and what the real purpose of the book has. If you fail to do this, if you read these books and follow the crowd without rightly applying Biblical principles you will be made a fool. If you blindly follow leaders that tell you how to think and tell you not to question but just to ‘act and serve’ you will become nothing more than a Menshevik (a useful idiot to the Marxist – their term, not mine.)

Late addition to list, look at the The Statement on Social Justice & the Gospel. Read the statement, argue from Biblical principles that the statement is wrong. Would your pastor sign this based upon what he has been saying from the pulpit? If not, ask yourself what he is using to justify his words if not the Bible. If you doubt the assertions, look at the resources on the SJ&G site. Why do these real, authentic and concerned Christians disagree so firmly with what progressive churches are saying? Look at the site, read the statement, look at the resources below, check the facts, read you Bible, pray – You already know what right looks like, you are just so far in to your social group you are unwilling to see it.

  1. Watch Dr. Thomas Sowell, the brightest economist of our day explain why all the troubles on the street that people are rioting and protesting about are really public policy and economic problems, not racism.

2. John MacArthur and an expository review of the Biblical explanation for the current troubles.

3. Watch Voddie Baucham explain what Cultural Marxism is, the real objective behind the crisis. (Optional) read this Washington Times editorial about progressive pastors supporting anti-biblical organizations.

4. Hear Voddie Baucham explain why the racialism of the current crisis is really Ethnic Gnosticism and anti-Biblical.

5. (Optional) if you are brave, read ‘Cultural Marxism, Antonio Gramsci, and The Frankfurt School

6. If you do not believe or understand that the bad and dangerous ideologies of Postmodernism and Cultural Marxism have infected the church, watch the Founder’s Ministries presentation below.

7. If you are confused as to why your megachurch pastor is not saying anything like the pastors above and why they have told you to stop having opinions and just listen to the leaders and act, watch Chris Rosebrough’s presentation below (open up the PowerPoint that goes with the lecture first).

8. (Optional) If you do not believe Chris I suggest you check his work. Begin at the Leadership Network ( the organization that was foundational in the creation of your church) read what they say of Peter Drucker. Google and read Druker’s own words about social change and why he got involved with churches (hint: it was not about Christ). Google “Peter Drucker Cult’, there are numerous books papers and articles about leadership cult etc, even people that applied his management theories realize the cult-like elements. Look at these [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10] for some examples of this in the church, there are many more. Think about how preachers in these churches place themselves in every sermon, other preachers do not do this – that is part of the cult of leadership, it is intentional. Go find where your Bible says that ‘truth can only be found in community’ (in context and in agreement with the whole Scripture), ignoring the Biblical principles of the authority of conscience. Ask why preachers in these churches are so fast to follow the WORLD in this time instead of rightly applying the Bible – where are they leading you? Are these false teachers? (Matthew 24:24)

9. See Dr. Stephen Hicks explain Postmodernism (the stuff that fills up those books on that recommended list you are provided continually)

10. (Optional) a discussion of America’s New Religion…and How To Stay Christian.

11. Read deeply about China’s Cultural Revolution, dig for facts, not just Wikipedia, and much of the muted stories that appear high in Google searches – go deeper to find the true and horrible story. Read how 100 million people died and countless others were tortured and imprisoned and an entire nation impoverished because of the same sorts of radical ideas and ideologies at play in our world right now. See below for one example.

12. A description of the Marxist plan from 1966

13. I know nothing about the folks that produced the video, but I have been familiar with the lecturer Yuri for years, he is the real deal – the video would be much better without the commentary.

If you watch and read all of the above and more, from folks that apply a Biblical understanding of these issues in a way that is tried and true and tested over the generations you will come to understand a few things about the world. You will see that some folks you have come to trust are wrong and have led you astray.

Don’t listen to me – but also don’t let others tell you how you are supposed to see all of this. There are fools and charlatans out there and many bad ideologies. If you listen to them you forfeit your inheritance to a good future and damn your children to suffer under the mess you went along with the crowd in creating.

Be a true man and woman of God, Be brave, seek truth, think for yourself, don’t follow the crowd, don’t follow charlatans!

Humor and Sarcasm in Hard Times

Something profound is occurring. Many people only argue and talk in narratives and sound bites now. Circular logic abounds. There are deceptions geared toward the ‘right’ and ‘left’ and many accept them whole-hog. Everything else happening in 2020 pales in comparison to our collective inability to critically think and reason. Something is coming! It is time to get ready and do work. (Gen. Flynn said this better than I today)

Something is Coming


Beginning a couple of weeks ago I began to make significant changes in me, my routine, and my priorities. The world really has changed! We need to change too, and quickly. But there were just a few more things I wanted to say publically. This change (not mine, I refer to the big change in our world) is going to affect us all, does not matter if you own a secluded, self-sufficient ranch in the West or live in an apartment in Manhatten. The paradigm is shifting and we will all feel it.

If you came here and intend to look at nothing, scroll to the very bottom at least - I wrote the title of this post before the content, it is really not that humorous at all and has just a bit of sarcasim. 

First, some music to set the mood!


We have entered the period of post-debate. Critical thinking, even by intelligent people, succumbs to the narrative of their preferred side of an issue.

Religious Expression

Me: By what authority can the government tell a church how to worship?

Them: The Virus is dangerous

Me: ok, but by what authority?

Them: If we love one another we will comply

Me: Right, but if people feel convicted to meet in person, what is the authority to tell them 'No'

Them: Executive order


Me: They have told us a lot of conflicting things with this, the science is not settled

Them: People are dying, we need to love one another

Me: But not nearly as many as they said, how many are dying because of the lockdowns

Them: if we would all lockdown harder and wear masks this would go away

Me: but some countries did not lockdown, and remember when they told us masks were dangerous

Them: If we would all just do what they say this will go away


Me: some of these protests are riots and BLM believes some pretty bad things

Them: Well I am opposed to systemic racism

Me: What is that? How do so many people of all races achieve so much in America?

Them: It is love to stand with the protestors

Me: But some of the protestors are violent criminals and BLM is a bad group

Them: Well I am opposed to systemic racism

Most arguments against those that question what is going on in the world and what it means become circular. Almost a Brawdo has electrolytes level of circular but from much more intelligent folks.

If I have insulted you, I apologize. <<<<honest!


Obviously, something profound is occurring. I see absurd arguments from all sides, generally repeating narratives and talking points. So few are asking foundational questions, reaching for the true nature of the events around us.

It is almost as if we are surrounded by pod people on all sides! (I am not unconvinced it is not something more than deception in the material realm)

All the left/right stuff is just an illusion - those guys are like WWE wrestlers, some play the bad guy, some good, after the show they go to dinner together. None of this could happen if they were not all working toward it!

I will pipe up again when some of the below begin to materialize.

2020: Not that unprecedented!

(Read my much more serious take on that if you wish here)

Ever since William of Ockham stumbled into confusion and Kant followed to lead subsequent generations into absurdity, 2020 was predictable. In some ways this is just the days of Noah repeating, there is nothing new under the Sun. There is evil and deception in the world.


Sounds whack-a-doodle to most I suspect. They say..."these things have happened before", "this is just a phase", "God has a plan". You actually have to make more assumptions about the world to accept that this is not different than to accept the emerging reality.

Technology has changed, in ways most people only glimpse vaguely. We sit on the edge of a technological explosion that will fundamentally change everything. Combine that with bad ideology, the rejection of truth and growing power in evermore centralized governments - our very likely future is a dark soft tyranny.


The culmination of centuries of progress to this point. The beginning of a frenzied rush toward something new and dystopian.

So much of evangelical Christianity has fallen, lock-step, in with the ideology of the world in 2020. Most from a position of 'love' and an attempt to be 'relevant' without actually applying the whole Word. Some of this, as in the Druckerite model, was by design. Some of these churches were built for this moment, others have slid into error so far they cannot see the difference.

These are the Churches that would have never signed the Barman Declaration.

Here is some truth for you.


Just mark it down. Face it, no way with these guys running this turns out good.

Black Swan

I would not be surprised at all to see some violent events or events of a much larger scale before November. It would make twice as much sense if this appears to be and is touted in the media as being right-wing in origin. Such a false-flag would be the perfect excuse to reignite massive protests and drive momentum toward the election. Facts will not matter.

Cannot cure the common cold but can rush produce a vaccine for another coronavirus in a year?  Marketed by a guy that has a financial interest in the vaccine companies?  The science is not settled. Doctors that speak against the official narrative silenced. Non-masked nor socially distancing homeless surviving just fine. Sweden ignored the over-reaction and did just fine...All those old people stuck on those cruise ships early on? So few died. What is this really? Do we really know?

Perfectly legitimate! Nothing at all to question.

Oh but don't worry, I suspect more will die and many of us (well some of y'all) will argue virus. (Don't get twisted, I think there is a virus)

They are playing both sides 'right and left' with drugs (HCQ) or vaccines that will probably do more damage than any virus.  Just saying, ask us that took the rushed experimental Anthrax vaccine a few years ago.

Don't get twisted, I think there is a virus. I am not an anti-vaxxer - but vaccines hurt me and others. Do what you want. I am just saying the HCQ stuff and the 'warp-speed' vaccine -it is all odd.



Think about it - how odd these 'videos of truth' come out with doctors saying things contrary to the 'official narrative'. Millions of people see the videos, then it is banned. People say, "it must be true, they are banning it".  What if that is nothing more than an operation to deceive the "right"? They already have the "left" deceived.

Think about it. All of this stuff is probably a lie. Stop buying into all these lies - they have something for all of us. This is not just a "Democrat thing", stop thinking it is.

Stay away from Q and the conspiracy guys - all controlled disinformation.

So many are still confused about what Russia is and is not. China is a real threat. They made out like bandits in 2020.

Only Three Gorges dam collapsing can stop them now. (and that would bring chaos to us all that is likely as bad as all-out war)



In the midst of all of this other chaos, even the US government, has been slowly and oddly talking out loud about UFO's. Very strange. Telling us the "Aliens" are real and a threat could be the greatest deception yet. Most of you would give up everything and give the government any power it wanted just so you might be 'safe' from this new threat.

Still with me?

Take some time, grab some popcorn, and watch this documentary on the Spanish Civil War,  add in a few elements of the Chinese Cultural revolution and begin it all with a Ukraine-like color revolution and then end up watching 1984. I think you will have a good idea of the future.

And Lastly a Public Service announcement for when things get worse...



Nothing personal, if things get crazy I have to take care of my own.


The Serious Part

Everyone that inspired part of this, those of you that 'argued' with me on social media that taught me how much of the mass of people are thinking, to my family, kids, friends (old, new and almost) and even my ex-wife - everybody mentioned or thought about in the words here. I pray for you each day, by name. I pray for your protection, wisdom, and discernment. I pray for all of those things for myself, but I pray for you by name. Many of you may have chosen not to listen to me or even engage, but many of you did engage - I appreciate that. I guess some of the things I said were radioactive because a lot of folks only communicated in private messages and email - I appreciate that too.

Honestly, some of the insights into the way people are thinking alike, enmasse, is something I have not been able to coax out of many people in face-to-face interactions. What I have learned online was illuminating. Thank you. My experiment and learning exercise is complete now.

If I have insulted you, I apologize

Remember - we are transcendent beings, there is more to it all than we see. Don't get too wrapped up in the material.

That is one of my first changes, a concerted effort at more authentic prayer.

I also pray that God softens my words and approach. There are some that I want to repair relationships with and rebuild trust. I pray that I may find the words and the means to reach them before this all gets worse.

Other things, I have redoubled my efforts at being physically fit, reading scripture more deliberately, and tripled efforts at making extra money (I am a retired guy and I do not have to work, but I think making more right now is wise.)

All of this may not play out and look as I have described (probably not), but things have changed and bigger changes are to come. This is not just a moment.

Not much more to say - there is work to do. I am now doing work, you should too.

God is in Control


God is in control, he has been for all of human history. I would never argue that point, but have you read history...? I have heard this phrase repeated often in 2020. What exactly does it mean in the context of our current world? Does it mean that God will lead us out of this? That peace and prosperity are in our future if we but pray for it and are faithful in our belief we will receive it?

I do not intend to be insulting, but that sounds a lot like Prosperity Gospel. Tweek it just a bit here and there, change a couple of words and it is Prosperity Gospel entirely. Kenneth Copeland level stuff. I only hear this phrase from my evangelical friends. None of my Catholic friends say this. I disagree with Catholic theology, but they are not wrong about everything!

Why do Catholics look at this so differently than protestant evangelicals? That is a loaded question, there are many reasons. Broadly speaking, I think it all relates to our inherited traditions. Some protestant denominations encourage a faith and reason tradition and learning more than others. Certainly, not all Catholics read history and the classics. However, in general, and broadly speaking their tradition does. Perhaps I have oversimplified it, maybe the cause I see is all wrong - but in my observation, there is a difference, protestant evangelicals say this, Catholics do not.

Maybe it is because we protestants do not have a living memory of oppression. Catholics in America know a little bit more of that, perhaps not them personally, but there is a collective memory in their tradition of not being accepted universally. Maybe they spend more time in the Old Testament than some evangelicals. I do not know.

I have lost friends this year because I have become dogmatic in certain areas. I believe the small errors we have accepted and embrace need to now be removed. We are headed for hard-times I think, real oppression and real ostracization (Rod Dreher called this our 8:20 moment this week). But I hear "God is in Control". Yes, he is, but what do you mean by that?

Solid old Christian ladies die painful deaths to cancer. Young children die to leukemia. Faithful Christians are murdered in the middle-east. Christian fathers lose their jobs and can not feed their families. If by "God is in Control" we mean all that bad stuff will not happen to us - then we mean we just need to name it and claim it and everything will be ok. Why then does it happen to other Christians?

God is in control cannot mean what people imply when they say it to shut down conversation about the state of our world. There is no conceivable reason that America should be shown any additional favor or protection. We are in many ways as bad as Sodom and Gomorrah. We murder thousands of babies a year.

God may have a plan that leads us out of this, but there is nothing Biblical or historical to indicate that he will our should. If he does it is because we have a purpose to serve, not because we have been faithful.

Uttering this phrase is almost heretical at this point. It tells people not to tighten their belts and do the things required to shape our own future.  If people listen to you, if you have authority, maybe you need to reconsider how and when you use this phrase. Throughout history, in times of great trouble and crisis, men of God stood in pulpits and preached fiery words of action. Not words that agreed with the world, real and hard truth. Telling people to "not worry and be happy" is not helpful. Preaching that this is all just a phase and God is in control is an error. It is almost as damnable as preaching that Christians should be following the ideas of the world right now.

We live in a transcendent metaphysical reality but we are also part of the material world. Just throwing it all on God was never part of His plan. We have work to do.

A Challenge to Young Men

It occurred to me as I thought through some of the questions and events of the week.

I have had a good life, did what I was created to do, and have only a few major regrets. I am right with my maker.

I have spoken truth, done my duty for the last twenty years, and protected my own.

I see far too few young men standing on truth right now - far too few. There are dozens of you on my various feeds. I am about to piss you off.

Look I get it. The education system failed you all. Teachers and preachers have pushed socially engineered communitarianism and falsehoods at almost all of you. You do not know what you do not know. That is no longer an excuse. You have to man up and figure this out. (here is a place to start getting your head straight, A Primer in Truth)

All that is going on right now is not for men like me to fix. My generation has its share of folks that helped screw up the world, many of them are still actively deceiving and confusing people, but it was not men like me.

I am not going to live through the ramifications of what is occurring now (not the worst of it). I do not want to live through it if there are no young men to follow us and do the right thing.

You twenty and thirty-year-olds, however, will. You will see it all unfold, Aldous Huxley's Brave New World mixed with 1984. It is going to be your burden and that of your children.

All this stuff, BLM, the 'protests', all those postmodern books you are being encouraged to read - it is all part of a massive plan not for justice but for control. Those people are being used, and so are most of you. You buy into that and support it then you are being played. None of that stuff is real truth, and it is not America.

You just remember, when you hit your forties and wonder what happened to the "American dream', men like me would have stood beside you, with you, and even in front of you to stop it all.

But so few of you have listened to any of the folks telling you the truth. Not talking about me, there are much more articulate, intelligent and correct voices out there saying real truth.

If you choose to listen to trendy girly men in skinny jeans (or worse mom jeans), haggard old women that have no clue about anything (but cheer on everything they think will make them accepted by you), Comunistas in your social groups and God knows what else - well the future is on you.

Don't get yourself twisted over the indoctrination you have been fed, in times like this men lead. That is natural, biological and historical (and Biblical).

Either more you young men, man up, grow up, wise up and do the right thing or you might as well turn over whatever balls you were issued at birth because you do not need them.

That is it boys - the sum of my truth. Not going to preach here anymore to men my age that get it already.

I hope you all wake up before the real men left of my generation are too old to help you.

When you get ready, find one of us, we are the bearded dudes scowling at bullshit with our right hand typically positioned about 90 degrees at our right side. We will show you the way out of this.

Russia Explained


Let me be clear upfront. Russia is not a 'nice guy'. Also, Russia does a lot of crafty and sneaky stuff around the world. If you are a goofy guy like me, sitting in a hotel bar in Abu Dhabi (or anywhere else) and a stunningly hot young lady with a Slavic accent comes up and wants to sit and talk - the very wise thing to do is to leave the bar immediately (NOT WITH HER!) and look around for sketchy dudes following you before you go to your room. You might have been a target for intelligence exploitation or a mafia shake-down (or both because in Russia, those things mix well).

I spent most of my military career around guys that were comfortable and happy planning operations against Soviets and then Russians. Russa became the enemy of choice, it was easy, just pull out the files, no extra work required. Humans everywhere get comfortable and lazy.

But - Russia is a weak, sick man in the geopolitical arena. It still has some capability, it can still throw a punch, it can talk smack, spread rumors, and sometimes thwart your plans - but they are not a big scary bear.



I am speaking here broadly. Not about specific examples of if Russia did or did not 'interfere in the 2016 election' and specific details of that. Common-sense says of course they did, and so did a lot of folks with bad intention, foreign and domestic. The stakes are simply too big, of course, entities meddle and scheme.  My argument here is that Russia is not the biggest threat we face and that in fact, there are and have been several instances when Russia was on the right side of things (that is seldom true of our other adversaries). 

Some Russian Facts (broad terms)

  • Militarily Russia has some capability, specifically regionally but they lack peer-capability in most areas and lack the ability to either project or sustain operations.
  • Russian intelligence services are still robust, however, their 'sources and methods' are not nearly as formidable as they once were. Basically they lack the foundational 'ins' in the West.
  • Economically Russia is a mess, they lost an entire decade in the 1990s, flawed Western policies have kept them from developing a market economy and joining the Western world in a significant way.
  • Demographically Russia is a mess. They have a baby problem, they are not creating enough. They cannot populate the fertile areas in the east, Chinese immigrants are essentially invading southern Siberia snd making it a providence of China.
  • Their best export, extremely beautiful women, are to be found in hotel lobbies and bars across the middle-east and elsewhere.
  • Since before Peter The Great, Europe has looked down upon and snubbed the Russians and the Slavs, never considering them exactly 'European'. This has played a significant role in the Russian self-image and foreign policy through Czarist Russia, the Soviet Union, and Putin's reign.
  • Russia has come to see itself as the defender of the Slavs and Orthodox Christianity, The Czars believed this, it existed during the Soviet era (with less emphasis on Orthodox Christianity) and Putin continues it.
  • Russian foreign policy centers on the 'near abroad' those historically Slavic states that border Russia proper. This is why Ukraine, Georgia, the Caucus, and the Balkans are important to them.
  • Think of Russia like Mexico, if it stood up and issued their own version of the Monroe Doctrine, telling other powers if they are going to mess with the little Latin powers in Central America, they have to come through Mexico first.
  • To the Russian, the fact that NATO did not dissolve in 1990 and US and Western intelligence agencies and militaries continued to plan for war against them was confusing. (the Russians knew they could barely drive tanks out of a motorpool at the time without breaking down.)
  • In the Balkans conflict, the Russians stood for the Slavs and Christians in the Former Yugoslavia. Clinton, Wesley Clark, NATO, and the US stood with the Muslims that committed genocide against them.
  • The Russians actively opposed Color Revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine.  They succeeded in Georgia and failed in Ukraine.
  • Russians support Armenia. Armenians were genocided by the Turks in WWI. Turkey today is working with Azerbaijan, conducting exercises and arming them, against Armenia. War is possible in the Caucus, Russia is on the right side.
  • The Russians have supported the Kurds in Northern Iraq and Syria. They have defended Christians in those areas, something no other Western power is willing to do.
  • Afghanistan is complex. Russia does stuff there. So does China. China is much more overt, direct and they come with big bags of money. Both are working to get the US out so they can exert control. Afghanistan borders Russia's traditional near abroad. It is the same as if Sweden occupied Mexico, we would have an interest in that.

A few years ago, after Georgia's failed Color revolution, we sent over 'cultural engagement teams' to try and 'get things back on track'. These teams included US military chaplains that were supposed to engage with Orthodox clergy and build rapport. Putin was doing the same thing, sending Russian Orthodox clergy down. We sent evangelicals from denominations that support western cultural values (social gospel types). It was a disaster. The Georgian clergy knew full well the objectives of the color revolutions and some of the policies pushed. They rejected our chaplains almost to a man, called them, and their denominations, out and rejected them. 

Our Military-Intelligence machine has never accepted placing Russia on the back burner and turning the focus to China. In fact, there are people that have made a career on the "Russia desk", fighting for money and resources against other 'desks'. Most of these folks would simply not have a role if the focus shifted. It is personal, not professional that keeps a lot of these people singing the 'Russia is so bad song'.

A lot of big names in media have direct connections to our intelligence community, some did internships with the CIA. They were bought into the old way of thinking and the push Russia narrative early on.

China is a much bigger threat. (China: The Rising Dragon) China does everything Russia hopes to do but they can do it bigger and better. They are inside the US, own things, have 'sources and methods', and can back that up with an economy, a population a near-peer competitor military and a robust cyber, electromagnetic (CEMA) capability.  China can, and probably has influenced elections in the US through domestic assets. Russia has to do it primarily through Voice of America type actions, the former is much more effective and harder to detect.

It is probably true that Russia's versions of VOA, RT, influence some. People that others call naive. It is just as likely. and probable, that China spies on, manipulates, manages information and the dispenser of information (media) from within to deceive and confuse those that laugh at the group that falls for Russian deception.

In broad terms, common-sense would tell us Russia probably did want Trump to win in 2016, and China probably wanted Clinton to win. Clinton represented the establishment attitude of trade with and appeasement of China and ignoring their internal genocide and external ambitions. Trump said upfront and for years China was the real threat in the world. Each very likely used their resources to ensure their prefered outcome. Meddling in domestic politics is part of geopolitics, it is the reality of the world. That fact, and the continuing discussion in the media that Russia is the only foreign state actor become disingenuous after a time. It would be more honest to argue that China, having failed to get elected a US president that would have a softer, more appealing attitude toward their goals in 2016 has really upped their game in 2020.

Looking at it through that lens, asking yourself why all the major media outlets pivot on a dime to retell new narratives that conflict with old perhaps then it is possible to see that maybe, just maybe all of this is something else. 2020 just might be The Empire Strikes Back, China has tripled-down on its efforts to manipulate us.


But Russia is not the biggest boogeyman in the world. They are a kid down the street that will throw rocks at us if we ostracized them, but would be ok to let into the clubhouse sometimes. We have to admit, they have stood up against some bad things in the world that we either supported or ignored.

I would rather have them with us in a coalition against China rather than left to swing on their own and act out in their own best interests as we isolate them.


An example today of China sophisticated CEMA efforts:

If all the above was not clear - Russia is a jerk. but China. China is Asshole!

Useful Items You Probably Haven’t Thought About


I suspect a lot of the 'prepper' guys are unhappy right now, after all this is not how things were supposed to play out. They were ready for the big one, not the 'big slow slide' into economic troubles and anarcho-tyranny. Perhaps all of their efforts are not wasted, but having a ranch, a bunker, enough ammo to supply a battalion and all that will not ultimately make their lives much better - only better by degrees. Their efforts may in fact make them a target in the coming months and years.

That said, there are a lot of things regular folks ought to be doing to prepare for a paradigm shift. Listed below are just some of those items you may not have considered.

There are a lot of reasons why these items could become hard/impossible to get or very expensive. Many come from China.  I own and use all of these items. They are inexpensive and work.

Security Door Lock Brackets Fits 2x4 Boards 1 1/8" Wide. You cannot defend your home from a determined or sustained threat. If a group wants in and is motivated, they will eventually get in. YOU CAN slow down an individual or small group. I own a set of these for all exterior doors and for two interior doors that I have reinforced. If and when crime rates surge here and the wife says that I can 'ugly up' the house, these are easy and fast to install. Just keep your power drill charged and handy and precut the lumber and store it away. 

It is just really smart to carry a small bag. Nothing out of the ordinary, not a 'tacticool' bag that screams look at me. Just a small bag with a few items. Essential items include things that can save a the life of you are someone that would otherize bleed-out in minutes. I really like the Waterfly Sling Backpack Sling Bag. I do not wear it around (but always place it in the car, even on short trips), I would and do wear it when I walk around a city. I always carry a tourniquet, quick-clot, and a kit to treat a sucking chest wound

In addition to that, a can of water, usually two extra magazines and sundries. Not a lot, not heavy, not obvious.

These go in the sling bag. Use them as a pressure bandage OR, cover your face and look like a protestor to blend in if you get stuck someplace you ought not be!

These stay in the bag also. These add a small degree of additional ballistic protection and cover the sides very well. They fit over prescription glasses and provide a broad spectrum defense against lasers (a current threat TTP).

The two little radios above are the 'cheapest' little receivers I own - but they work. Tecsun is Chinese, but they make good and inexpensive radios. If there is ever a temporary period where you need to get information via world-band and do not want to spend a lot of money, either of these is good.

This is a really good umbrella, and a gentleman should carry an umbrella. But, this is also a weapon. Not the sword cane sort of thing, it is a robust striking and blunting weapon, it is designed as such.


The items above provide power for critical devices in a pinch. The portable power station is the heart of it all. You can recharge it from 12v, wall outlet, alligator clips direct to the battery, hand-turbine, or solar panel. Included above is the small solar panel (which can charge this or trickle charge car batteries and other items) and other items required to make this all work. The invertor is just an extra piece of nice to have stuff.

I see many folks online laughing at ANTIFA guys for wearing Airsoft carriers. Here is the deal, you can purchase soft Level III inserts for this and it works, those inserts are not heavy. If you were going to wear rifle level plate long term this may not hold up - but you are not going to wear this much.  I have these in a case in the back of the vehicle, if we were traveling and things got really weird, we would consider wearing them.

I purchased the AR500 soft inserts back before the price of them skyrocketed. If you cannot see spending the money - ask me, I can show you how to make 14 layer denim polyurethane infused inserts that will (should/may, I ain't guaranteeing stuff that will get me sued) stop up to .40.

I own a robust carrier with rifle level protection, but who has everything they need everywhere they are. Beyond my his and hers set I keep in the car, I keep another one of these cheaper puppies with level III soft inserts downstairs in the office. One never knows when trouble might find them.

If I have Insulted You, I Apologize

I feel convicted to apologize. I will do it here generally and personally to some folks as I see you. I have become increasingly polemic in my words and passionate in my tone throughout 2020. At times I have engaged in pointless debate when it was clear it was impossible to move the other party – that was my pride. I have said things that could be taken as insulting.

I do not and cannot recant my conclusions. I cannot apologize for expressing those conclusions. It seemed that a more milquetoast approach would have had zero chance of success. Somehow, my figuratively screaming like a wild man in the desert did have a positive effect on a hand-full of people.

However, if my imperfect ability to completely express my thoughts in ways that are clear and concise and leaves no room for misinterpretation at times left anyone to feel attacked or insulted personally – I sincerely apologize. I have called out publicly specific actions that some of you participate in or ideas and concepts you still hold to that I perceive as dangerous. I do not want it to appear that you alone, or those like you are solely to blame for the world. We all have a role.

I promise you, that if I have shown any indignation toward anything you have done – the anger I feel toward myself for missed opportunities and things I could have done or said long before now is tremendous. I feel much sadness and anger over what I should or could have done to make a difference. Perhaps some of that has come out as I have pointed out things you might now do better. I apologize for that.

I apologize for having so little patience this year.

I began writing and openly speaking about what the trends and indicators predicted for us soon after I retired from the Army in 2018, once I was free. Some of you I spoke to in the kinder, gentler, and ‘academic’ way long before all the world turned upside down. It has been my failing that once those trends and indicators began to manifest into observable events in January that I was less patient. I realize most people simply were not in a place two years ago where anything I say now about the world could have been processed. The dark reality of some things in our world is very hard to swallow. I should have been more patient and kind this year to folks that are just beginning the movie I have seen a dozen times.

To the three preachers (one UMC, one Presbyterian, one Baptist), I have probably insulted or angered this year – folks that either are, used to be or almost were my friends. Yes, fellows, I was especially hard on you. I have no idea if my method was right or wrong. I got the attention of two of you in a way I do not think a more polite conversation would have. There are no perfect churches and one of you says, true. But some of the things we are doing in our imperfect churches is simply wrong and adds to the problems we have. I would not have said words that potentially angered you, I admit I did that, if I did not love you. I may be all wrong in my method, pray for me, it was personal only insofar as I think you can do better, folks look up to you, you lead a church, the times demand it.

I do not apologize to other ‘pastors’ I have offended. Can not, will not. Some of y’all will help lead millions into destruction and servitude. My rebuke stands and I stand by it.

To regular folks I know that are inclined to roll your eyes and snicker at most things serious. I apologize for not being able to communicate with you better. The world has changed fundamentally and you need to change too. I failed with most of you and it was likely all related to my delivery and approach.

I apologize for my lack of clarity at times. To fix that now.

  • The only conspiracy I know for certain exists is Evil. Evil may cause the minds of men to cooperate, and probably does. However, as long as Evil walks and has a personality to represent it, grand conspiracies do not have to exist (they could but do not need to).
  • Not a small portion of what we see in the world (news, etc.) looks a lot like the results of techniques used to control a population. I get that sounds like something off a crazy website but propaganda, information operations and PSYOPS are real and much of this looks just like that.  
  • Crazy websites, “Q”, Qanon, Pizza Gate, Wayfair gate etc. are all deceptions that have enough truth in them to make some believe and are crazy enough to make skeptics laugh. The degree, complexity, and scope of these deceptions and hoaxes are telling. If I have ever led you to believe I subscribe to these sorts of things, I am sorry – these are all pieces in a giant puzzle of deception and control.
  • Truth – Truth is the target of the enemy, Satan. The global conspiracy of Evil, which may or may not comprise anything more than the mind of Satan and his minions, is focused on destroying truth. It is as simple as that. That is what I believe, I filter everything else through that. This is why I have railed against small variances in understanding truth in the Church or from preachers.
  • As such – almost everything we see now is a deception. The news from both sides, politics, science now also. Almost nothing we see is what it seems entirely, everything comes from an agenda. This is directly related to an all-out assault on Truth. This is evil at work. Great deceptions will increase exponentially now I believe.
  • History – we can all read history, but we probably all come away with one of two perspectives. Either you see history as the march of progress or you see it as the march of decadence and decay. I am in the latter camp. I will probably always fundamentally disagree with anyone that holds the former view. I always view current and future events through the lens of how I view history.

I cannot apologize for my certitude. As I become further entrenched in Reformed Theology I become a caricature of Charles II’s statement that ‘Presbyterianism is no religion for a gentleman.’ You may disagree with my conclusions but my epistemology is based upon a tried and true tradition, my acceptance of a certain histological school, and my personal knowledge and experience with some of the darker arts of geopolitics.

Thank God I have made the acquaintance of preachers, academics, and thinkers that share my views. I fear that based upon some of the push back I have received from my ideas from those I know it is possible I could have been gaslighted into doubt.

I say all of that, partly in explanation and partly for clarity to say – nothing I have said was personal. I got my dander up in righteous indignation. I apologize for the times that was hurtful or infuriating to some. I did not intend it from a bad place.

We cannot change the world or even stop what is about to happen. We can stop aiding and abetting the destruction, we can move to the right side of truth. We can do what is moral and right to help our little communities, families, and flocks to better weather this. That was always my intention. It is time for preparation and Retrenchment.

In future, if I post things on Facebook, I will be less polemic. If you took the time to read this then you will know why I say what I say.  I am fixed and #based now, I do not think I can be moved from the primary worldview I now hold, so there is likely no reason to try. I am always happy to discuss why I interpret a specific event a certain way or to clarify why I stated (or misstated) something. The time for convincing and arguing, for me at least, has passed.

Finally, some of you I spoke truths to years ago about how actions and lack of actions would adversely affect people that I love. I apologize if I did not do enough then to help you correct yourself, I own my portion of that. I will work on my anger at you for the damage your actions have wrought. To those who share a common interest of loved ones, that I have recently reached out to and shared facts and truths that have failed to listen – I will be patient.  It is time for you to realize the greatest act of love is not tacit support but rather speaking hard truth in confusing times.

See the things I am not sorry for.

Where are The Critical Thinkers

Watching the world each day, I am struck by the absolute lack of any critical analysis or thinking among large swaths of all segments of society. I admit and recognize there are elements of this on the ‘right’; diehard MAGA folks that believed Qannon was real and that Trump had a plan. However, I suspect, that is not really a very large part of the population. I am also aware that while this group has been susceptible to believing many theories that did not pass the reasonableness test, they had many things right in their memes.

What has become increasingly disturbing is the elements of society that when presented with clear facts, facts that any reasonable person would look at and draw similar conclusions from, yet, many vocally and doggedly support a version of the story that comports in almost no way with reality. Oftentimes the major news outlets are complicit in these events through dishonest, biased and misleading headlines and perhaps a picture taken out of context becomes the only snippet of the story many every look at.

The situation in Michigan yesterday where three women essentially stalked, harassed, made verbal threats of violence and then blocked the car of a couple attempting to leave are the latest example. Most mainstream media outlets carried headlines such as “white woman in Michagan points gun at two balck women and a teenager”. If they included a video clip is is only of the last few seconds of the incident. Their stories have not included a full description of what went on before.

On social media, there are droves of people claiming the most absurd things related to this event. “The man tried to run the women over”, “the white woman threatened to kill the black women”. None of that is in the video. We have to always be careful judging events in videos, but several facts are clear enough to anyone that analyzes that situation honestly and with critical thinking.

But, that is not where we are. The event in Michigan is just the latest in what is beginning to appear to be a pattern. Videos that begin after something has happened, the filmers in the video make bold proclamations about the ‘wrong’ the person they are filming just committed. As in the case in Michigan, most of the folks subject to these events initially looked either shocked that this is occurring because they have no idea why the other person seems so upset OR, the person in the video seems upset as if they have been threatened in some way. Several videos of this nature that have appeared recently are later reveled to have begun after the one filming said something that was threatening, only to resume a calm and cool voice once they begin filming.

It all seems very organized, it seems very much like there are guidelines out there that tell folks how to do this. Does that sound like a crack-pot theory? Rules For Radicals listed instructions for the use of ridicule to achieve political objectives. Assuming these events are not just random is not crack-pot at all.

Anyone that spends any time at all truly seeking to understand what is going on right now – stepping away from ideology and the narrative of the world that says we need to listen and understand and relies instead on observing events, facts and reactions cannot help but see how nefarious all of this is. The fact that entire swaths of the public consume the initial misrepresentations of these events ought to be terrifying to any rational man. The reality that so many news outlets are quick to publish stories, most never retracted, that tell thing consistently wrong in a specific way ought to scare the hell out of anyone looking.

Yet it does not.

Something, some force has closed the minds and eyes of many people (a hint that force is Evil). It has turned some into rabid, hateful violent street demons. It has blinded others to the reality and seduced them into willing support of the narrative on the edges. Entire institutions that should be protecting civilization are now complicit in its downfall.

Does any reasonable person want to live in such an uncivilized world where it is perfectly ok to yell at people, tell them you will kick their ass, block, and hit their car? That is not speech, it is not civilized. These are not acts we have ever tolerated. Do we want to live with such hate? Why have so many ran to the banners of division, strife, and hate? These are things a prosperous and free nation can tolerate.

Yet we do. Videoes like described above are just a small part of the disconnect form objective reality we observe. Absurd is all around us and embraced now.

Unfortunately, I know more fools than wise men. “Friends” that are pastors, parents, college-educated ‘Christians’; so many have proven themselves to be fools. This is the biggest test of the current epoch and most are utterly failing the test because they want to be relevant and listen or to be accepted and not make wave – instead, they should be observing and thinking and speaking truth.

I left social media because even so many that I once considered friends are too lost to save. It is for me not an over-reaction to consider these folks former friends. What is occurring is a existential crisis. Left unchecked this will damn America, our kids and grand kids. All Americans for generations will suffer under the anarcho-tyranny to come. If a person says they stand on principles and cannot summon those principles to see this reality, I suspect their principles were always different than mine anyway. We were never friends, I merely thought we were.

These are the saddest days I ever thought I would live to see. It will grow far worse. My greatest sadness is that I was unable to lead some that I love out of danger and that I perhaps invested love and friendship in people that when the world got really real, they were no capable of seeing reality.

I am not sad for me, I am sad for the future.

Remembering my Father

As we approach Father’s Day in 2020, I, upon reflection, have come to a disturbing conclusion. I am happy that my earthly father has passed away and passed on. That is a profound realization, it is a complex statement. Taken out of context it sounds vulgar. It is not that I did not love my father, I did. It is not that I do not miss him, I very often do. I say the above for the singular reason that I know it was a far better thing for him to pass from this world rather than live to see the world turned upside down and people that ought to be wise enough to know better cheering it on and aiding in its destruction. He did not deserve to live to this day to observe what has become of us. The West is lost.

My father was a hard man, jovial socially but often without a lot of words privately. He spent much less time trying to explain what he saw and thought than I do and relied upon stern statements, pointed questions, and sometimes just walking away to make his point known. He was a realist, a pragmatist, and a stoic. He was a man of common-sense, a Christian man that loved his wife and his family. He did not suffer fools.

He was not perfect. I am only aware of one time that he may have entertained even the idea of a real transgression and he quickly corrected that path. He was human after all but in my observation better than most humans.

Like many men of his day he sensed that something was coming – he said it often to me, that things really were getting worse, little by little. It is hard for a man of my generation not to look backward and see this to be true (although many cannot, do not, and will not see it). It was more revealing for men of my father’s generation to see it. After all, they lived through a period of great achievements. Why should they sense the impending demise? Yet many of them did.

I recall when I was in second grade, we attended a church that voted on pastors and often could call a vote quickly and oust a man. My father was a deacon in the church, a small group had called and visited with him for a few weeks to talk about things in a serious way that I did not understand. I only knew he told them to essentially calm down. That was until a church meeting not long after. Something had changed, my father spoke to the congregation. I remember him pointing angrily at the pastor on the podium and saying that the man had lied. That church failed to vote the pastor out that day, we left that church after the meeting and never returned. Some years later that pastor went to jail for some pretty terrible things. That church suffered through several more charlatans and eventually went bankrupt and sold their building.

My father never fully trusted preachers after that. He would interview them before we visited churches. Later in life, he settled on a pastor friend he knew as a child. He knew what a rough lad the fellow had been and how much he had transformed.

Beyond preachers, he did not trust politicians, the government, or the media much either. He was wary of university professors. In sum, he had identified every institution and profession that would fall to absurd ideology and betray the notion of American exceptionalism. He was brilliant in his common-sense observations. (You can add to that list land developers, those people that buy up beautiful farms and convert them to dreary subdivisions – he loathed those parasites.)

In the 1980s when evangelical Christianity was facing one of its apostasy moments (events that lead to all the subsequent errors) many of his friends fell in with television preachers. Some bought vacation spots at places such as Jim and Tammy’s PTL in Charlotte. He never thought much of television preachers with slick words and slicker suits. To him, if you could not know the man preaching personally and judge his whole life, he had little business telling you about the spiritual.

Many of their friends watched anything and everything the local ‘Christian’ television station would display. I recall him saying that not everything called ‘Christian’ was. He was pretty open-minded about the books I read but scrutinized books by ‘religious’ authors, he did well to do that – just because something is in a book does not make it correct. All the ‘greatest’ bad ideas in the world are in a book someplace; I learned that later in life. But he was not small in his conception of God, nor was he close-minded to the mysteries of the Divine that we cannot know. His theology was simple and complex. He was my C.S. Lewis before I discovered Lewis.

At home, he made up work for me to do, and then fussed at me for breaking the plow, tractor, or mower. He also provided me with motorcycles, dogs, a pool, and everything else I needed to entertain myself.

He was incredibly profound and surprisingly open-minded in ways it took me years to understand. Small things he said to me, about the world, the universe, and theology took me years to grasp. He was not a man that explained a lot. His way of explaining was that you ought to get an idea and then to laugh at your folly for not and move on. It was a pretty effective teaching technique, it forced me often to go ask him what he meant, only to receive a snippet of more information. And the cycle continued.

In late 1992 I was at a decision point that would determine my life. Take one of the jobs locally that were on the table that would set me on a trajectory or head off to the Army. My father had always been accepting and supportive of me being in the National Guard, but leaving for the Army – that was different. He thought it a very bad idea. On a fundamental level, he was correct, he foresaw things I could not.

An acquaintance of mine, an older gentleman that spent his life in academia and taught at several major universities told me recently, “if I had known how important it is for sons to be near their paternal grandfather, I would likely have chosen a different profession”. My father had a brother that spent a career in the Air Force, he and his family left and never really returned. I think my father knew all of these things when he was sad about my career choice. Raising a son to be part of the traditions of manhood within a family requires the help of other manly figures in the family. A man’s father is an important part of raising sons to carry on the traditions and culture of the family.

Later in life, as he became ill with ALS, and my little family could only fly in occasionally on leave, my father became quieter. I suspect there was some sadness there. My decisions had robbed him of something he was entitled to – he had provided me a good life and great opportunities, the least I could have done was live closer to allow him time to be a granddad. I regret all of that in many ways, it makes me a bit sad. I did what I thought I was created to do in life, but decisions have consequences.

I told my cousin recently, when the last of my father’s brothers died, ‘when a man loses his father, life gets too real, and it is perhaps one of the hardest things to face.’ When your father dies you are alone in the world – there is nobody to come save you. Growing up, and as a man even, I always knew that if anything in life got too tough, my father would be there, at my side, fighting whatever was in front of us. That sense of security fades when one’s own father passes.

My father and many of his generation saw the turmoil in our world coming – they knew of Marxists at home and abroad. He was in that in-between generation. Just a bit too young for Korea and too old for Vietnam. After serving in the Marines he wore a flat-top, rode a Triumph motorcycle, and sported a leather jacket until he met my mother and then spent some time at Bob Jones University. Later, he scowled at and scorned the Boomer hippies – with good reason, their ideas and ideology were corrupt and wrong. He could smell a never-do-well ideologue a mile away.

He did not come from privilege; he grew up with seven siblings in a three-room house. He worked hard for what he achieved and acquired in life. He would not give two seconds credence to some girly-man standing up in front of a church claiming that ‘hard work is not enough’ to solve almost all of life's problems (that plus the Word). He would feel that way for many reasons, the least of which the entire concept is rather unbiblical and contrary to common-sense.

If he were alive today, he would show love and kindness to those confused by the lies many are telling in the world – for a brief time. If they failed to hear, he would turn from them in scorn and rebuke. That is biblical kids, as the Ramen guy so famously said on Tik-Tok recently, you just have to look it up (1Timothy 5:20). Just as he rebuked and scorned false teachers in the church in his life, he would do so now.

It is a blessing of sorts he does not have to live now, to see entire institutions fall and so many lemmings fall with them, led like rats by charlatan pied pipers. He lived a good and honest life. He was kind, stalwart, and just in his dealings with others and always lived according to principles that were tried and true. He never followed the crowd or cared much for what everyone else was doing. He was a man, a real, honest to God, man – there are so few of those around anymore. I was lucky to know him. He was my mentor, guide, and ultimately, my friend.

If I were older, if my strength had begun to fail, if there were still not people on this earth that I a have a duty to protect, if I did not hear the clarion call of noblesse oblige to stand on truth – I might wish my time in this world was at an end also. Yet there is duty to do still and battles to be fought and monsters driven from the door. ‘Duty is the sublimest word in the language’ after all.

My father had a good life, he worked hard and stood for truth even in the face of the crowd. We have but only our duty in this life and he did his. For me and those that choose to follow him and men like him, we will do the same. Protect our families, stand for truth, scorn those that lie or believe liars, and face down the growing sentiment of evil and hate that spreads through the land.

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

I mentioned in a recent piece that over the last few weeks I have gleaned much of my information not from the major news organizations, nor my headline updates on my phone and not even from the various news aggregator sites but rather from Twitter. So much has been occurring, in so many places, it seems that even the major news outlets cannot be everywhere at once and show everything – even if they each did not have their own particular bias and worldview that might prevent them from showing raw, unadulterated truth.

Twitter has provided me access to various live streams from events as they occur. You see and hear the voices of people at the events. I also track several folks that practice open-source intelligence (OSINT). Some of these have been on the scene at various events with their own drones and folks on the ground. Sometimes there are numerous live streams and videos of the same event, from different perspectives. When I see something particularly interesting, I always flip through the various news channels to see what they are covering. Often, they are not there and not showing what is happening; this is true of all seven major outlets that I monitor.

When a particularly disturbing or telling event occurs, I capture that on another screen and go back and look and listen over the next twenty-four hours to see if anyone covers it, and if so how and from what perspective. I have the luxury of taking the time to do this. My ‘work’ at this point is something I control. I am fortunate enough to have multiple screens and numerous feeds active at the same time in my office; it is configured much like a mini- command center. Many Americans neither have the time, nor the inclination to see all of these events in their totality. I can and do, thus, I wanted to share.

All of that is what it is – I do not have much more to observe relative to that at this point other than with the narratives being spun on the major media outlets and so many Americans being unable or unwilling to engage in truth-seeking (combined with other institutions they trust lying to them), the West is Lost.

Let me be clear – I have nothing to gain and a little bit to lose from making that statement about our situation. I am not Rod Dreher trying to drum up panic to sell a new book. Every book I have written was intended to stop this; those books are worthless now. I am convinced that this will manifest in such a way that everyone is aware it is going on by 2022. I believe we will spend most of the next decade in chaos and crisis. If my assessment is wrong and 2022 rolls around and the world looks like it did in 2019, some people will remember me as the fool that said all of this. If on the other hand, I am right, nobody will have the time to pat me on the back. When everyone realizes what is happening because it has gotten worse they will be too terrified to find me and say I was right. I do not want to be right, I do not need vindication, there is some risk in saying how I see this play out. I say this because there is some small chance we can stop it, and if not there is the chance that somebody will heed my words and prepare to weather it.

Other recent random observations:

First, an item that will anger some people and amuse others. “Q” or ‘QAnnon’ was and is a hoax. I hinted at this last year, but I had no proof. Proof came last week (although Q still drops and people still buy into it). Like any good hoax, Q had some facts rights, and undoubtedly the effort hit on some of the right cylinders – hoaxes do not work unless they have some truth in them. There is no plan to trust, there will be no sweeping arrests and no military tribunals. I have tried as best I could to dissuade folks from buying into this, but I did it gently; people really wanted to believe. Nobody is coming to save us, Trump is not playing 4d chess and Clinton and company are not at home shaking when the pizza guy arrives thinking it might be ‘the big raid’. Nothing will come of any of that but pointless ‘hearings’. Washington simply does not work the way Q portrayed it. I do not doubt there is a lot of ‘there there’ but it will never come to the surface. If this angers you, I understand, but don’t focus that on me. I am just telling you the truth.

As I have been monitoring Twitter, I have sometimes been inclined to engage. Honestly, people are absolute trash behind their keyboards. Twitter allows 149 characters for a tweet. Most of the issues we face are complex and cannot be reduced to such. People will troll and attack, assume, presume, and jump to all sorts of assumptions and conclusions without ever seeking to actually understand what one says. If this is our public square – God help us.

I do not need to observe this so closely any longer – the trajectory is clear.

I have tried to engage with people on Facebook with people that know me or know of me. I do not post memes, I really do not say anything radical. I am simply trying to start a real dialogue. About a hundred people ‘unfriended me’, 90 new folks joined me and I suspect (based upon engagement numbers) about 98% of those that remained ‘friends’ simply muted me. I am seldom inclined toward emotions, so on that level – I do not care. On the level of civic duty and reasonable human behavior, this perplexes me. People are strange and many of them are going to be shocked by their future.

So long and thanks for all the fish…

I read today on a local group that essentially ‘everybody is muting everybody’ on their FB feed so perhaps my observations above have little to do with me and a lot to do with people just not wanting the issues in front of them. I mention the numbers, only as an observation. The “So long, and thanks for the Fish” has a double meaning, Google it. I did not mean it as an insult to anyone.

Also —I did not know, not fully, that preachers exercise ‘professional courtesy’ toward one another. Yes, I know a Christian is supposed to be wary of calling out someone else that professes Christ – but when they are clearly on the wrong side and preaching untruths it seems to me Paul would not have spoken in a roundabout way. Some of the pastors I follow and engage with have observed the flaws in modern evangelicalism and many of the churches therein. I hear these men speak out about what is wrong – just up to the point of dropping the hammer. The time has already come to separate the wheat from the chaff and speak the hard truth. Some do, others need to do it more forcefully and directly. No more talking about these nebulous ‘progressive social gospel churches’ in a vacuum. There are Christians in those churches that need to hear the unabashed truth. Bad preachers and churches are bad and they are helping destroy America.

I thought the other day of the protection we all enjoy as part of God’s general grace and Providential protection. It is his restraining hand that that has allowed us to come so far, it is his protection that keeps society from turning into rape gangs and murder squads. Watching the raw feed of events over the last few weeks has reminded me of that and how dreadful our world would be without his common Grace.

And maybe that is the point. We have been protected by Divine grace for a long time, yet we have become as sinful as Sodom and Gomorrah; heresy, error, abominations, false teachers, hate, murder… Perhaps it is time that we fall, perhaps in twenty years missionaries from Africa will evangelize my grandchildren or their children. Honestly, how long did we think we could continue a freak parade and infanticide without ramifications?

Some perhaps have taken my ‘dire’ warnings of impending doom and gloom as the crazed rantings of an unhinged 50something man and assume I must be frantic, depressed, or worried about the events I see unfolding. The latter part is certainly untrue – this all saddens me, but it does not depress me nor does it even worry me. To those that perhaps believe I chose 2020 to join the doom and gloom bandwagon, I would merely point out that I have said often and for a long time, since the late 1990s, that this was coming. I did not know when, nor the exact shape, but it has never been difficult to compare the events of history with the published plans of the Marxists and radicals. Many still doubt what comes next, but that is their own peril.

I tried to make some YouTube videos. I basically suck at speaking. I think ahead of myself, leave out entire sentences in my train of thought, I muddle words. Speaking is not my thing. I thought somebody might make use of some of my words, so I tried, it was enjoyable and I don’t put a lot of stock in what people think of me, I don’t really take myself that seriously.  

Back when Coronavirus began I told folks on a video that what we were doing was so strange that it was dangerous and that when people are lied to, controlled, and scared they become dangerous. I suggested that people stop taking on debt and spending stupid money and maybe plant a garden – I was ‘crazy’ back then, not so much now.  

I write now mostly just to get my ideas out of my head. The wife does not want to (or need to hear negativity), my dog Cooper is a good listener but he is so easily distracted and the VFW has not opened back up yet…what to do. The things we face have reasons, and those reasons are evil and laziness. We let this happen and many are still too stupid or willfully ignorant to understand the true nature of things now. What can you do?…There is not much more to say.

All I know as truth related to all this is…